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Just because it's one of the smallest countries in South America doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch. Argentines, Brazilians, Chileans, not to mention everyone else in the world is finally realizing the incredibly kept secret, and booking flights to Uruguay. Some come for the beaches and others for the nightlife, but most come for the awesomeness of its urban flavor. It’s never overrun, hardly expensive, and astoundingly gorgeous, whether you’re looking at the horizon or the nearby intersection. Everything here seems like it could be perfectly suited in a frame. 

While most tourists seem to gather in Punta del Este or Montevideo, no matter where to spend the bulk of your Uruguay travel, you’ll be utterly content and pleasantly surprised. But when you plan flights to Uruguay, you’re not just getting a pretty picture. 

An impressive living standard, high literacy rate, large middle class, and superb social services (including the most coveted medical care system in South America) make Uruguay much more than Vacation Land. Its colonial towns, beach resorts, artistic venues, and bustling plazas make this spot a place worthy of worship. Book a flight to Uruguay to uncover a thrilling vacation.

Uruguay climate

Uruguay’s seasons are opposite those in the northern hemisphere. Keep that in mind when you’re booking your flight. The summer lasts from December to March and can be a great time to go to the beach. Winter cools down a bit from June to August. January can get very humid and rains often.

Best Time to Fly to Uruguay

Since summer and winter are swapped with the timing of the United States, keep that in mind when planning your Uruguay flights. Summer lasts between December and March, which is when most travelers visit.

Peak Season: 

If you’re looking to beat the winter blues in the United States, then book a flight to Uruguay during their summer season (December – March) and soak up the sun in South America. Find an empty spot on the beach, stretch out, and enjoy.

Off-peak Season: 

Although there’s really no bad time to book flights to Uruguay, fewer travelers tend to visit in the winter, when rain and humidity take reign and can put a damper on outdoor adventures.

Getting around Uruguay

Fortunately, when you travel to Uruguay, you’ll be able to see the rest of the country without worry. Transportation here is reliable and affordable no matter where you are. Roads are very well maintained, if you stay near either the coast or the rivers, a bus will pick you up. It’s better to buy tickets in advance, but either way, tickets are cheap. Long distance buses run on regulate schedules, and local buses are a bit slow and crowded, but are cheap and frequent. Taxis are cheap, and can be hailed off the street.

Uruguay Travel Information

La Paloma: Surf’s up, man. Grab your board and hit the waves because when you book flights to Uruguay and find your way to La Paloma, there’s no better place to cruise. With free concerts on the beach at sunset, glamorous hotels in every direction, and tons of beach front bars, you’ll totally be in paradise, dude.

Montevideo: If you’re booking a flight to Uruguay, you can’t miss its happening capital city of Montevideo. Alive with rich culture, and known mostly for its remarkable port, the city is much more than just land and water. A hopping historical downtown and business district are ever changing, and the art deco and neo classical buildings compliment the high rises, beach communities, and shopping malls. Looking a bit like Miami on a beautiful summer day, Montevideo is the best kind of Uruguay there is. Stroll from your hostel to a café, to gallery, and end up at a fabulous tango bar. It’s all here.

Punta del Este: If you plan your flight to Uruguay far enough in advance, you might be able to get yourself as tan and in shape as some of the insanely toned bodies you’ll find on the beach of Punta del Este. Or, you might book it in advance and hit the treadmill twice and feel accomplished – either way, what you’ll see here is like a zoo of beautiful humans glistening in the sun on the shores of Uruguay. Exquisite seaside homes, a glorious yacht harbor, and shameless high rise apartment buildings spring up between hotels, restaurants, and street parties.

Mercado del Puerto: Welcome to Uruguay’s version of a consumer’s paradise. If you book a flight to Uruguay and go to Montevideo for the day, then be sure to check out Mercado del Puerto, which is marked by the old famous port building. Here, you’ll find back-to-back steak restaurants, awaiting your carnivorous appetite. Saturday afternoons here are the most upbeat, with lively crafts people, artists, and musicians blending their tastes and showcasing their talents.


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More useful information about Uruguay

  • The meaning of the name Uruguay is "river of the colorful birds."
  • Many people take flights to Uruguay for sunbathing, surfing, and swimming on the oceanic coast.
  • Wine fanatics visit Uruguay for the exquisite wines made from the Tannat grape.
  • Check out the local produce in the many public markets around the country.

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Local draught beer (0.5 liter) $2.54
A dozen eggs $2.43