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After centuries of war, conflict and discord, Germany today is a fascinating place for travelers. A cheap flight to Germany means retracing one’s ancestry or reminiscing in the same spot where the Berlin Wall once stood. A flight to Germany often conjures images of castles and gardens maintained by Europe’s most elite, or small brick buildings and hidden stairways used to hide Europe’s most discriminated against parties. Flights to Germany mean a pilsner of beer and late-night clubs for the young-at-heart, and sidewalk cafes and conversations for the relaxed traveler. The sights of Germany are mainly dependent on what time of year you travel. The summer season hosts hundreds of outdoor festivals and concerts. If you book airline tickets to Germany in the winter, you’ll see its little villages are lit up like a Christmas tale. 

No matter why you book a flight to Germany, it’s bound to be an experience you’ll never forget. Grab a beer and a brat and kick back in one of Europe’s most diverse countries. Germany’s castles are as welcoming as its picturesque villages. What Germany lacks in style is makes up in charm. From pagan festivals to Oktoberfest, and lots of leiderhosen in between, there’s a different reason for everyone to book a flight to Germany.

Germany climate

Germany’s seasons have distinct characteristics. It’s cold and wet during the winter and temperatures drop from near freezing to well below freezing the farther east you travel. If you make it to April and May, you can see all the fruit trees and flowers bloom. Summertime is warm, although you will encounter the occasional cloudy, rainy day. It doesn’t get too hot though. Temperatures range between the upper 60s and mid-80s. A visit in the fall will allow you to see the beautiful fall foliage.

Getting around Germany

Germany has an excellent rail and bus network for getting around the country, as well as major and regional airports. Another option is a cruise on the Rhine or Main River.

Some cities have areas that are best explored on foot, such as the historic districts in Berlin and Frankfurt. Public transportation is the best way to get around a city. Berlin in particular has an excellent public transportation system. Taxis are also available.

Although driving is possible in the cities, public transportation is better as the rush-hour traffic is frustrating. In Berlin, parking is a problem, especially since parking restrictions are not always clearly marked. When parking in a garage, pay before going to your car. Insert the ticket into the machine, pay the amount, then retrieve the ticket. Go to your car and when you exit insert the ticket in the slot to raise the barrier. Rumor has it that there’s no Autobahn speed limit, but drivers have been stopped and ticketed. The German government recommends a speed limit of 80 mph.


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More useful information about Germany

  • Comparable to a pub in the UK, a gasthaus is a family-run eatery.
  • Germany has 16 states or Bundesländer which can be visited by train.
  • Get a last minute flight to Germany to castles and gardens maintained by Europe’s most elite.
  • The busiest season for direct flights to Germany is May to late October.
  • Make sure to find time to visit Germany's castles and picturesque villages.
  • Good deals on one way flights to Germany can be had if you are flexible with your travel dates.
  • Find good pilsners and other lagers served in bars on your flight to Germany.
  • To see romantic castles and picturesque villages, Romantic Road is the route to take.
  • Although winter generally brings fewer visitors, it is becoming a popular time especially for the ski areas.
  • The country has world class opera houses. You can find them in cities such as Berlin and Munich.

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