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Whether you’re an art lover, a nature lover, a lover of food and wine or simply in love with someone else, board a flight to Florence and immerse yourself in the romance and passion that encompasses this city. Florence’s landscape is what renders people awe-struck, and also why it’s referred to as one of Italy’s most beautiful cities. Draped with vineyards and decorated with art, Florence is simply captivating. 

Located in the northwest of Italy, travelers booking flights to Florence will be immediately inspired by the city’s famous surroundings. It’s hard to miss Brunelleschi's cathedral dome crowning along the skyline or the palaces of Michelozzo hidden in the valleys. Florence has an element of elegance that surpasses that of any other Italian city. From its perfectly lined landscape to the picturesque countryside, it’s likely you’ll fall in love with Florence. Don’t be surprised if your inner-artist yearns to break free in Florence – standing among Botticelli’s paintings and Michelangelo’s sculptures might motivate you to capture the character of Florence on your own canvas.

Florence climate

The most comfortable time for you to book your Florence cheap flight would be in between the hot Mediterranean summer and the dark, damp winter months. With summer highs scorching at 90 degrees Fahrenheit and winter lows bottoming out at 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the best time to book a cheap flight to Florence is from the beginning of April through June and from September through the end of October, when the weather is dry and the sun is out.

Best Time to Fly to Florence

Peak Season: Spring in Tuscany means two things: The increasing hours of sunlight make for days that ease effortlessly into longer nights, and there’s an influx of out-of-towners are booking cheap flights to Florence from Easter onward. Peak season in Florence extends throughout spring and summer and into October, so looking for a Florence cheap flight from September through March may be a better bet if you’re flexible with your dates.

Off Season: Finding a cheap flight to Florence during the hot summer months won’t be as easy, but cheap flights to Florence are plentiful in the fall. If your flight to Florence happens to land on a date in the middle of winter, however, don’t scramble to change your travel plans: Temperatures run an average of 45 degrees F in January through March, but the plethora of museums and indoor performances won’t leave you standing out in the cold.

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Getting around Florence

When your flight to Florence arrives, take the “Vola in bus” Airport Shuttle from the airport terminal. It will take you straight downtown for a reasonable price. You’ll figure out quickly that Florence is a walking city. There are so many pedestrians that traffic slows to a crawl. Take your time wandering through the winding alleys to any of Florence’s major attractions. You can also rent a bike to get around. Avoiding taxis and rental cars will help you save money.

Florence Travel Information

  • General strikes in Italy common and worth considering when your trip itinerary. Though it’s unlikely you’ll hear of plans to strike far enough in advance to adjust your reservations and flights to Florence, the possibility of a transport or general strike occurring should be considered when you’re mapping out your trip activities. Make note of when museums will be closed in Florence and what the rescheduling policy is for performances and sporting events: You could lose a whole day during your trip to Florence if your plans are inflexible.
  • Some of the best sights in Florence don’t require tickets or admissions fees. If the weather is on your side and you booked your cheap flight to Florence in the summer months, sit in one of Florence’s ancient piazzas and sip your cappuccino while people watching, or hike up to Piazzo Michaelangelo for a panoramic view of the city beneath you. The Ponte Vecchio, famous for its built-in shops hawking wares of illustrious jewelers, is a great place to look shop, as is the open-air market of San Lorenzo.
  • It’s no secret that Italian cuisine is a gut-busting force to be reckoned with, and Florentine food especially will leave you begging for second and third helpings. In order to fully enjoy your dining experience in Florence, read up on restaurant etiquette before your trip to avoid unpleasant surprises. It’s normal in trattorias and ristorantes for there to be a coperto, or cover charge, added to the bill as a service charge. However, if you’re feeling generous with all the cash you saved on your Florence cheap flight, feel free to tip additionally: It’s much appreciated, though not required custom in Italy.
  • Have you been eagerly looking forward to your visit to the Uffizi in order to see The Birth of Venus? You’re not alone. You could visit Florence in the middle of the coldest winter and still find lengthy lines at all of the city’s famous museums. Avoid the inevitable queue by booking a reservation at your museum of choice a day or two in advance, or get up early to beat the afternoon rush.


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Interesting information about Peretola

Temp on Avg for this month inPeretola79.7 °FSource: World Weather Online
Average monthly rainfall inPeretola3 inSource: World Weather Online
Currency exchange rate inPeretola€1.00 = $1.20Source: Open Exchange Rates
Airlines that fly toPeretolaIberia, British Airways and Condor
Deals on flights toPeretola284
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Advertisers with offers toPeretola6

More useful information about Peretola

  • Book a one way flight to Italy and immerse yourself in the works of Raphael, Michelangelo, and da Vinci.
  • Bologna is a beautiful city with a medieval center, old brick palaces, and porticoed streets.
  • In Italy, the mountain ski season is December through April.
  • Travelers take direct flights to Italy to ski the snow-capped mountain tops of the Dolomites.
  • The slow travel season for Italy usually runs from November to mid-December.
  • The entire country has the same coastal temperatures all year round except for the higher elevations.
  • A last minute flight to Italy will get you to Venice in time for Carnival that takes place every February.
  • Italy has set the groundwork for many of today’s literature, theater, art, and cuisine.
  • Your best bet to see some of Italy's beautiful vineyards is to take an organized tour.
  • Serious shoppers take flights to Italy to purchase some of the country's famed fashion.

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