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Hang on tight – the magic carpet flight to Marrakech will land you in a world of Sultans, Princes and Kings. This Moroccan country, set against a backdrop of mountains and filled with the sights and sounds of centuries past, is full of drama, excitement and a little mystery.

Often referred to as the “The Rose City,” or “The Jewel of the South,” Marrakech is a country built on symbolism. The jewel symbolizes Marrakech’s importance as Morocco’s trading place. The rose references the city’s pink-painted buildings and landscape. The journey to this ancient country starts on your flight to Marrakech and ends with one of the many festivals that celebrate this city’s grand history and culture. With Berber, Arab, and African influence present in Marrakech, it’s no wonder the country is known as the heartbeat of Morocco.

Finding cheap flights to Marrakech allows travelers to spend extra cash touring the country. Start in the old city and let your nose guide you. The scents and aromas that fill the air will lead you through open shops and markets throughout the city. Watch the human spectacle take place at the famous Djemaa el-Fna square, perhaps the greatest open-air market in the world, where businessmen walk alongside magicians and snake charmers perform underneath flying acrobats. Window shop on your way to the tanneries, where the money you saved on buying cheap flights to Marrakech will come in handy. Tour the historic monuments and mosques before resting while watching the colorful Moroccan sunset.

You’ll find yourself in wonderment with all that Marrakech has to offer. And don’t be surprised if you spot some ancient artifacts along the way… rub the genie lamp and let your magic carpet take you on another flight to Marrakech.

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Marrakech climate

A land of extremes, Marrakech offers exciting intensity outside. Summers can reach up to 100F in July, and the desert wind whips through the terrain as if on a raid. You may find though, that wind has a bit of a split personality depending on where and when you book a flight to Marrakech. If you’re traveling in April, the Sirocco wind lifts fine sand and dust in the form of nasty sand storms, and but if you’re Oceanside in August, the wind is nothing more than a cooling sea breeze, dragging temperatures to a more tolerable level in the low 80’s. Spring and autumn remain relatively humid, and the winter months, while producing pleasant temperatures in the 70’s, also call for heavy rainfall a few days a week.

Best Time to Fly to Marrakech

Summer time brings intense heat, so if you’re booking flights to Marrakech between the months of May and September, be sure to plan strenuous outdoor excursions in early morning or evening to avoid the sun’s powerful rays.

Peak Season: Despite the serious heat, July and August pack the tourists in, so for some fun in the sun, book flights to Marrakech with most other travelers in the summer time. You’ll also see a great quantity of French tourists making their way to the city during Christian Holy Week to celebrate the Easter holiday. If you’re interested in seeing the city during the religious festivities, be sure to book flights to Marrakech in advance to secure you’re spot in the revelry.

Off-peak Season: To escape the crowds and enjoy the relaxation that cool evenings bring, book cheap flights to Marrakech between September and December. While dropping temperatures make for chilly nights, the daytime breeze is enough to awaken the senses and refresh the soul. Another autumn attraction is the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan. Most travelers aim to avoid visiting at this time (mid October to mid November) because shops and restaurants close, but it’s also an opportunity for a quieter travel experience.

Getting around Marrakech

Once your flight to Marrakech arrives, you’ll be rearing to go and see the sights. The best way to get straight from the airport to the city’s center is via taxi. With two kinds available, Grands and Petits, you’ll get where you’re going in no time. Most Grands taxis are available outside the airport terminals, and use a set fare system to ensure you’re not being overcharged. Petit taxis are easy to spot because of their uniform beige color, and will take you within city limits, once you get there. Up to three passengers with baggage are welcome aboard, and fares on these are negotiable. If you’re riding at night, decide with your driver on a set fare, because nighttime prices are known to skyrocket.

Once you’re in the heart of it all, you may just want to walk around in order to truly take in the sights, smells, and, sounds of such a unique place. When you do, notice that the streets in Gueliz have French names, and are wide enough for two cars to easily pass each other, while in the Medina, more narrow streets are named in Arabic, so pay close attention to keep your bearings. The nearby parks are worth exploring for an afternoon, and both maps and guides are available for your convenience.

If you’re going a bit further than you’d like to travel on foot, take advantage of the public bus system. Regular schedules also help get you from place to place in a safe and quick manner. Cheap, frequent, and expansive, it runs from dawn to dusk, and provides night buses for the most popular routes. During rush hour, buses become crowded and boarding can be difficult. Keep calm and move in order. For a more tourist-centered experience, hop on the City Sightseeing Bus. The bright red, open top double-decker has continuous hop-on, hop-off service, and deals on a first-come, first-serve basis. With multilingual tours (in English, French, Italian and Japanese), you’ll roll passed golf courses, monuments and other scenic views within Gueliz and Hiyemage.

Biking is another popular rental option, but hiring a car is not, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area’s unmarked, one-way street system.

Marrakech Travel Information

Agdal Gardens: Settled in the heart of the Kasbah, the Agdal Gardens serve as a place where Moroccan sultans have greeted dignitaries for more than eight centuries. If you’re booking cheap flights to Marrakech for a brush with royalty, then this is the place for you. Historical conversations have surfaced among the many fruit trees, dense olive orchards, and gorgeous reflecting pools. Looking into the water, you might see a school of carp thirsting for a feed – throw bits of bread in to make their day. Among the beautiful grounds, there are still ceremonies held frequently, but keep an eye on the schedule, because the king can close the garden at any moment, whether he happens to be there or not.

Djemaa El-Fna: Forget malls and supermarkets and live in the now. Visiting the Djemaa el-Fna square market will plant you in the core of a lively quarter of authentic foods being seared to perfection, sold every moment, and devoured immediately. Dive in to get the full hands-on experience, or find an outdoor seat at a café to watch the commotion unfold. Orange juice vendors next to holistic healers next to henna tattoo artists are only mirrored by other sundry services like snake charmers, astrologers, and acrobats. Around dinner time, you’ll want to stay seated close by, because Gnaoua drummers and male belly dancers will serenade and seduce you right into the Moroccan culture. If you plan on making this a stop on your first night, forego the meal on your flight to Marrakech and bank on an excellent array of local fare.

Ensemble Artisanal: For a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, head to the state-run complex called Ensemble Artisinal, where set-price boutiques sell everything from hand-crafted tea trays to knitted beanies. Watch colorful strings become woven masterpieces, vibrant fabrics turn into elaborate carpets, and raw materials become baskets and purses. Irregular hours and exceptional bargains make this shopping axis an artery for quality crafts, metals, and ceramics – if you saved money by booking a cheap flight to Marrakech, this is the place to spend your savings. Just make sure to leave baggage room for your return Marrakech flight.

Tea Time: Those who thought tea-time was limited to British afternoons embedded somewhere in a classic novel will be pleasantly surprised when stumbling into a teashop in the medina. Even though your flight to Marrakech might leave you anxiously wanting to check off sights and flash away at scenic views, there’s always a time and a place to remove yourself from the lens, settle into a chair, and steep in the daylight. Take the in atmosphere as “atei banna’na” (hot mint tea) is ceremoniously poured from a small pot into your glass. The aroma, the ritual, and the relaxation are all worth the pause. Most teas are presweetened, so if you’re not a sugar fan, make sure to order it “la sukka.”


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Temp on Avg for this month inMarrakech73.2 °FSource: World Weather Online
Average monthly rainfall inMarrakech0.95 inSource: World Weather Online
Currency exchange rate inMarrakechد.م.1.00 = $0.11Source: Open Exchange Rates
Airlines flying toMarrakechTap Air Portugal, British Airways and Iberia
Deals on flights toMarrakech2040
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More useful information about Marrakech

  • Morocco's climate is moderate and subtropical, cooled by breezes off the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Marrakech, the “red city”, sits against the High Atlas Mountains.
  • Visitors take last minute flights to Morocco for the country’s impressive crafts.
  • Book a direct flight to Morocco and go to one of the colorful outdoor markets in Marrakech, Fès or Rabat.
  • Rabat, the capital, overlooks the Atlantic. Tourist must-sees include the Mausoleum of Mohammed V and Hassan Tower.
  • Shared taxis carrying up to six passengers are very popular and are a cheap way to get around the country.
  • On the Atlantic-Mediterranean coastline, June through September are the most pleasant times to visit.
  • One way flights to Morocco will allow you to see the Fes el-Bali (Old Fes) medina that dates from the 8th century.

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