Cheap flights to Dominica

May 29 — Jun 51

What is the cheapest month to fly to Dominica?

The cheapest ticket to Dominica found for each month in 2022 based on historical flight searches by Cheapflights users.

























January is currently the cheapest month to fly to Dominica. At this moment in time December is the most expensive month. These prices are determined by multiple factors and booking in advance can help keep costs down if your schedule is not as flexible.

When is the best time to fly to Dominica?

Average Dominica flight ticket prices and weather conditions for 2022 and 2023 by month



$465 - $1,152

Which day is cheapest to fly to Dominica?

The cheapest day to fly to Dominica is usually Monday. At the moment, Saturday is the most expensive.

What time of day is cheapest to fly to Dominica?

At the moment, flights in the morning are likely to offer the best value for money for your Dominica trip. A flight in the evening will more often than not be of higher cost.

How long is the flight to Dominica?

Dominica offers two airports, Canefield Airport in the south and Melville Hall Airport in the north. Because these are not international airports, you need a connecting flight from a nearby island like Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico, Barbados, St. Martin, or Martinique. One of the options would be flying from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) in Puerto Rico. The flight includes a stop at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) and takes 8h 31m. From Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, find a connecting flight to Melville Hall Airport (DOM). The flight is nonstop and takes 1h 45m.

Where can you get direct flights to Dominica from?

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights to Dominica from the United States. For Dominica flight deals, you must find a connecting flight through a nearby Island to Dominica, including Puerto Rico, Martinique, and Guadeloupe. To find the shortest route for cheap flights to Dominica, you can consider flights from Los Angeles International Airport to Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in Puerto Rico. From Puerto Rico, you can use a connecting flight to Melville Hall Airport in Dominica. In total, the journey will take 10h 16m. Besides connecting flights, there are ferries that offer services between Dominica and several neighboring islands, including Guadeloupe and Martinique.

What is the best way to travel around Dominica?

There are different means of transportation you can use to get around Dominica, starting with government-licensed private minivans. You can identify them easily as their number plates start with “H.” You can flag down buses anywhere by sticking out your arm. Service is available from 6am to 7pm. You can also get car rentals from international agencies and reputable local companies, which have offices outside the airport terminal. Daily rates for renting a car start from RD$1425 ($25) if you want a sedan and RD$2850 ($50) if you prefer to use a 4WD vehicle. For longer than two days, you can get discounts. Drivers need a license, which is issued by a local car rental agency. It will cost you RD$684 ($12), and this is valid for one month. To get approved, you must be aged 25 to 65 and have not less than two years of driving experience. You can also find taxis in Dominica. It’s easy to identify them as their number plates begin with “HA.” Taxis don’t have meters, and there is no standard fare, so you need your negotiating skills to get the right price for your trip.

What are some things to do in Dominica?

Dominica is an unspoiled paradise for hikers, divers, and naturalists. It features dramatic volcanic landscapes with rainforests, lakes, waterfalls, gorges, steamy hot springs, and high mountains. There are many attractions here, including the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a 17,000-acre UNESCO World Heritage Site with beautiful lakes and picturesque waterfalls. At the Titou Gorge, visitors are allowed to swim in the crisp jade-green pool through a narrow canyon leading to a beautiful waterfall. The site is also an area of mini-geysers, brightly-colored hot springs, and boiling mud ponds. While at Dominica, you might also want to visit Boiling Lake, an eerie-looking pool of gray-green water that bubbles at the end of a 3h hike in the thick forest. If you love photogenic sites, Victoria Falls is a good place. It features minerals, which give the water a milky-white color.

Do I need a passport or visa to fly to Dominica?

To enter Dominica, you must have a valid passport. You don’t need a visa if you’re staying less than six months, if you have a return or onward ticket, a confirmation of accommodation, and proof you can maintain yourself.