Cheap flights to Suriname

May 22 — May 291

How long is the flight to Suriname?

Your trip time to this far-off destination is going to vary quite a bit depending on where you will be departing from in the United States. If you are flying from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), you can expect a trip time of about 13h 30min, whereas if you are traveling from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) you can expect a trip time of about 9h. Flights from Chicago O' Hare International Airport (ORD) will take about 30min more than that.

Where can you get direct flights to Suriname from?

While it certainly is unfortunate that you cannot find any direct flights to Suriname from cities in the United States, there are one-stop options that make great Suriname flight deals for travelers wishing to make this trip. Three examples of cheap flights to Suriname are the one-stop flights that American Airlines offers from Chicago O' Hare International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, and John F. Kennedy International Airport that all have a layover at Miami International Airport (MIA).

What is the best way to travel around Suriname?

One of the most unique things about Suriname is that there are not many roads in this country, so traveling by regular methods such as a bus or a car is not always practical. There is bus service that you can take between the coastal cities of this country, but the routes and departure times are often easily changed at short notice. You will find a central bus station in Paramaribo that offers bus routes to places like Guyana and stops along the way on the main highway and the cost for this is around $43. Another option is to rent a car here. Although there are very few roads to travel, there is one main road that travels along the entire coast of the country, so if you will be making trips in this area a rental car might be a good option.

What are some things to do in Suriname?

A destination that is popular with visitors to this area is Fort Zeelandia. This is an old colonial Ford that offers tours of the facility as well as a museum. The view from the fort also offers a great look at the Suriname River. If you want to see some of the spectacular countryside this nation has to offer, then make the drive to the Central Suriname Nature Reserve. This is a reserve that is in pristine condition because it's a tropical rainforest that has been meticulously preserved. A great example of some of the old and storied architecture of this area is the Presidential Palace. This magnificent wooded building is one of the few remnants of the Dutch colonial era.

Do I need a passport or visa to fly to Suriname?

Visitors traveling to Suriname from the United States will require a passport that will be valid for 180 days beyond your planned date of departure. Travelers can obtain a required e-tourist visa before traveling to Suriname on the Suriname e-visa website. The cost for the visa is around $45 and it can take up to around seven business days to get the visa.

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