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Board a flight to Botswana to experience one of the world’s greatest natural phenomena, the Okavango Delta. The delta is a 5,850 square mile flood plain set in the desert and is a paradise for wildlife and tourists. Traveling through the delta, you can witness birds, frogs, and antelope living among wildebeest, hartebeest, buffalo, elephants, hippos and zebra. Visitors hoping to book vacations and Botswana flights for a delta exploration should plan ahead – because of the free roaming wildlife, the Botswana government institutes a low-volume, high-income tourism policy. While travel to the delta might be expensive, especially during the holiday season in the U.S., it’s worth a trip to this massive wildlife paradise. 

Tourists are advised to book Botswana flights and trips in the delta through a tour company. Specialized travel companies offer travelers packages that include Botswana flights, airport transfers, hotel accommodations, and plenty of wildlife-viewing opportunities. 

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Botswana climate

Botswana is hot all year round. The only relief is the cool, crisp nights between May and October. From April to October is the rainy season, and the country is best visited on the bookend months of those seasons.

Best Time to Fly to Botswana

If “rough and tumble” doesn’t exactly describe your travel persona, then book flights to Botswana avoiding the wet season. Add info here on travel alerts

Peak Season: Book flights to Botswana in the summer months between July and October, when little rain shadows outdoor activities, and it’s the perfect time to scope out wildlife in their natural habitats. Beware of the crowds, though. With school holidays being a popular vacation time, most students and other travelers flood the major cities.

Off-peak Season: If you’re planning your Botswana flight between January and March, be careful to do extra research about getting around, because back roads can be very difficult, and exploring wildlife can be tricky and complex to navigate. Heavy rains force some lodgings to close down, but you’re likely to find very inexpensive hotel deals and cheap flights to Botswana during the off-season.

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Getting around Botswana

Most transportation revolves around the four major cities. Flights to Botswana are typically expensive if from the United States, but if you plan your trip in advance, you’ll be able to find the best deals and cheapest flights to Botswana.

Six major bus routes intertwine, but are not exceptionally fast or regularly scheduled (even if there is a written schedule). The train line runs to, from, and within the cities of Francistown, Gamorne, and Lobatse, and can usually be relied on for cheap fares and more timely service. Public transportation as a whole is not considered to be a steadfast or trustworthy means of Botswana travel.

Because locals rarely choose public transportation, most fall back on hitchhiking. Although not always a safe method for travel, especially for tourists who aren’t familiar with the roads, hitch-hiking is surprisingly somewhat regulated. The going rate rests around 5 cents per every six miles. If you trust the locals driving go for a drive, but be careful not to depend on local driving when you need to be somewhere on time. If you are camping along winding back roads in the woods you may not see a car for days.

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Botswana Travel Information

Matsiend Rock Carvings: To experience the Matsiend Rock Carvings is to experience one of Botswana’s four creation sites. According to legend, a giant named Matsiend crept out of a 12-foot hole in the ground thousands of years ago, followed by many breeds of animals. His mission was to bring himself and his animals from the earth’s center to the surface, and begin to live in the open air. Since the rocks were (believed to be) very soft when he existed the earth’s crust, one of his feet left a large, 12-inch footprint that is held scared by the people of Botswana. Also close to the footprint, are animal engravings that are more than 3,000 years old. Make sure to stop at the Matsiend Rock Carvings to add a little local legend to your Botswana travel.

Mokolodi Natural Reserve: A place where wildlife, community, and education come together, Mokolodi Natural Reserve is home to a plethora of animals ranging from tall and graceful giraffes to placid and bulky elephants, to vibrant zebras and lazy hippos. Three hundred species of birds are kept safe, as well as injured cheetahs, leopards, jackals and hyenas. Complete with a research facility and breeding center for endangered species, the reserve truly devotes 100 percent of its time benefiting and protecting each animal that it has. Ironically, and for those who don’t fear a carnivorous meal, the onsite restaurant serves cuts of the very breeds you can view on the grounds, according to other travel resources.

Okovango Horse Safaris: For the outdoorsy traveler, Okovango horse safaris combine the natural elements of human, animal, and environment to make a memorable trip. If you’re booking your Botswana flight between March and November, you’ll be able to see the true spirit of safari life on horseback. If you’re up for the task, spend 4-6 hours a day experiencing the camps, views, and lifestyle of a true safari existence. Mastery of at least the equestrian basics (galloping, trotting, etc) are necessary to sign-up. Once you hop on the saddle, you’ll start from Kujwana Camp, where you’ll be supplied with tents, showers, and flush toilets. Moving onward, Moklowane provides pulley showers and “safari toilets.” At Fly Camp, where your 5-10 day journey ends, you will have experienced a life-changing encounter with the natural world.

The Kalahari Desert: If you peek out your window on your flight to Botswana, you might notice a stretch of nothingness below you. Although it’s called the desert, it looks like a desert, and it acts like a desert, the Kalahari Desert’s underground natural water reserves is really a dry grassland. Although some might take one look and think it’s not worth seeing, waiting until the rainy season will change anyone’s perception immediately. As soon as the rains start, the vivid plant life and colorful flowers make their appearance. Covering more than two-thirds of Botswana’s land area, the so-called “desert” becomes a playground for ostriches, antelopes, and colorful flowers. To camp, bring your own equipment, and be ready to hold on tight – guides that set you up at your camp site also provide you with a 4WD vehicle.


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