Cheap flights to Delaware (DE), USA

Since there is no major airport in Delaware, there are no direct flights to Delaware. Philadelphia airport is located 30 minutes from Wilmington, Delaware, and the Maryland airport is are located between 1 ½ and 2 ½ hours from Delaware. Flights to Delaware’s New Castle County Airport are available for private aircraft and some limited commercial flights. Once your flight to Delaware arrives, sit back and enjoy the crisp air from the ocean breeze. 

Delaware may the second smallest in the U.S. but those who travel here consider it a hidden gem. Often overshadowed by neighboring Pennsylvania and Maryland the handful of tourists who book flights to Delaware for vacation enjoy the seclusion and secrecy of this east coast state.

Delaware’s nickname, The First State, refers to the fact that Delaware was the first to ratify the Articles of Confederation (the first document in the United States Constitution that legally names political entities “states”). The first of many things occurred in Delaware. The first time Betsy Ross's famous flag was flown was at the Battle of Cooch's Bridge located in Newark. Nylon was first produced in Delaware at the Du Pont Laboratories in Seaford. And, New Castle was the site of the nation's first scheduled steam railroad in 1831.

Delaware climate

Delaware has a moderate climate with average monthly temperatures that range from 32 degrees (F) in winter to 76 degrees in summer. Over half the days are sunny, and temperatures along the Atlantic coast are about 10 degrees warmer in summer and cooler in winter.

Best Time to Fly to Delaware

Peak Season:

Delaware’s 30 miles of Atlantic coast are a beach haven in the summer. Many businesses, campgrounds, and services are open only for the summer season, prices are high, and reservations should be made in advance.

Wilmington and the Brandywine Valley are year-round destinations.

Off Season:

Off-season bargains abound along the Atlantic coast. Even though many of the businesses close, if you look around you can find a place to stay. May and especially September are great times to find cheaper rates, comfortable temperatures, and quieter beaches.

Getting around Delaware

Delaware is 96 miles long and varies from 9 to 35 miles in width. The best way to get around the state is by car.

Wilmington is on the main East Coast train and bus routes, but to get to other parts of the state you will need to drive.

Delaware Travel Information

  • The Historical Society of Delaware is a state-wide organization devoted to the preservation and appreciation of the state’s history. It owns three historic sites in Wilmington, all of which are worth a visit: the Old Town Hall, Willingtown Square and the Read House and Gardens.
  • Also in Wimington, the Delaware Art Museum is one of the best galleries in the state. Recently expanded in 2005, the Copeland Sculpture Park is the first of its kind in the Brandywine Valley. The park currently features nine spectacular sculptures from the museum’s own collection and one on loan.
  • For garden lovers, the Winterthur Garden in Wilmington is a must-visit. The du Pont family has shaped the history of Delaware – the huge DuPont chemical plant is one of the major industrial works in the state – but the house and garden created by Henry Francis du Pont in the early 20th century is a far more attractive monument on the landscape.
  • Delaware has some of the best beaches in the mid-Atlantic. The busiest resort is RehobothBeach, which boasts one of the last wooden boardwalks on the east coast – though the rest of the town is not so historic. The stretch of beach is surrounded by a golf course, hotels, shopping malls, conference centers, condos and nightclubs. Nearby Lewes is a smaller, more historic fishing town. On offer here, as well as the beach and water sports, are bird watching, fishing, hiking, biking and wine tours. The main appeal, however, are the surrounding beaches, many of which have been protected by development as state parks – ensuring miles of sand and not much else.
  • Though Dover is the state capital, it is much smaller in size than Wilmington and often missed by visitors. If you do visit, don’t miss Spence’s Auction and Flea Market, held every Tuesday and Friday. The market is mainly for food and vegetables – homemade sausages and preserves from the local Amish community are specialities.


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