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Visitors booking flights to Ethiopia arrive in a place situated in North Eastern Africa and that borders Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia and Kenya. The country is home to nearly a hundred different tribes, each with its own language and religion, and a vast array of wildlife. 

Travelers booking flights to Ethiopia will be awestruck by the country’s natural beauty and landscape. Lake Tana is Ethiopia's largest lake and the source of the Nile River. The Simien Mountains National Park is located in Northern Ethiopia and offers amazing hiking and wildlife adventures for outdoor enthusiasts. The medieval city of Gondar welcomes tourists on Ethiopia flights to a land of castles, palaces and churches. Travelers on a spiritual mission will find Ethiopia flights to the ancient city of Axum, where the original Ark of the Covenant containing the Ten Commandments is presumably located. The churches of Lalibela are among the top tourist destinations in the world and are the sight of many of Ethiopia’s religious festivals. 

Ethiopia is indeed a country of contrasts. Despite its lush landscape Ethiopia is home to some of the poorest people in the world. Many travelers today book flights to Ethiopia for special survival missions, bringing much needed medicine and nutrients to the country’s homeless and hungry. Regardless of its poor conditions, the people of Ethiopia remain determined to live longer and healthy lives, and the country’s tourism helps support this reverie.

Ethiopia climate

Ethiopia usually has rain from June to September and no rain from October to May. The temperature ranges with the altitude, with hot and humid conditions in the lowlands and mild, cool temperatures in the highlands.

Best Time to Fly to Ethiopia

Book flights to Ethiopia just after the rainy season to see the land in all its lush greenness.

Peak Season: Most travelers book Ethiopia flights between October and May to capitalize on the dry season and to take advantage of the sunny skies.

Off-peak Season: June through September is when the country sees the most rain, but you’re likely to find deals on accommodations and cheap flights to Ethiopia during these months. Just pack your bags and pray for sunshine.

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Getting around Ethiopia

If you’re interested in seeing as much of the country as possible, book a domestic Ethiopia flight through Ethiopian Airlines, which flies to more than 40 destinations and is known for offering affordable prices.

Buses connect to most towns and are relatively inexpensive, but they’re not incredibly comfortable. Rental cars and 4WDs are options as well, but you’ll need the vehicle’s registration and papers as well as insurance. Police refer to them as “carnet se passage,” and it’s imperative that you have them with you at all times. Head to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  to attain yours before driving.

Ethiopia Travel Information

  • Aksum: Enter Aksum – a place where time stands still. The modest little town of Aksum has a dusty, rural feel, and although at first sight it may seem unremarkable, you’ll soon learn the history of its brimming civilization. Book flights to Ethiopia to walk among ruins of palaces, discover underground tombs, and read ancient inscriptions carved deep into the rock’s surface. Once filled with vibrancy and life, and called the Aksumite Kingdom the land holds quite a bit of legends, myths, and fables. Most Ethiopians believe that the Ark of the Covenant rests there. 
  • Lalibela: For religious enthusiasts booking flights to Ethiopia, head to Lalibela, an area filled with rock-built churches and sacred religious architecture. Now somewhat isolated, Ethiopian people primarily use the location as a center of religious pilgrimage and meditation. Eleven churches, all cut from bedrock and built in the same century, come in all shapes, sizes and degrees of degradation. Priests are known to “guard” the churches with crosses, Bibles, and manuscripts in order to protect the sight from harm, but locals are still permitted to wander and experience the place in its entire sacred splendor.
  • Simien Mountains National Park: Don’t be surprised if a vulture flies above your head as you happen to stroll through Simien Mountains National Park, it’s just one of the many wildlife breeds you’ll see in the natural environment. For those planning Ethiopia flights to experience awesome trekking opportunities and unbeatable views, this landscape should be the first stop on your list. Walia ibex, gelada baboons, and Ethiopian wolves all exist in the habitat, among bird species like the thick billed raven and the black headed siskin. Arrange for a guide to take you around on mules, and sleep in tents among the many species you’ll encounter during the day.
  • Addis Ababa: There’s so much to see at Addis Ababa, where the huge city will leave your head spinning with exciting experiences and new sights, sounds, and smells. , Make sure to see the National Museum, which holds photos, records, and depictions of the country’s past. Along the same lines, African Hall is a highlight for political junkies who want to see the seat of the UN Economic Commission for Africa, and the Trinity Church (the largest in the country) is a great sight for any religious enthusiast. It’s easy to get lost in Mercacto, which is the largest outdoor market in Africa, but if you take along a guide, you won’t leave disappointed – or empty handed.

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More useful information about Ethiopia

  • Go to Lalibela and see rock-built churches and sacred religious architecture.
  • See Walia ibex, gelada baboons, and Ethiopian wolves in Simien Mountains National Park.
  • Most Ethiopians believe that the Ark of the Covenant rests in Aksum.
  • Last minute flights to Ethiopia arrive at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport (ADD).
  • Book a direct flight to Ethiopia between October and May to capitalize on the dry season.

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1 mile taxi journey $2.41
Gasoline $4.34
1 hour taxi waiting fee $9.00
Imported beer (0.33 liter) $1.00
Meal at McDonald's or similar $4.50
Loaf of white bread $0.76
3 course meal for 2 $16.21
A dozen eggs $1.74
Local draught beer (0.5 liter) $1.00
Cappuccino $0.81