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One flight to Hungary and you’ll be hooked. From folk music to thermal baths, there’s much to do when you book a flight to Hungary. Admire Hungarian art while sipping wine at the spa or take a trip to the lively capital Budapest. A combination of Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture line the Hungarian landscape, while Hungarian people keep the country afloat with exquisite pottery, paintings and wood carvings. Whether you’re an opera-lover or a fan of folk music, Hungarian music is engaging. 

Most Hungary flights head straight for the capital Budapest, where visitors delight in world-class restaurants and cafes, a lively art scene and endless people watching. Sports lovers will delight in Hungary’s obsession with soccer. Find a cheap flight to Hungary during soccer season and partake in the spirit of the sport, or just find a local café, order up some Hungarian grub and catch the game on TV with the locals. Whatever you choose to do in Hungary, you’re bound to be back for more. The first step to an unforgettable vacation starts with a flight to Hungary.

Hungary climate

Just east of the Alps, Hungary has freezing cold weather hovering near 30 F with snow and sleet. When the weather warms up a bit in March, the snow turns into rain. The summers are sunny and warm and occasionally humid.

Best Time to Fly to Hungary

Hungary experiences four distinct seasons so your personal travel habits will dictate when to fly to Hungary.

Peak Season: Flights to Hungary are packed from June through October when the sun is out and the heat is up. This is the best time of year to take in the beauty of the Hungarian countryside. The dozens of resorts along Lake Balaton attract tourists from Hungary and the rest of Europe, so availability tends to be scarce over the summer holidays.

Off-peak Season: The frigid winds of winter tend to drive away tourists who prefer Hungary in warmer weather, so some attractions are closed from December through March. However, there are numerous festivals and other events scheduled throughout this time of year, so grab a cheap flight to Hungary and brave the less-than-stellar weather for a true-to-life Hungarian experience.

Getting around Hungary

By land, air or sea, there’s no wrong way to travel to Hungary. Hydrofoil ferries connect the capital of Hungary, Budapest, with Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia. The cheapest and most dependable way to travel throughout Hungary is by train or bus. Budapest and other major Hungarian cities have the Metro, but remember to validate your ticket should you choose to ride the Hungarian subway: Hungarian Transit Police are very strict, and feigning ignorance will get you nowhere when it comes to talking yourself out paying a fine for trying to sneak on the Metro.The following chart gives approximate journey times from


(in hours and minutes) to other major cities and towns in Hungary.

Lake Balaton2.002.30

Hungary Travel Information

  • Your Hungary flight will most likely touch down in Budapest, a city among the most bustling and beautiful European capitals. Home to stunning churches, impressive museums, a variety of Budapest hotels, expansive parks and entertaining festivals, Budapest will enchant travelers of any age and nationality. Highlights that are not to be omitted from any Hungarian trip itinerary include City Park and the Budapest Zoo, the Fisherman’s Bastion, the Statue Park and the Chain Bridge. If you're looking for a place to stay outside of Budapest, consider Siofok hotels.
  • If you’re looking for a break from fast-paced Budapest during your stay in Hungary, consider a trip to Lake Balaton. The 50-mile long lake can be found about 60 miles outside of Budapest, so the trip is manageable even if your flight to Hungary has left you jetlagged. Lake Balaton, with its dozens of resorts, provides countless opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors and the pristine beauty of the natural surroundings any time of year. The shallow waters make for excellent swimming, sailing and water sports from May until the end of September, and in winter the frozen fresh water lake is frequented by ice skating and ice yachting enthusiasts.
  • Paprika, though originally contrived in the cuisine of the Americas, is a staple spice in Hungarian cooking and makes for an authentic souvenir to bring back from Hungary.
  • If hunger strikes after your flight to Hungary lands, indulge in some authentic Hungarian cuisine. Goulash, a meaty stew, can be found on the menu of any Hungarian restaurant, as well as seafood plates doused in paprika and a hefty variety of sausages.
  • Eger Castle resides 86 miles away from the center of Budapest, and it’s worth the 90 minute train ride to check out this massive 600-year-old structure. Eger is a point of national pride for Hungarians: It is the site where Hungary successfully defended itself against Ottoman occupation in 1552. You won’t need a lecture on Central European history to fully appreciate the castle: The István Dobó Castle Museum of Eger provides fascination exhibitions and displays that show and tell all you need to know about Eger’s role in Hungarian history.

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