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Step off your flight to Oaxaca and step onto Mexico’s “Free and Sovereign State” soil. The fifth largest state in Mexico, Oaxaca holds the most speakers of indigenous languages than the rest of Mexico. Sitting pretty in the southern part of the country, Oaxaca borders Guerrero, Veracruz, Chiapas and Puebla, and its mix of geography and culture is the true essence and secret to the area’s vibrancy. 

Oaxaca is a plethora of highs and lows: Mountain peaks reach up to 10,000 feet, while valleys and deep caverns give way to beaches, jungles, and savannahs. The blend of topography is the perfect symbol for the cultural merge of Mixtec, Aztec, and Zapotec peoples that traversed this state over the last 3,000 years. Declared Humanity’s Cultural Patrimony by UNESCO, Oaxaca is laden with the rhythm and spirit of its residence through music, food, lifestyles, and festivities. Take a walk down any side street, and you’ll be overcome by the smooth architecture, ornate with gorgeous windows, bright roofs, and curling terraces. Here and there, groups of people donning big smiles and straw hats play instruments for coins, and not far from the center of town, beaches sprawl as far as the eye can see. 

You’re in store for one thing when you book your flight to Oaxaca: variety. The “always springtime” mentality reaches much further than the weather here. See for yourself in one of the unexplored bays, mangrove lagoons, or caves. Nine (of a total 11) species of sea turtle nest and live on Oaxaca’s 342 mile coast, and the only way to experience their true beauty is to book your flight to Oaxaca.

Oaxaca climate

Get ready to experience a plethora of landscape, terrain, and environments, because the climate you’ll endure when your flight to Oaxaca arrives will depend solely on where you stay. If you’re on flat land or enjoying the beaches, expect hot and dry weather perfect for sunbathing or spending a day at the beach. If you’re mountain-bound, however, you’ll get cooler temperatures and a bit more moisture at5,000-feet above sea level. The state’s subtropical weather is temperate in the winter, but unexpected rain storms and hurricanes move in and can hamper a perfect beach paradise.

Best Time to Fly to Oaxaca

Because Oaxaca has such diverse geography and boasts an year-round spring feeling, there’s no bad time to book Oaxaca flights.

Peak Season:

For most of the year this beautiful place feels like springtime, but most travelers book flights to Oaxaca during the winter months (November to January), when temperatures cool down a bit, and rainfall subsides. 

Off-peak Season:

Rain plagues the area during the summer months, making some vacationers hesitant to book flights to Oaxaca,, but if you do plan Oaxaca travel during this time, you’ll be sure to capture cheap Oaxaca flights and hotels and catch some fun in the sun when the rain dies down.

Getting around Oaxaca

Oaxaca is easy to get around on foot. The city is laid out on a grid centered around the Zócalo and most of the sightseeing spots are located close to each other. Taxis can be a good way to get around, but make sure you negotiate your fare first. Group taxis are a great way to save some money during your trip from the airport.

Oaxaca Travel Information

el Arbol de Tule: If you’re booking flights to Oaxaca in search of natural splendor, look no further than el Arbol de Tule. The oldest (and largest) tree in the world, this huge mass of nature is more than 2,000 years old, and has marveling dimensions. Towering 130 feet off the ground with more than 170 feet of foliage, it’s no wonder that the 33-foot diameter and 178-foot circumference tally up a weight of more than 500 tons. From afar, this gigantic sprout looks like a few trees welded together, but in actuality, it’s just one enormous mammoth of a tree. Take a closer look to see the legendary “faces” of goblins, monsters, elephants, and jaguars that schoolchildren tell stories about. 

Beaches: If you’re not booking flights to Oaxaca for the mountains, than you’re probably seeking their other half: beaches. More than 340 miles of lavish coastline expand through the Jamiltepec, Pchutla, and Juchitan districts, and natural, panoramic views are inescapable. The hot tropical climate, serene aqua waters, and soft white sands beckon anyone in search of the sun to bask in the glow and enjoy the waves. Authentic traditions radiate from the sands all day long, and the tranquility that each sunset brings is the perfect backdrop for relaxing evenings. Each beach has its own uniqueness: Zicatela invites surfers of all degrees; Escobilla houses the most turtle nesting activity; and San Agustinillo provides a museum and a natural reserve to explore. Zipolite, however, is one of the only nude beaches, so be prepared to act accordingly. 

Festivities: When you endure a traditional festival in Oaxaca, you’ll understand how deeply this place is steeped in its 3,000 years of history. Long established customs, bright clothing, lively dances, and an exquisite blending of languages result in a multi-ethnic celebration of life. Whether you’re observing a patron saint in Central Valley, holding a vigil in Tehuantepec Peninsula, or observing one of the “Mondays on the Hill,” you will absolutely be enamored with the lights, sounds, and activities that are offered. If you plan your flight to Oaxaca accordingly, you may be able to attend La Guelaguetza, the biggest event of the year, drenched in dancing, music, movement, gift exchanges, and hospitality. 

Eco Tourism: If nature excites you, and you can’t wait to experience all that the outdoors has to offer then book a cheap flight to Oaxaca to experience the unforgettable eco-friendly adventures that the diverse geography offers. Northern mountain ranges of Ixtlan de Juarez and beautiful coastlines celebrate the culture of ecology, which is deeply rooted in the state’s people. See rich forests, coffee plantations, and picturesque sunsets as you explore the lush nature of Huatulco Bay, Santa Maria, San Miguel del Puerto, and Pluma Hidalgo, all locations where untouched environments are protected and fostered. Guided tours through green forests allow for first-hand sightings of plants, birds, reptiles, jaguars, and spider monkeys. If you prefer a more eco-focused lodging, alternative options provide inns with private rooms, small kitchens, bathrooms, and locally produced food and camping items.


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Avg temp for this month inOaxaca80.4 °FSource: World Weather Online
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Foreign-exchange rate inOaxaca$1.00 = $0.05Source: Open Exchange Rates
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