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For the most part, travelers board flights to Finland to experience a quiet country draped in forests and lakes and inhabited by small towns. But to the outdoor enthusiast booking a flight to Finland, it is a land waiting to be explored. Hiking backpacks, trekking poles and camping gear are the most common items found on Finland flights. From dog-sledding to overnight trips in the wilderness, a cheap flight to Finland fuels the nature-lover's soul. 

Helsinki, Finland’s capital city, offers an abundance of entertainment for tourists. While tourism fuels Helsinki’s economy thanks to Finland flights, fishing and logging keep the remote province of Lapland alive under the “midnight sun.” As ancient as Finland might seem, this country is at the forefront of technology and social awareness. In 1906, Finland was the first European country to grant women the right to vote and despite its abundance of forests and trees, Finland makes baseball bats out of fiberglass. Per capita, Finland is the leading book-publishing country in the world and it has one of the highest Internet connection rates. For those travelers booking flights to Finland on a mission to make history, a stay in the dark wilderness won’t cut it; Finland hit the world’s record book when two Finnish brothers broke the record for sitting on an anthill.

Finland climate

There’s a reason you’ll find cheap flights to Finland in the winter – the weather is bitterly cold. Temperatures routinely drop into the negatives. The capital city, Helsinki, is on the southern coast and has milder summer and winters. Note that the sun doesn’t completely set for 73 days in the summer, and barely rises above the horizon in the winter.

Best Time to Fly to Finland

Unless you’re a fan of dark days, plan your flight to Finland in the summer time to optimize your time in the sun. Cheap flights to Finland are easily found during the winter months when the darkness looms earlier in the day.

Peak Season: The months between May and September are famous for hauling in masses of travelers looking to experience Finland at its finest. Summer never fails to amaze those seeking outdoor exploration and pleasant temperatures. Aside from the summer sun, the next draw usually centers around winter holidays, so book flights to Finland in advance for a new and exciting holiday destination.

Off-peak Season: Although the winter months are dark and dreary, the months between October and April are prime times for finding cheap flights to Finland, especially if you’re looking to spend the holidays, or catch a glimpse of the stunning and unpredictable Northern Lights.

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Getting around Finland

Once your flight to Finland lands, you’ll probably be aching to see as much of the country as you can. Cover long distances with the country’s expansive public transportation system to make sure you see it all.

Train service is not only efficient, but long range, so you can go from the Sweden border to the Russian border to the southern coast as you please. Buses take you more shallow distances, but make is possible to get out of the bustling cities and experience the smaller, more remote towns. Buses are typically a comfortable means of getting around, and are usually affordable.

If you’re more of an independent sightseer, then renting a car is the perfect way to accomplish your own version of Finland travel. If you’re staying in Helsinki, there are a few short road trips you can take. By road, Tampere takes 3 hours, Turku takes 2 hours and 45 minutes, and Rovaniemi takes about 13 hours. Buckle up!

The following chart gives approximate journey times from


(in hours and minutes) to other major cities and towns in Finland.


Finland Travel Information

Lemmenjoki National Park: If outdoor expeditions beckon your travel desires, then book flights to Finland to experience the best trekking in a variety of weather conditions and terrain. In the heart of the Lapland province, Lemmenjoki National Park offers a huge span of wilderness just waiting to be explored. Cover the arctic land step by step and discover a few of nature’s small wonders, like the Ravadaskongas waterfall along your way. For an absolute in-depth experience, stay in one of the free wilderness huts found on the outskirts of the park.

Moomin World: When the kids are in tow, it can be a struggle to please everybody. If your children seem restless on the flight to Finland, ease their boredom with thoughts of a theme park. Moomin World, a theme park based on the children’s books of Tove Jansson, is a surefire way to entertain. Packing your carry-on with Jansson’s books will prepare them for a visit to Moomin World, where costumes, characters, Pirate Forts, Pancake Factories, and Whispering Woods will set their imaginations ablaze and promise enjoyment for all ages.

Olavinlinna Castle: In the Savonlinna lakes area, where lush greens and tall trees make windy roads and intriguing inlets, you will find the best-preserved medieval castle in northern Europe. Constructed in 1475, and built to protect the Swedish and Finnish empires, it was eventually detained by the Russians in the 18th century. Two red towers and yellow interior reigned from then on, and since it’s no longer occupied, you can see the beauty and grandiose for yourself. Just book a cheap flight to Finland to step inside the castle in all its glory, and to tour the antiquated luxuries of political takeover and passionate nationalism.

Valamo Orthodox Monastery: If you consider yourself a sommelier with a knack for history, booking a cheap flight to Finland is only your first step in experiencing a winery that has it all. It’s hard to beat a good winery, but it’s even harder to beat a winery that also boasts an incredible amount of religious and historical significance. Finland’s only Orthodox monastery, the church was seized by the Red Army in World War II, and reconstructed and blessed again in 1977, where the recent clergy began its wine production. They produce their own wine out of fruit grown on-site, such as crowberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blackcurrants and they allow visitors to both taste and buy the bottled bliss. Once your glass is empty, you’ll understand why Valamo Orthodox Monastery is a truly religious experience.


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