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Imagine a land covered with forests and wetlands, run by bogs and logging, and you’re in Estonia. More than 1,000 lakes and 7,000 rivers and streams make up Estonia’s landscape. Half of the country is covered with forests, welcoming serious outdoors enthusiasts booking flights to Estonia. Farmlands lay centered in Estonia’s rural areas and most of the country remains unpopulated by tourist attractions. Most flights to Estonia land in the capital city of Tallinn, where 14th and 15th century structures are explored by visitors.  A flight to Estonia gives tourists the option of traveling to neighboring countries Finland and Denmark with ease.

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Estonia climate

Estonia has a cool, coastal climate thanks to the cool Baltic Sea breezes. Summers aren’t overly warm, with temperatures peaking around 90 F. Winters can be bitterly cold, with little daylight and lots of snow. Sudden rain and snow storms can happen in both summer and winter.

Best Time to Fly to Estonia

With concerts and festivals scheduled throughout the year in Tallinn and countless opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, there’s no wrong time to book your Estonia flight.

Peak Season: Summer days can last as long as 19 hours, so visitors are snapping up tickets on flights to Estonia especially between the months of May and September.  Estonia draws quite a crowd for the winter holidays, when Tallinn transforms into a festive hub of celebration and the rest of Estonia prepares for the coming of the New Year.

Off-peak Season: Estonia cheap flights are plentiful in the wintertime when the snow refuses to melt and when the sun shies away from the chill, but consider a visit to Estonia during the transitional seasons of spring and fall.  The time periods before and after the summer heat allow for comfortable stays in consistently pleasant weather.

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Getting around Estonia

With Tallinn as the central point of Estonia’s public transportation network, several coaches, trains, and Estonia cheap flights arrive and depart from the Estonian capital. Eurolines link Tallinn with other Scandinavian and Western European countries, while regular ferries depart from Estonia each day to ports in Finland and Germany.  Estonia’s flat terrain also attracts cycling enthusiasts from around the world; the country’s small size makes it ideal for those looking to explore the land on two wheels.

Estonia Travel Information

  • Like the other capital cities of the Baltic countries, Tallinn offers a charming balance of old and new: Cobblestone streets, stunning examples of architecture spanning the centuries and medieval ruins provide breathtaking backdrops for the vibrant nightlife and colorful cultural events that take place in the city throughout the year.  Most international cheap flights to Estonia arrive in Tallinn, so be sure to spend at least a day or two perusing the streets of this charismatic cultural haven.
  • Parnu, the southwestern Estonian county on the Latvian border, has visitors from around the world booking cheap flights to Estonia to spend some time on Parnu beach and to relax in the renowned mud baths.  Though health tourism is what draws most people to Parnu, the Red Tower, built in the 16th century, makes for great photo opportunities as it’s the only remaining structure of the city’s medieval fortification. 
  • Looking for some tunes to download before your Estonia flight? Estonia’s music receives exceptional praise.  Estonia has hosted Eurovision, the internationally televised musical competition between European countries, and Estonians have walked away with the competition title twice.
  • “May your bread last”: This is, essentially, the Estonian equivalent of bon appétit, and reflects the significance of bread in the Estonian diet.  Though Estonian cuisine relies heavily on products of the country such as pork, potatoes and dairy products, black rye bread is eaten with most meals and is frequently the first thing Estonians are homesick for when they travel abroad.  If you hope to bring some black rye bread home with you on your return Estonia flight, be sure to check customs rules and regulations before you pack.


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