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The enterprise manages several pages on Facebook, and each profile is especially designed for patrons who reside in a specific country. The company’s most popular page focuses on services for French customers, and currently, this profile has received more than 41,000 likes.

The business has also created profiles on Twitter’s platform. The posts of each account are in Dutch, French, German, Spanish or English. As of June 2014, the most well-known profile provides information for Dutch customers, and this page has 18,800 followers.

Mobile Apps:

Transavia provides apps that are compatible with Apple’s operating system and mobile devices that use the Android operating system. By utilizing these apps, customers can purchase a ticket, view the price of each flight, pay a bill, cancel a flight and reserve a specific seat.

Transavia Check-in

A passenger can check in on Transavia’s website between 24 hours and four hours before the flight’s departure. When the customer is waiting in the airport, the individual must check in between two hours and 40 minutes before the plane leaves. The patron can also notify the airport of the presence of five other passengers if the five individuals have the same last name as the customer.

Flight Status Information:

Once logged into a member’s account on Transavia’s website, a customer can view the time of departure, the time of arrival and the location of a plane. If a delay occurs, the company will notify the travelers immediately by adding an alert to each passenger’s mobile app. Transavia will refund the cost of a ticket if a customer’s flight is delayed unless the postponement was caused by extraordinary circumstances, such as inclement weather or mechanical problems that could affect the safety of the plane.

Transavia legroom

Travelers can view a diagram of the plane’s interior on Transavia’s website, and seats that have a dark green color provide extra legroom. In order to reserve a seat that offers additional space, the passenger will have to pay €15.

Pre-arranged seating

A passenger can choose any available seat. If customers are travelling with children, a pet or a person with a disability, Transavia will reserve conveniently positioned seats for the patrons.

Passenger change details

Transavia allows travelers to change the date and the destination of a flight for free; however, the request must be submitted more than two hours before the passenger’s original flight is scheduled to depart. If a customer cancels a trip, the individual will still pay the full cost of the ticket, but the company lets buyers obtain a refund of any associated taxes within three months of the cancellation.

In-flight service

Passengers can purchase food and drinks while they are in their seats, and the company also sells alcoholic beverages. A customer can only pay for these products by using euros or a credit card.

Airline overview

Created in 1966, Transavia is owned by Air France, and the company provides flights to 88 destinations. The business offers especially low prices for particularly long flights, and the airline currently has bases in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the Hague Airport, Gronginen Airport Eelde, Eindhoven Airport, Maastricht Aachen Airport and Paris-Orly Airport.

The company’s website is The business recently redesigned its logo, and the colors of the enterprise’s logo are blue, green and yellow.

Transavia Q&A:

•Does Transavia offer wireless Internet services during flights?
The business provides free Wi-Fi services, and according to numerous reviews, each of Transavia’s planes offers a strong connection during the entire flight.

•How can I track a flight?
Although customers are not able to track a plane on Transavia’s site, the company’s system is linked to numerous other websites that allow individuals to view the status and the location of each flight. Furthermore, a customer will be able to see the time at which the plane departed and the time of arrival.

•What is Transavia’s policy for carry-on baggage?
The company allows passengers to keep luggage that weighs as much as 10 kilograms with them during the flight. In April 2011, Transavia began to charge fees to bring extra baggage for the first time.

The business requires customers to carry liquids in separate containers that can only hold 100 milliliters of liquid, and the bottles must be placed in a clear bag that is fully resealable. The exceptions to these rules include medicine, liquids that are designed to cool medicine and baby food.

•Which Destinations Do Transavia’s Planes Fly To?
The company provides flights to locations in Europe, the Middle East and the northern section of Africa. Transavia’s planes travel to numerous countries, such as the Canary Islands, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Egypt, France, Gambia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Iraq, Croatia, Malta, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Tunisia, Spain, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Greece and Cape Verde.

•What Are The Fees For Bringing Extra Baggage On The Plane?
Passengers can only travel with a maximum of five large bags or suitcases, and the price for bringing hold luggage depends on the overall weight of the baggage. The minimum cost for one extra bag that weighs less than 15 kilograms is €15. The lowest price for bringing five lightweight bags is €55.

A piece of equipment that is used when playing sports can only have a length of 3.6 meters. The maximum width for one piece of luggage is 115 centimeters, and the height of a suitcase may not exceed 85 centimeters.

This information is subject to change. Please confirm all fees and details with your airline before booking.

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