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Zagreb is one of the youngest capital cities in Europe (it was named Croatia’s capital in 1991) but the city’s history is centuries old.  Travelers on Zagreb flights usually stay in the city long enough to catch a connecting Zagreb flight to other places in Croatia, but those who have stayed there awhile can attest to the city’s charm.

What you’ll see and do in Zagreb mainly depends on the weather, but those lucky enough to land there on a sunny day will find the city alive with energy. Weekdays are aflutter with commuters heading to and from work, lunching on park benches and sipping coffee from sidewalk cafes. The evening comes to life with jazz clubs and candlelit restaurants lining the cobblestone streets.  The flight to Zagreb may just be a stopping point for further travel, but the city’s small town charm will capture the hearts of visitors.

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Zagreb climate

Zagreb experiences four distinct seasons: Summers are warm and dry, winters are quite cold and snowy with an average temperature of 34 degrees Fahrenheit, and a slew of rainstorms hit northern Croatia in the fall.  The hardest time of year to find cheap flights to Zagreb is after May, when thermometers in Zagreb hit their highest point at 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best Time to Fly to Zagreb

Flights to Zagreb will take you to a thriving Baltic city that’s an ideal vacation destination for any season.

Peak Season:  Zagreb flights fill up fast for the summer months, when hordes of visitors flock to the Croatian capital to see the sights in comfortable, sunny conditions.

Off-peak Season:  Cheap flights to Zagreb are easier to find after influx in tourism brought on by the winter and summer holidays.  Try looking for flights to Zagreb in early autumn:  Days are still long and sunny, and fall weather is agreeable seeing as the impending cold brought on by winter winds won’t set in until late November.

Getting around Zagreb

When your flight to Zagreb lands, you can hop on a bus to the city’s center. Buses leave every half hour and the trip lasts around 25 minutes. Once in the city, you won’t have trouble getting around between the trams and buses that run throughout the city. Buy your tickets ahead of time at a Duhan or Tisak kiosk for a cheaper rate. Don’t worry if you forget though, you can still get regular-priced tickets once you’re on board.

Zagreb Travel Information

  • Looking to stretch your legs after your long flight to Zagreb?  The Croatian capital offers stunning urban scenery that makes for the perfect walking tour backdrop.  Start in the lower part of Zagreb’s Old Town district and mosey along Praska Street, which opens up into a number of park squares.  Zrinski Square hosts a music pavilion, the Archaelogical Museum and the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences; Tomislav Square is home to the Art Pavilion of Zagreb; and Starcevic Square, which also opens up into the botanical gardens, is home to the City Library.
  • Head over to Banksi Dvori in Upper Town at least once before your return Zagreb flight to the Presidential Palace.  If you found a cheap flight to Zagreb between April and September, you’ll be around to see the Changing of the Guard ceremony in front of the palace, which takes place each day on the weekend at noon.  The building, which is made up of two beautiful baroque mansions, was bombed in 1991 by the Federal Army and the bombing is believed to have been an assassination attempt on Franjo Tudjman, Croatia’s first president.
  • If your flight to Zagreb was booked with a Croatian coastal vacation in mind, spend a day or two in the capital enjoying the city’s parks and local lakes that are frequented by locals even in the colder winter months.  Maksimir Park is a favorite for bikers and walkers alike, while Jarun Lake, just southwest of the city, offers up hours of lakeside entertainment for those who aren’t ready for the beach just yet. 
  • Back in the 17th century, when Croatian mercenaries impressed Parisians with their traditional knotted handkerchiefs during their service in the Thirty Years’ War, they probably didn’t expect that their neckwear would spawn a fashion craze in Europe that would result in the creation of the necktie. Splurge with the money you saved on your Zagreb cheap flight and snag a gorgeous silk tie from one of the boutiques downtown.
  • Looking for something to watch while packing for your flight to Zagreb?  Rent “From Russia With Love”, the second James Bond movie in the series featuring Sean Connery as 007.   The Cold War thriller’s climax takes place en route to Zagreb, with a train-ride scuffle that Bond narrowly escapes.


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Useful information about Zagreb

Temp on Avg for this month inZagreb79.3 °FSource: World Weather Online
Avg rainfall for this month inZagreb3.07 inSource: World Weather Online
Foreign-exchange rate inZagreb1.00 kn = $0.16Source: Open Exchange Rates
Airlines that fly toZagrebAir Canada, Finnair and United Airlines
Deals on flights toZagreb1697
Partners with offers, and
Number of partners with deals toZagreb4

More useful information about Zagreb

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