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Best Time to Fly to Bermuda

Peak Season:

The most popular time to visit Bermuda is between April and October when the sea temperatures are favorable for swimming. Travelers planning vacation during this time should book Bermuda flights and hotel accommodations ahead of time.

Off Season:

Some facilities are limited in the winter months but room rates are much cheaper and cheap flights to Bermuda can be found during this period. If however one is primarily interested in playing tennis or golf, this is the time to come. Short but heavy showers can occur during any time of the year so it is advisable to bring suitable clothing.


Prior to establishing official status as North American country, Spanish and Portuguese ships used the islands of Bermuda as a replenishment spot for fresh meat and water. However, legends of spirits and devils, and a continual pattern of storms and devastating island conditions, kept sailors from settling in Bermuda. The island was dubbed the “Isle of Devils,” and it wasn’t until the mid-1600s that travelers finally settled here. But don’t let the stories fool you into not booking a flight to Bermuda. Today, travelers booking trips to Bermuda explore an underwater world full of sea wrecks and coral reefs. Swim with a school of fish and explore undersea caves in what some consider to be the best scuba diving in North America. For visitors not quite ready for an underground expedition, there is much to see near the top of the water so grab some snorkeling gear and start swimming. Once back on land, take advantage of Bermuda's historic attractions including the Royal Navy Dockyard and Museum, the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, the Botanical Gardens, numerous lighthouses and the Crystal Caves. Whatever your reason for booking Bermuda flights and activities, take time to explore the beauty of Bermuda. Book a flight to Bermuda for a perfect balance of class and relaxation.

Bermuda climate

Bermuda’s Atlantic location is a prime spot for beautiful weather, with sunny skies and comfortable temperatures. The winters average a pleasant temperature of 70 F and summer temperatures range between 75 F and 85 F.

Getting around Bermuda

Bermuda is a small island and public transportation is limited. There are no hire cars or trains, so bus, ferry, taxi or moped are the only options.

Ferries are certainly the most enjoyable and relaxing way to get around. Enjoy the views, enjoy life on the ocean wave, and, often, get to your destination quicker than you would by bus.

The bus network is good, though the buses aren’t speedy. The cheapest way to use them is to get a bus pass, which you can buy in Hamilton or St George.

Though cars are not available to hire for foreigners, mopeds are. This is a popular way of getting around for many tourists, but do take care on the roads, which have sharp turns and are not always well covered.

In Hamilton and St George you can also take a horse-drawn carriage to your destination.

The following chart gives approximate journey times from


(in hours and minutes) to other major towns and the airport on Bermuda.

Town of St George0.30-
Naval Dockyard0.450.25

Bermuda Travel Information

  • The main town on Bermuda is Hamilton. Often referred to simply as “town” by the islanders, Hamilton has restaurants, museums and galleries. Most of the buildings along the seafront are painted pink, white or blue. There is plenty to see either for a day trip or a longer stay. The best way to find out about the town is just to take a stroll.
  • For the pinkest sand in Bermuda, head to South Shore Park, 1.5 miles of public beaches with shining pink sand. Most famous of all the beaches there, and most photographed, is Horseshoe Bay. There is a Beach House with snacks and drinks and you can rent snorkeling equipment. The beach is staffed by lifeguards from May to October. The beach can become very crowded; head for the cove on the western side for a bit more tranquility.
  • Bermuda used to have a railway, though none is working today. For 17 years (1931-48) there was a train line that ran between Sandy’s Parish to St George’s Parish. Today, the lines of the old track have been designated a national park and you can walk the trail. Take in the railway museum (entrance is free) along the way.
  • The famous Bermuda shorts are taken seriously in the country of their origin. Not just for casual wear, the shorts are also worn by businessmen, along with a blazer, shirt and tie.
  • Golf courses abound on the island. There are ten to choose from. The most popular is Port Royal, which has a backdrop of Whale Bay and the blue seas. It is regularly voted one of the top golf courses worldwide, so book in advance if you want to play a round.
  • Snorkeling and diving are both popular off the beaches in Bermuda. There are more than 400 wrecks around the island, a huge coral reef and plenty of underwater life to spy on. Look out for turtles. There a total of seven sea turtle species recognized in the world, and Bermuda’s seas hold five of them.

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More useful information about Bermuda

  • Hamilton is the main town on Bermuda and it is often referred to simply as “town” by the islanders.
  • Pack your bags and go, because you can be miles away by the end of the day with our tips on last minute deals.
  • A great trip to plan after booking your flights to Bermuda is a day at the famous Horseshoe Bay Beach.
  • One way flights to Bermuda land at Bermuda International airport (BDA).
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  • The most popular time to take a direct flight to Bermuda is between April and October.
  • After your last minute flight to Bermuda, head to South Shore Park for the pinkest sand on the island.
  • Collect stamps on your passport, and learn the best way to see the world with our international travel tips.
  • The island was dubbed the “Isle of Devils,” and it wasn’t until the mid-1600s that travelers finally settled here.
  • There are more than 400 wrecks around the island and a huge coral reef and plenty of underwater life to spy on.

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3 bedroom apartment downtown $5875.06
Cappuccino $4.73
Imported beer (0.33 liter bottle) $3.42
Taxi - fixed fee $5.18
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter) $3.02
A dozen eggs $4.42
Cinema ticket $12.00
One-way ticket (local transport) $4.50
3 course meal for 2 $130.00