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Virgin America Check-in

Virgin America allows you to check in online up to 24 hours before your flight departs. Everyone you fly with must check in at the same time, and should be at the gate 30 or more minutes before departing. If you haven’t checked in by that time, reservations can be subject to cancellation.

Virgin America baggage allowance

Carry On: Each passenger can bring one bag and one personal item (like a purse or a briefcase), that must fit in the overhead bin or under the seat ahead. Carry-ons should weigh less than 16lbs and be no bigger than 10in x 16in x 24in.

Checked: Each passenger can check up to 10 bags for $25 each, provided each bag is no heavier than 50lbs and no bigger than 62in.

Excess:  There is a $50 charge if bags one through 10 weighs between 51lbs and 70lbs and a $100 charge if the bags weigh between 71lbs and 100lbs. Bags bigger than 62in will incur a $50 charge.

Virgin America legroom

Virgin America is known for its premium economy class, which allows main cabin passengers more room without needing to purchase a first class ticket.

Pre-arranged seating

You can change or select your seat during online check-in.

Passenger change details

Changing your flight details with Virgin America is easy. You just need to pay a fee for certain changes. If you’re in the main cabin on a non-refundable flight, then a change will cost $75 online (more if there is a fare difference) and $100 through the reservation center. If you have a refundable flight, there is no fee, unless the flight itself is more expensive. For first class guests, there is no fee unless your new flight costs more. Changes need to be made before departure time. Visit Virgin America’s homepage to change or cancel a reservation.

Child fares

Children under the age of two can travel for free on an adult’s lap.


A small dog or cat can travel with you as long as it has its own kennel that fits the dimension requirements. Animals must be two months old and have a veterinary certificate within 30 days proclaiming its general health and safety conditions. The cost is $100 each way. Pets will not be carried in the baggage hold.

Carrying musical instruments

Standard baggage rules apply for Virgin America, but a seat can be bought for a large instrument. If an instrument needs to be checked, reservations should be made in advance. A fee is added for extra weight or length.

In-flight service

Meals, snacks, alcoholic and premium non-alcoholic beverages are available for purchase. Non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary.

Air miles

The eleVAte program rewards Virgin America fliers.

Airline overview

This California-based airline is looking to reinvent air travel. A favorite domestic airline of travel publications, Virgin America has unique amenities like mood lighting, and in-flight entertainment with touch-screens. The airline operates out of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

This information is subject to change. Please confirm all fees and details with your airline before booking.

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