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If there’s one common theme on your flight to Malaysia it’s the variety of people traveling to this Asian country. Malaysia is home to many different races and ethnicities and because of this, there is something for everyone. If history, culture, food, nature or adventure is your bag, you’ll find in Malaysia. Surprisingly, with all Malaysia has to offer, it’s not a highly toured country so those travelers booking Malaysia flights and vacations will find a lot of unexplored land. In fact, many people travel to Malaysia to take advantage of its lush forests and parks, luxury resorts on white sand beaches, and some of the best shopping and cuisine in Southeast Asia. 

What you won’t find when your flight to Malaysia arrives are typical 21st century lifestyles. Sure, the capital of Kuala Lumpur is the destination starting point for most flights to Malaysia and it’s been modernized to fit the needs of travelers and tourists, but Malaysia as a whole is uncomplicated and simplistic. 

Book a flight to Malaysia to see beauty in its most natural form.

Malaysia climate

Malaysia has a typical tropical climate with an average temperature of 86 F and little seasonal change. The rainy season lasts from the end of October, when the monsoons arrive, until the beginning of May.

Best Time to Fly to Malaysia

Whether you're spending a rowdy night out in Kuala Lumpur or relaxing on the beaches of southern Malaysia, there's no wrong time to book your flight to Malaysia.

Peak Season

Malaysia cheap flights are scarce from May until October, when the monsoons subside and Malaysia lays sun-soaked in the tropical heat. 

Off-Peak Season: Monsoon season lasts from the middle of October through the beginning of April. Though the rain tends to drive tourists away, this half of the year is when you'll find cheap flights to Malaysia. Malaysia hosts a variety of festivals throughout monsoon season to make up for the dreary weather, including Thaipusam, a vibrant Hindu procession in January; Chinese New Year celebrations in February, the Langkawi Water Festival in April.

Getting around Malaysia

As a popular destination for foreign tourists, Malaysia has honed its network of air-conditioned busses to service all states in Peninsular Malaysia. The schedules are dependable, the rates are reasonable and the seating onboard is comfortable, making travel within Malaysia easily manageable for out-of-towners who aren't ready to rent a car and drive around the country themselves.  If you do happen to crave a little road time after your flight to Malaysia, keep in mind that Malaysians drive on the left side of the road and that an international driving license is required of all foreign tourists. The following chart gives approximate journey times from

Kuala Lumpur

(in hours and minutes) to other major cities and towns in Malaysia.

Alor Setar0.457.007.30
Johor Bahru0.353.006.00

Malaysia Travel Information

  • If your Malaysia flight touches down in Kuala Lumpur, spend at least a few days meandering through the energetic Malaysian capital city. A wide array of architectural wonder provides a feast for the eyes. Spend the cash you saved on a cheap flight to Malaysia on souvenirs in the art-deco buildings of the Central Market, where you can find gorgeous batik prints, or gaze at the top of the world-renowned Petronas Twin Towers, which stand over the city at a whopping 88 stories.
  • Get your feet wet after your flight to Malaysia touches down with a trip to the beach! The Langkawi Archipelago offers some of the most sought-after resorts in Southeast Asia, with coral reefs, pristine waters and immaculate beaches.
  • The island of Borneo is divided and governed by three different countries, and Malaysi'’s territory consists of the provinces of Sabah and Sarawak. Both regions have hordes of tourists booking flights to Malaysia for a chance to surround themselves with the natural beauty of Borneo’s ancient rainforests, and scuba enthusiasts from around the world head to Sipadan Island for a glimpse at rare sea turtles and schools of barracuda amid breathtaking coral gardens.
  • Malaysia's history as a British colony is present in modern day Kuala Lumpur. Merdeka Square, home to the world's largest flagpole at 328 feet, was built to commemorate Malaysian independence in 1957, and the well-preserved examples of British architecture can be spotted throughout the city. Lake Gardens will provide you with a relaxing retreat after your flight to Malaysia as it did for British administrators throughout the colonial period. The massive expanse of Lake Gardens overflows with a variety of native foliage that stun the senses, and photographers will have a field day shooting the serene surroundings.


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More useful information about Malaysia

  • The Langkawi Archipelago offers some of the most sought-after resorts in Southeast Asia.
  • To see beauty in its most natural form, book a direct flight to Malaysia.
  • Built to commemorate Malaysian independence, Merdeka Square is home to the world's largest flagpole at 328 feet.
  • A variety of festivals are held throughout monsoon season including Thaipusam, a vibrant Hindu procession in January.
  • If you take a last minute flights to Malaysia, you will find a lot of unexplored land.
  • Lake Gardens will provide you with a relaxing retreat after your flight as it did for British administrators.
  • The country has honed its network of air-conditioned busses to service all states in Peninsular Malaysia.
  • You could land at Kota Kinabalu (BKI) or Kuching (KCH) on your one way flight to Malaysia.

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