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Forks, Washington burst onto the travel scene with the publication of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight books, which take place in the area. But for those not interested in vampire romance, flights to Washington offer beautiful scenery with more than 100 miles of saltwater shores and 200 miles of wide rivers winding through gorgeous forests. After your Washington flight lands, head out to enjoy the natural beauty by fishing, hiking or exploring the blissful peace of the Olympic peninsula.

Best Time to Fly to Forks

Washington experiences a seasonal climate, so you can easily find flights to Forks depending on your weather preferences. Wintertime brings temperatures in the 40s, and the occasional snowfall, so if you’re planning your trip between the months of December and February, be sure to pack warm clothing. Since the cold seems to hinder outdoor excursions, the winter is seen as the state’s off-peak season, but it’s the best time to find cheap flights to Forks and deals on hotels. If you’re coming in the summer though, you’ll be happy to know that sunny days and temperatures in the 80s welcome day trips, hikes, and exploration.

Forks Travel Information

Twilight Self-Tour: Okay, admit it, you’ve only heard of Forks because either you live there, or you’re the kind of person who takes a vacation day when one Stephanie Meyers’ books comes out. There’s no shame, in fact, the town seriously embraces Meyers’ contributions to its tourism industry, and has even designated a day in her honor. If you’re planning a flight to Forks for the same reason, then you’ll definitely want to take the Twilight Tour. Whether it’s official or self-guided, there are a few spots around town that are must-sees. Make sure to visit Forks High School, where Bella spends most of her time, Forks Outfitters, where she does her grocery shopping, or Forms Community Hospital, where she is treated by Edward's “father” after her car crash. If you’re getting a flight to Forks in the summer, then check out First Beach, where the truth about Edward was revealed to Bella.

Ozette Wilderness: Hike When you arrange a flight to Forks, you’ll find that outdoor adventures are the perfect ways to really see the land. At the Northwest entrance to Olympic National Park, almost 60 miles of coastal wilderness is waiting to be explored. Three miles of plank and stair rail criss-cross through the park’s entirety, allowing you to meander safely through the area. The Ozette wilderness section of the park leads to the water’s edge, so once you’re on Cape Alva, you can see the beautiful rocky shores and natural reefs.

Lake Crescent, Waterfalls, Hot Springs: When you plan flights to Forks, there’s no escaping intrigue. The whirl of the mysterious seems to have swarmed around this town way before the Twilight series was even conceived. As legends have it, the waters in Forks used to be inhabited by the magical touch of dragons. As you walk along Lake Crescent’s shores and the many diverse hiking trails, you’ll see the gorgeous waterfalls that spill over the depths of the forests, and supposedly spellbound.


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