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What Luxembourg lacks in size it makes up in style. Luxembourg embraces a cosmopolitan attitude while drenched in history and ancient artifacts. Travelers booking flights to Luxembourg will come to love a country that embraces its independence and good fortune as much as its multicultural people.

Blessed with lush landscape and historical sites, Luxembourg is a pleasant and pretty country easy to get around and explore. The central and southern part of the country consists mainly of forests and farmland, while the northeast region is known for its sandstone rock formations. The northern part of the country hosts endless hills and valleys and to the south is the Moselle Valley, famous for its wines. In 1994, the country’s capital, Luxembourg-Ville was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In stark contrast to the nature and wildlife, travelers booking flights to Luxembourg will find themselves immersed in big office buildings and modern architecture.

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Luxembourg climate

Despites its tiny size, Luxembourg has a huge variety of climates. The mountains and hills of the north have cold, wet winters while the rocky, forested land in the south has a more temperate climate.

Best Time to Fly to Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a destination for all seasons, so book your cheap flight to Luxembourg and take in the panoramic views of the picturesque countryside.

Peak Season: Luxembourg cheap flights are difficult to find for the summer holidays, especially for travel throughout the months of July and August.  With the end of summer come cheaper rates and more available flights to Luxembourg in October, and the holidays in December see a seasonal spike that lasts through the second week in January.

Off-peak Season:  Try booking cheap flights to Luxembourg for a springtime vacation: The natural beauty of Luxembourg flourishes in late March and April before the summer tourism boom, and the mild weather certainly won’t prove to be a hindrance to your travel plans.

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Getting around Luxembourg

After your Luxembourg flight lands, taxis, coaches and busses transport you to the center of Luxembourg City in a matter of minutes. The efficient bus network will take you to the farthest reaches of the city.  Due to its location alongside Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, cheap flights to Luxembourg are ideal for those who plan on visiting other points in Europe after their Luxembourg stay.  Several intercontinental rail companies pass through Luxembourg, including EuroStar, as do numerous international coach lines.

Luxembourg Travel Information

  • Put on a comfy pair of shoes and head out on the Wenzel Circular Walk, whose oldest sections were named as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The walk includes views of the Castle Bridge, the Bock Promontory, and the Church of St. Ulric, which is the oldest church in Luxembourg City.
  • Luxembourg’s Moselle Valley has wine lovers booking Luxembourg cheap flights year-round.  Dry white wines are the regional specialty, so treat yourself to a guided wine tour and tasting to sample the viticultural spoils of Luxembourg.  To celebrate this source of local pride, book your flight to Luxembourg for mid-September so that you’ll be in town for the Grevenmacher Wine and Grape Festival.
  • Just outside Luxembourg City lies the United States Military Cemetery, which is where over 5,000 American troops were laid to rest, including General George Patton, after serving in World War II.
  • Take a train ride through Luxembourg’s scenic landscape.  The Petrusse Express is an excellent option for tourists who want to see as much of Luxembourg as possible in a short amount of time, as the train ride will take you through the Petrusse Valley to see the ancient fortresses nestled in the hills. 


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