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When your flight to Tanzania arrives, you’ll step into the vast open plains inhabited by wildebeest, monkeys, antelopes, lions, cheetahs, crocs and gators, gazelle and wild birds and suddenly your flight to Tanzania was the last bit of human civilization you can remember. 

Situated in East Africa, mainland Tanzania is bordered by Uganda and Kenya, Mozambique and Malawi, Zambia and Zaire, and Burundi and Rwanda. The India Ocean graces the coastline, and mountains steal the landscape view. 

But most travelers book flights to Tanzania to witness one of the most amazing animal exhibitions in the world – the annual migration of millions of wildebeest, zebra, antelopes and more in Serengeti National Park. After the intensity of Animal Kingdom wears off, Tanzania visitors can make like marine life and lay away on the Zanzibar Islands. For a bit of human touch, head to historic Stone Town and take in a bit of history. Don’t skip over this African country because of its size or limited population – there is more to see in Tanzania than most places on earth. Finding a cheap flight to Tanzania can mean the experience of a lifetime.

Tanzania climate

Tanzania has a tropical climate that varies by region. There is some seasonal change in the coastal, inland and island territories. The central, western and northern regions can have uncomfortably hot days, around 95 F, which are occasionally refreshed by downpours.

Getting around Tanzania

A chief rule of Tanzania travel is to avoid driving. Although it’s possible, parking is usually an issue, and road conditions are both unpredictable and potentially dangerous. Instead, consider taking a bus, but don’t expect it to be very timely because they don’t leave until they are absolutely full.

Trains cover more vast distances, and with two lines to choose from you can get just about anywhere in Tanzania. The Tanzania Railway Corporation and the Tanzania to Zambia Railway Authority are two companies that ensure safe, reliable rides. The domestic railway offers directions such as Central from Dar es Salaam to Tobora, and from Tobora to Mawana.

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More useful information about Tanzania

  • South Africa retains strong influences from Dutch and British culture.
  • Because you need a return or onward ticket to enter the country, one way flights to Africa are not ideal.
  • Direct flights from American cities to African cities are rare.
  • The entire continent of Africa is generally warm year-round, with North Africa being the hottest.
  • Africa’s history is as vast and rich as the continent itself.
  • For a breath taking beach experience, visit the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar.
  • Booking a last minute flight to Africa is not advisable, since much preparation is usually needed.
  • Kenya offers an extraordinary Safari experience.

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