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First-time travelers booking flights to Tallinn are often confused by the city’s culture. The combination of Danish, Swedish, German and Russian influences decorate the city’s landscape. A UNESCO World Heritage site, parts of Tallinn remain untouched and preserved in its 12th century state. The best way to explore Tallinn is on foot. Hop off your Tallinn flight and start your sightseeing in some of Europe’s best medieval towns. Ancient ruins, church spires and cobblestone streets welcome tourists to Tallinn. The heart of Tallinn – the Toompea district – is home to must-see attractions including the Estonian Art Museum and the named Kiek-in-de-Kök, a round artillery tower built in the 15th century that now serves as a museum and photo gallery for tourists.

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Tallinn climate

Tallinn typically experiences comfortably warm summers and harsh winters with temperatures that plummet well below freezing. Situated on the Baltic Sea, the city is subjected to sea breezes and humidity, and its northern latitude means long summer daylight hours (the longest summer day stretches to 19 hours) and dark winters when daylight lasts sometimes only six hours. Booking flights to Tallinn during the months of April through October ensures a visit that'll coincide with Estonia's high season - springtime brings a few rainy days, but the summer sun is out in May and stays out through the end of September.

Best Time to Fly to Tallinn

Whether you're in town to enjoy the summer days that can last up to 19 hours or taking in the charming snowscapes that envelope the city at Christmastime, there's no wrong time to book a flight to Tallinn.

Peak Season

Late spring through summer is the high season, when the sun is out and the breezes of the Baltic Sea keep the Estonian capital cool. The winter holidays, though chilly, are another popular time to book flights to Tallinn for its many festivals that take place throughout the month of December. 

Off-Peak Season

Due to its frigid winters, cheap flights to Tallinn tend to be plentiful between the months of December and March when visitors shy away from the snow-covered city. 

Getting around Tallinn

When your Tallinn flight lands, you have several options to get to the city’s center. Tallinn’s bus, tram, trolley and train lines run from 6am to 11pm between the city center and the outer city limits. Save yourself some money and you buy your ticket from a newsstand before boarding. Fares are more expensive when you buy tickets from the driver.

Tallinn Travel Information

  • Pick up a Tallinn Card to save on everything from sightseeing to souvenir shopping. The Tallinn Card, which is available for purchase at Tourist Information Centers throughout the city, comes in hourly increments of 6, 24, 48 and 72. In addition to free transport, free entrance to over 40 museums and tourist attractions, and waived door fees at Tallinn’s hottest nightspots, the Tallinn Card offers heavy discounts at restaurants and on bicycle tours throughout the city.
  • Tallinn's vibrant nightlife offers up countless opportunities for rambunctious revelry, but the addictive nature of the Estonian social scene is especially unique given its reserved, antique setting in a city that truly embraces both the old and the new. History buffs especially are booking flights to Tallinn to check out the Rocca-al-Mare Open Air Museum, which displays beautiful representations of 18th and 19th century typical wooden Estonian farmhouses. Afterwards, take a leisurely stroll through the cobblestone streets of Old Town, where 14th and 15th century spires enhance the medieval feel of the Tallinn skyline.
  • Toompea Castle and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, two of Estonia's most visited attractions, face each other on the hills of Tallinn. The cathedral is popular with tourists booking Tallinn flights for its meticulously cared for onion domes and its chorus of 11 bells, while Toompea Castle houses the Estonian Parliament and offers daily tours throughout the massive former fortress.
  • Musicians from around the globe are booking flights to Tallinn to participate in or attend the milieu of music festivals that are hosted in the Estonian capital each year. Estonia is scheduled to host the 11th Annual International Choir Festival in April 2009, and the Summer Night Stars Festival in June showcases Estonian ballet and opera talents.


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Useful information about Tallinn

Avg temperature for this monthTallinn66.6 °FSource: World Weather Online
Avg rainfall for this month inTallinn2.79 inSource: World Weather Online
Currency exchange rate inTallinn€1.00 = $1.16Source: Open Exchange Rates
Which airlines fly toTallinnKLM, Lufthansa and Air France
Deals available on flights toTallinn410
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