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Best Time to Fly to Aruba

There is no bad time to visit Aruba. Even during the rainy season, flights to Aruba are abundant.

Peak Season:

Wintertime in the U.S. -- roughly from December to March -- is peak season for visiting Aruba. Book Aruba flights and hotel rooms ahead of time for the best rates and travel dates.

Off season:

The temperature on the island is good throughout the year, an average of about 82F, so any time you visit will be hot. Airfare prices fall drastically outside the peak season. If you plan to travel during the rainy season (September through December), bring a waterproof jacket.

Aruba is a popular beach destination and many major airlines service it. Check out our guide to airlines that fly to Aruba for more information.


There's no shortage of happy people on flights to Aruba. Just knowing that the Aruba flight will land on the paradisiacal island, a few miles north of Venezuela in the Dutch Antilles is enough to keep vacationers happy until their feet hit the warm sandy beaches. It's not just the vacationers booking flights to Aruba that keep this country jovial; seldom does a frown appear on the faces of natives, especially in February for the annual calypso Carnival. 

What makes more than one million visitors a year who travels to Aruba so happy? You can't beat the miles of white beaches, endless views of aquamarine ocean and year-round sunshine. In addition, there are superb resort hotels, gourmet restaurants, top class watersports activities, breathtaking diving and snorkeling opportunities, a championship golf course and 24-hour casinos. When booking your trip to Aruba, make sure you book hotel accommodations and reserve a rental car, if necessary, as Aruba tends to book up fast during its peak travel season. Cheap flights to Aruba and budget hotel accommodations can be purchased for travel during the rainy season. No matter when you visit Aruba, it's likely you'll be booking a return flight to Aruba before you even leave the country.

Aruba climate

Aruba is tropical and averages a temperature of 82 F year round. Cooling winds make for a very pleasant stay. The rainy season lasts from October through January, but the rains are generally erratic and short-lived.

Getting around Aruba

The plane ride to Aruba might be calm, but touring the country can be a bit rough. The Arubus departs from Oranjestad to destinations through the island. Pay the bus driver as you enter, and hold on tight. Roads are poor in most of the country and the drivers can seem foolhardy to tourists… The service, however, is cheap and the buses connect with many of the beach resorts.

Taxis can also be taken from the town and main resorts.

To see much of the island, you’ll need to hire a car. Four-by-fours are recommended due to the bad roads. When booking your flights to Aruba, check out car rental rates. Many times travelers can book both Aruba flights and car rentals for a budgeted price.

Aruba Travel Information

  • Most of the tourism in Aruba is concentrated round Oranjestad. To explore the island further, you’ll certainly need to rent a car or book a tour. If exploring on your own is more your style, check the rental rates for four-by-fours when you book your Aruba flights. Four-by-fours are necessary to get around town as the the roads are poor. It’s well worth the effort to rent a car. On the North coast you can visit a natural pool – a swimming pool created by an enclave of rocks from the sea – and enjoy the landscape of a much more craggy coastline of rocks and crashing waves.
  • Aruba has one national park, which covers approximately 20 percent of the island. Arikok National Park includes a lava formation, a quartz formation and a limestone formation as well as wildlife. There are also the oldest Arawak cave paintings on the island. Again, you will need a four-by-four to visit. Once you arrive you can continue offroading, or follow one of the well-marked hiking trails.
  • Aruba’s annual carnival is a popular event, which lasts for months, rather than just weeks. The event starts with the New Year celebrations on January 1 and carries on all the way through to Ash Wednesday. It’s a lively, colorful, buoyant couple of months, filled with dancing, music, floats and celebrations. Inevitably, it is also when many tourists visit the island, so if you are planning on arriving in this time make sure to book Aruba flights and accommodations well in advance.
  • Oranjestad is the capital and the main arrival point for vacationers. Many tourists also choose to stay in Oranjestad. It’s also the point where the cruise ships arrive so the town can become very busy when a ship is docked. The town is where many of the excursions or water sports can be booked – snorkeling, windsurfing, even a trip in a submarine. Away from the beach, however, there are lots of museums, shops and restaurants to explore.
  • To save money on lots of tourist activities, get a VisitAruba card, available from the tourist center. It offers money off on car rental, accommodations, entrance to water sports parks, restaurants, shopping and more…


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  • Oranjestad is the capital and the main arrival point for many one way flights to Aruba.
  • Aruba’s annual carnival is a popular event, which lasts for months, rather than just weeks.
  • Many last minute flights to Aruba arrive at Reina Beatrix Airport.
  • Collect stamps on your passport, and learn the best way to see the world with our international travel tips.
  • To save money on lots of tourist activities, get a VisitAruba card, available from the tourist center.
  • Arikok National Park includes a lava formation, a quartz formation and a limestone formation as well as wildlife.
  • Most of the tourism in Aruba is concentrated around Oranjestad.

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