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Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland, is hardly a frigid, icy city: With vivacious nightlife, immaculate museums, and a packed cultural agenda that features a multitude of celebrations throughout the year, it’s no wonder that tourists from around the world are hustling to book flights to Reykjavik to see what all the fuss is about. 

In 2008, Iceland experienced an economic crisis when the government seized the country’s major banks. Since then, visitors have been pouring into Reykjavik thanks to the more advantageous exchange rate against the U.S. dollar and EURO. While you’re in Reykjavik, embrace the local culture and visit one of the many exhibits commemorating the feats of the Vikings. 

From art works to performance shows, it’s easy to see that Reykjavik is a city that treasures time honored tradition while embracing the exciting, fresh pulse of the young talent and drive of the modern city.

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Reykjavik climate

Winters in Iceland are undoubtedly cold, and Reykjavik is no exception to the frigid chill that resides in the country from late November through April. This northernmost European capital city is prone to snow squalls between the months of December and March, courtesy of the strong winds coming off the Atlantic. Regardless of when you book your flight to Reykjavik, keep in mind that the city experiences over 200 rainy days a year so it’s wise to pack an umbrella in your carry-on.

Best Time to Fly to Reykjavik

Whether you’re hoping to see Bjork in her native city or you’re basking in the ethereal glow of the Northern Lights in the wintertime, there’s no wrong time to book your Reykjavik flight. 

Peak Season: 

Summer is undeniably the most popular season to book flights to Reykjavik. The weather in Iceland is on its best behavior and people take advantage of the sunshine, which can last as long as 22 hours a day. Reykjavik’s most celebrated events take place in the summertime, namely the festivals surrounding the Summer Solstice on June 21st, and Independence Day, which is observed just days before on June 17th. 

Off-Peak Season

Cheap flights to Reykjavik are plentiful in the wintertime, when temperatures plummet and the sun peeps out for only a few hours during the day. Thorrablot, the mid-winter festival that takes place in the last week of January, is well worth a Reykjavik cheap flight for a glimpse of Viking culinary traditions and rowdy dancing. The stunning Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, can only be seen on winter nights. If you’re hoping to witness the starry light formation book your flight to Iceland in between the months of September and April.

Find cheap flights to Reykjavik

Getting around Reykjavik

You can save a lot more money after your cheap flight to Reykjavik by using public transportation. The bus system, Strætó, will take you around the city and the suburbs cheaply and quickly. They don’t run all day, but there are some night buses. Watch your budget when you’re out late at night because taxis can be expensive. It’s easy to walk around Reykjavik, so most people don’t rent a car. There are plenty of bike rental companies to be found, so consider a two-wheeler to get around.

Reykjavik Travel Information

  • The savings don’t have to stop once you’ve booked your cheap flight to Reykjavik: The Reykjavik Welcome Card, which is available for purchase at several hotels, bus terminals and tourist information centers throughout the city offers a multitude of discounts and free entries to some of Reykjavik’s prime attractions. The Reykjavik Welcome Card is available in increments of 24, 48 or 72 hours and also ensures free transit on the Strætó network for the duration of the time you purchased. 
  • Party animals booking flights to Reykjavik will want to go for a runtur, which is a crazy pub crawl through the stylish, swanky bars of Laugavegur, a street in the center of the city. Don’t be surprised if you see your favorite daytime lunch spot or quiet café moprh into a pulsing nightclub come midnight. A night out in Reykjavik doesn’t start until very late. 
  • Music is a source of national pride in Iceland, and the impressive number of concerts and venues showcasing local and international talent in Reykjavik is reason enough for musicians and fans alike to book flights to Reykjavik. Club NASA hosts the Reykjavik Jazz Festival each August. Superstars such as Bjork and Sigur Ros are some of the famous, innovative acts who call Reykjavik home. 
  • Hallgrímskirkja, the immense concrete church that stunned all of Reykjavik with its controversial, modern design, is a must-see spot in Reykjavik. The church took 34 years to build and the architect sadly passed away before the completion of the structure, but the impact of Hallgrímskirkja is undeniable to visitors as the church is visible from over 12 miles away. Before your return Reykjavik flight, take the elevator to the top of Hallgrímskirkja’s 246-foot tower for unparalleled views of the city. 
  • Looking to leave town for a few days before your return Reykjavik flight? Consider venturing out on the Golden Circle Route, which showcases 190 miles of Iceland’s pristine natural beauty. Geysers, waterfalls and expansive national parks await you, and guided bus tours leave from Reykjavik regularly if you don’t feel like renting a car and driving the route on your own.


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Interesting information about Reykjavik

Temp on Avg for this month inReykjavik54.9 °FSource: World Weather Online
Avg monthly rainfall inReykjavik0.61 inSource: World Weather Online
Average flight time toReykjavik5 hrs 30 mins
Foreign-exchange rate inReykjavik10.00 kr = $0.09Source: Open Exchange Rates
Airlines flying toReykjavikJetBlue Airways, Lufthansa and Iceland Air
Deals on flights toReykjavik2558
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Advertisers with offers toReykjavik3

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