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Fez is the third-largest city in Morocco, and also one of Morocco’s most traditional cities. As the oldest of the three imperial cities (Rabat and Marrakech are the other two), Fez is often referred to as cultural and spiritual center of Morocco. The flight to Fez is only the beginning of the journey…

The Medina of the city (also known as the old part of the city) is one of the main attractions in Fez. Today, the city is packed full of culture from the tribal people dressed in colorful robes and textiles to veiled women and street sellers. The Medina of Fez is one of the oldest medieval cities in the world and still embraces the lifestyle of centuries past. Before boarding your flight to Fez, make sure to arrange for a tour guide to take you through the traditional city of Fez. First time visitors to Fez can become overwhelmed at the bustling city, its narrow streets and mysterious alleys. No trip to Fez is complete without a stop at the one of the famous tanneries. Morocco’s oldest trade is producing soft leather, which has been created, produced and sought after for centuries.

For travelers who really need a slice of solitude in this ancient city, take a hike to the Merenid tombs. From the top of the hill you’ll see the best views of Fez, including palaces, Mosques and the thousands of people who call people home.

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Fez climate

Summertime in Fez is beyond hot, and if you can avoid traveling there in the summer, you should do so. Temperatures skyrocket to 100F, especially in July and August, and only cools down to the 80’s in the fall. However, this is also the best time to book cheap flights to Fez and access discounted hotel rooms, as many tourists don’t tend to travel to Fez during the summer months. Winters normally range between the 30’s and 40’s, and typically gather around 21 inches of rainfall between October and March. Fortunately, no matter when you book your flight to Fez, you’ll most likely be able to see a mousseum --festivals that take over the streets with music and dancing all throughout the year.

Best Time to Fly to Fez

Since Fez is prone to extreme weather conditions with temperatures ranging from 30F – 100F, book your flight to Fez depending on your weather preference. Most people steer clear of the heart of both summer and winter.

Peak Season: The best time to fly to Fez is between May and September, when the Fez festival of World Sacred Music goes on. Days and nights at the end of May and the beginning of June are filled hourly with vibrant musicians and native dances. Staying toward the end of spring to keep severe weather at bay, you’ll also be able to appreciate the wonderful wildflowers that pop up all over the green areas.

Off-peak Season: One benefit about booking a flight to Fez during the off season is the unbeatable deals. While it may elicit extreme weather (either very hot or very cold), booking cheap flights to Fez during the off-season is a great way to beat the crowds. Also, if you go during Islamic Ramadan (September and October), some cafes and restaurants are closed, but you will be able to view the city at its most scared time.

Getting around Fez

Getting around in Fez can be a challenge. The streets are arranged in a gridless maze and public transportation is cheap but not recommended. Your best bet is flagging down taxis, which calculate rates on meters. Ville Nouvelle and Batha are easy places to catch a cab, but they can be picked up anywhere around the city. Save yourself a hassle and give the driver your destination after you’ve been driving a few seconds. Most drivers don’t like to take passengers short distances. Get your walking shoes ready for the rest of the time. Many of Fez’s winding streets are easier to travel on foot; there are color-coded walking paths as well as tour guides available to direct you. Tickets for the local bus are cheap, but the buses are unreliable, unsafe and overcrowded. Pickpockets and accidents strike frequently. Bus 16 shuttles between the airport and the main train station regularly, but a taxi will get you to your destination much quicker and more comfortably.

Fez Travel Information

Achebine Souk: For a little street that used to only have one traditional medicine shop after another, Achebine Souk has surely come a long way. It’s known now as more of a food marketplace, with the smoky scents of beef and lamb grilling from every corner. While you’re there, do check out the one remaining medicine shop. Inside, you’ll find something that looks straight out of a Harry Potter movie, stocked with snake skins, birds in cages, chameleons, and gazelle horns. Who knows, they might even have a sleeping agent for your return Fez flight. This marketplace is located conveniently right in the Medina.

Batha Museum: Before 1916, the Batha Museum served as a lavish summer palace for Sultan Moulay Abd al-Aziz, (a sultan in the early 1900’s). Once it was restored by the Agency for the Dedensification & Rehabilitation of the Fez Medina, it became a destination for locals and tourists alike to view and learn about artistic creations like old musical instruments, detailed embroidery, festive clothing, antique jewelry, and authentic carpets from the Middle Atlas Berber tribes. The stunning garden outside was rebuilt to its original intent, and continued to flourish beyond expectation. The oak tree in the center makes a perfect shady area for musicians to play on the grounds in the afternoon, and actually serves as an outdoor venue for the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, which you can see if you book your flight to Fez in the summer.

Chouwara Tanneries: From leather jackets to leather shoes to leather bags, fine leather is a luxury craved by millions. To see where it all starts, walk along Derb Chouwara in The Medina, and you’ll find one of the most prominent tanneries in the country. The workers, who are known for inviting travelers inside to see the purity of the production, work relentlessly to saturate leather in natural dyes made from plants like indigo and poppy. Although the smell may seem off-putting, most owners will be careful to spread mint leaves throughout the work place to keep a balance. With all the cash you saved on your cheap flight to Fez, you can go ahead and splurge on quality when it’s in front of you.

Au Coin Du Bois: If your souvenirs are typically on the small side, and you’re looking for something a little more substantial than a t-shirt or photo of yourself to bring back, consider adding a fine piece of authentic furniture to your home that will always remind you of your Fez travel. Step inside this Fassi house-turned-shop that offers a selection of both handmade and antique furnishings. Whether you’re looking for tables, doors, windows, cupboards, or chairs, the price is worth the possession. The best part? You don’t have to worry about packing any of it for your return Fez flight, because Au Coin Du Bois will ship it home for you.


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Avg temperature for this monthFez77.7 °FSource: World Weather Online
Avg monthly rainfall inFez1.27 inSource: World Weather Online
Currency exchange rate inFezد.م.1.00 = $0.11Source: Open Exchange Rates
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  • Morocco's climate is moderate and subtropical, cooled by breezes off the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Marrakech, the “red city”, sits against the High Atlas Mountains.
  • Visitors take last minute flights to Morocco for the country’s impressive crafts.
  • Book a direct flight to Morocco and go to one of the colorful outdoor markets in Marrakech, Fès or Rabat.
  • Rabat, the capital, overlooks the Atlantic. Tourist must-sees include the Mausoleum of Mohammed V and Hassan Tower.
  • Shared taxis carrying up to six passengers are very popular and are a cheap way to get around the country.
  • On the Atlantic-Mediterranean coastline, June through September are the most pleasant times to visit.
  • One way flights to Morocco will allow you to see the Fes el-Bali (Old Fes) medina that dates from the 8th century.

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