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Its history is as diverse as its culture, but deciding on flights to Nigeria and touring one of the most varied countries in Africa is worth any price. When your Nigeria flight arrives, you will bear witness to more than 250 different traditions, languages, and sagas recalling ancestors and past affiliations. 

Nigeria flights arrive on the west coast of Africa near Chad, Cameroon, Benin and Niger, and sits along the Atlantic Ocean (Gulf of Guinea). Flights to Nigeria send travelers along the Nigeria coast, where the site of the Niger Delta protrudes among other smaller rivers and streams. But flying to Nigeria is only half the fun. Take a hike through one of the many rain forests or trek through Nigeria’s deserts. 

While tourism remains a staple to the Nigerian economy, its main source of income comes from being Africa’s largest oil producer.

Nigeria climate

Nigeria really only has two seasons: a wet season and a dry season. The wet season lasts from April to October. From November to March the temperatures are high and the sunshine never ceases.

Best Time to Fly to Nigeria

Nigeria may experience sweltering heat year-round, but this West African country is arguably best to behold in the dry season, making cheap flights to Nigeria from November through March difficult to come by.  The United States State Department discourages travel to Nigeria due to heightened violent conflicts of a religious and ethnic nature in the Niger Delta. The nature of these conflicts are not targeted at Americans, but continued risks of kidnapping, robbery and other armed attacks in Nigeria make it more of a destination to avoid than one for recreational travel.

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Getting around Nigeria

Taxies are available from the airport to the city, but agree on your rate before your journey to avoid overpaying.The roads in Nigeria are very poorly kept, and as a result the Nigerian government is making strong efforts to privatize the Nigerian Railway Corporation.The most comfortable and efficient way to travel throughout Nigeria and West Africa is by rail and air.

Nigeria Travel Information

  • As the most populous country in Western Africa, Nigeria dominates the region politically and economically and its population has roots dating back to 9000 BC.  Nigeria has been colonized by two European powers, the Portuguese and the British, and Nigeria successfully gained its independence from Great Britain in 1960.
  • Nigeria is popular with film enthusiasts and film industry professionals looking to check out Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry based in Lagos and Abuja.  Nollywood’s presence has boosted the economy in these cities, and Nigeria’s presence in popular culture continues to grow after MTV chose to host the first ever African Music Awards in Abuja in 2008.
  • With artifacts found in Igbo-Ukwu dating back 2000 years, Nigeria is home to time honored artistic traditions of bronze casting, woodcarving, grass weaving and pottery.  Spend some of the cash you saved on your cheap flight to Nigeria on beautiful handicrafts that showcase local artistic talent.
  • Nigeria’s coast offers visitors ample opportunity to soak up the sunshine that bathes the country between the months of November and March.  After your Nigeria flight lands, head to the western side of Lagos to check out Coconut Beach, a sandy spread encircled by coconut plantations, or to Tarwa Bay, which is popular with families for the plethora of water sport activities available.

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More useful information about Nigeria

  • For the best prices, avoid direct flights to Nigeria.
  • The Nigerian climate only has a wet and dry season.
  • If you take a last minute flight to Nigeria, be sure to at least pack a lot of sunscreen!
  • One way flights to Nigeria will save you money, but remember to have that passport in order!
  • Lagos is the second most populous city in Africa.
  • The city of Lagos is famous for its music scene, which spawned its own sub-genre of Hip Hop.
  • A varied environment: Nigeria both rainforests and deserts.
  • Nigeria is an extremely rich culture, with over 250 traditions and languages.

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