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As soon as your Belgium flight lands, belly-up to the bar for a vat of beer, some french fries with mayonnaise and then sit back and relax. If there’s one thing about Belgium it’s the country’s simple way of life. Step off your flight to Belgium and immerse yourself in a country full of culture, language and cuisine that feeds the soul of all travelers. 

When your flight to Belgium arrives, you’ll see that it’s easily divided between the Dutch and the French (the Flanders and the Wallonia, respectfully) but that doesn’t mean visitors to Belgium have to choose sides. Enjoy one of the 400 beers Belgium offers, take part in a Belgium waffle-making class, go shopping in some high-fashion boutiques, and pick up some world-famous chocolate for your Belgium flight back home. 

Belgium is one of the smallest countries in Europe, but there’s enough packed into this small country to please any tourist. Book a flight to Belgium to surrender to an utterly satisfying way of life.

Belgium climate

Winters in Belgium are usually cold and snowy, with temperatures ranging between 32 F and 43 F. Summers are much more pleasant, with temperatures averaging 54 F to 72 F.

Best Time to Fly to Belgium

Peak season:

As is common with most European countries, booking a cheap flight to Belgium during the holiday season, the summer months, or over Easter will be difficult seeing as those are peak travel times.

Off-peak Season: Because of Belgium’s cold winters that are further chilled by coastal winds coming off the North Sea, Belgium cheap flights are easier to come by in the winter after the holiday rush

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Getting around Belgium

You don’t have to stop with the savings once you’ve paid for your Belgium cheap flight: Belgium’s rail system is incredibly affordable and easy to use. BSNCB, the national rail line, offers a deal designed for travelers with their 50 percent reduction card: You have to purchase a one year pass for 100 EUR in order to become eligible for the deal, but with the 50 percent reduction card you could wind up saving big if you plan on making several stops by rail in Belgium and its bordering countries.

If your cheap flight to Belgium is the first leg of your European itinerary and you’re ready to hit the ground running, hop on a train to reach destinations beyond Brussels. High-speed Eurostar trains operate between Brussels and London, as do the high-speed Thalys trains between Brussels and Amsterdam and Paris.The following chart gives approximate journey times from


(in hours and minutes) to other major cities and towns in Belgium.


Belgium Travel Information

  • A cheap candy bar shoved in your carry-on may have held you over on your flight to Belgium, but you’re going to want to dispose of your mediocre sweets when you see what the chocolate capital of the world has in store for you. Godiva, the international fine chocolate company, hails from Belgium, as do Callebaut, Cote d’Or, Neuhaus and Leonidas. Belgium produces over 172,000 tons of chocolate annually and more than 2,000 chocolate shops are scattered throughout the country. Several of these chocolate shops and chocolate museums offer tours and demonstrations year round, but try to book your Belgium cheap flight in time for the Bruges Chocolate Festival, which usually takes place in April.
  • Think you’re hearing things on your cheap flight to Belgium? It’s probably just the vast foreign languages spoken; Belgium has adopted Dutch, French and German as its official languages. The dialect of Dutch spoken in Belgium is Flemish, which may sound familiar to art history buffs as the Flemish School of art is well-known courtesy of painting masters Jan Van Eyck and Peter Paul Rubens.
  • As one of the founding members of the European Union, Belgium is home to the seat of the European Commission, which holds the right to initiate legislative process with the interest of all 27 members of the European Union in mind. Berlaymont, the primary seat of the European Commission, is located in the European Quarter of Brussels.
  • If your flight to Belgium left you thirsty and longing for a cold brew on the other side of customs, you won’t have to go very far to find the perfect post-flight cocktail. Belgium is respected internationally as the brewer of excellent beer, as is evident by the presence of Belgian brews Stella Artois, Leffe and Chimay in bars worldwide. Look into beer tours and organized pub crawls while you’re traveling in Belgium: Not only is it a great way to meet fellow travelers and sample the best of Belgian brew, it’s an opportunity to really get to know a city in a way that’ll expose you to sights and attractions you wouldn’t necessarily find in your guidebook.


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