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Bask under the Tuscan sun and take advantage of all that Italy’s renaissance region has to offer. From art to wine, Tuscany has just about everything for any traveler. 

Art is subjective. Whether it’s in a frame, sautéed in a frying pan, or freestanding in a park, tiny masterpieces outside of cathedrals and museums draw travelers to book Tuscany flights all year long. In a land infused with decadent food, rolling greens, and bustling city life, Tuscany offers everything from hand-rolled pasta to paintings of grandeur. Known by many for being Michelangelo’s birth place, Tuscany has lived up to its reputation as the “cradle of the Renaissance,” bringing light and innovation through art into its streets, people, and establishments. 

If you’re looking for a new holiday destination, book flights to Tuscany for a new experience and an old-world feel. Its medieval past bubbles up to the surface through world class art and architecture around every corner of the region’s historic streets. Whether you’re sauntering the riverside during the hot, balmy summer, cruising the designer boutiques in Florence, or taking advantage of the café and bar scene, you’ll be enthralled by all the area has to offer. Florence, known as Italy’s art capital, is filled with gothic architecture, traditional Italian fare, and motorini zooming all over the place. A short ride from the city center leads travelers to the rolling Italian hillside flanked with villas and vineyards. Welcome to Tuscany.

Tuscany climate

Summer and winter have strong characteristics both luring and deterring travelers booking flights to Tuscany. The warmer months’ humid and subtropical climate welcomes tourists, especially for those looking to explore wineries and vineyards. Hot and muggy, temperatures on the coast can reach well into the 80’s, but when winter breezes in, the heat is calmed by colder temperatures in the 20’s and 30’s, and the occasional snowfall between November and February.

Best Time to Fly to Tuscany

The best time to book a flight to Tuscany is in late spring or early fall, when the wineries are in full gear, cold temperatures are nonexistent, and the heat is comfortably dry.


Even though heat and humidity soar and July brings sticky air, most vacationers still can’t resist booking flights to Tuscany in the summertime, when all is in bloom. Locals dine al fresco, and the irresistible smells of Italy simmer in the warmth of the sun. 

Off-peak Season:

The winter months bring cold, rainy, and occasionally snowy conditions. While it may not be the best time to bask in the sun's rays, winter is an easier time to find cheap flights to Tuscany.

Getting around Tuscany

When your flight to Tuscany arrives, you can get to Florence or more remote areas of the region by the Azienda Trasporti Area Fiorentina (ATAF) buses, electric bussini (mini buses) or cabs. If you’re taking the bus, make sure you always have your ticket with you. Tourists have been known to get stuck with hefty fines when they lose their ticket. You can rent a car or motorcycle, but beware the many blocked-off streets designated for pedestrians only. Make sure to drive safely and lawfully; Tuscany has a camera system that will photograph and ticket you for parking illegally or endangering other cars. Parking is very difficult, so public transportation and bicycle are often the preferred method to get around.

Tuscany Travel Information

  • Baptistery: Built in the 5th century on the site of a Roman Temple, the Baptistery is one of the oldest structures in Florence. Its 11th century façade wows tourists booking flights to Tuscany, and its 8th side supposedly represents the 8th day of the week, symbolizing birth, death, and resurrection all in one. Be amazed by its bronze doors and series of panels, on which the story of humanity and redemption is told. The artist, Ghiberti, took his time making it, and when he finished 28 years later, Michelangelo deemed them the Gates of Paradise. 
  • Casa Buonarroti: Although some view it as an overpriced museum, others argue that stepping inside the house that Michelangelo built is worth the extra few euros – and with all the money you save on your cheap flight to Tuscany, you’ll truly be able to spend on culturally enhancing your trip. Now established by his descendants as a museum, the house features a few of his pieces like the marble relief of the Madonna della Scala (Madonna on the Steps, 1492), his earliest known work. Admire the pictures of Michelangelo created by other artists and make sure to stop by his elaborate urn, but don’t get too close – security here is no joke. 
  • Mercato Centrale: If you’re booking fights to Tuscany with shopping in mind, head straight to Mercato Centrale, located in San Lorenzo in the piazza de Mercato Centrale. Built in 1874, the central produce market is characterized by confusion, clothes, and leather. During the day, it’s bustling with consumers, and at night, it becomes a mecca of eateries and bistros with varying cuisine. The iron and glass architecture around the square was once a novelty, and now shows the area in all is beauty. 
  • Musee d’Art Moderne et Contemporain: If you’re an art buff booking flights to Strasbourg for the beauty and history of contemporary art, then the Musee d’Art Moderne et Contemporain is the place for you. This enormous collection of contemporary works focuses on the bold modern movements of impressionism, symbolism, Fauvism, cubism, Dadaism, and surrealism. It’s biggest permanent collection of modern (pre-WWII) art has gotten the most applause out of all of the museum’s areas, but be sure to spend time in the temporary exhibits as well, for these are known to captivate. As you stroll room by room, take note of the few spaces devoted solely to French native Hans Arp, whose pieces are internationally acclaimed. 
  • Parks: If you’re craving a little outdoor activity after your Tuscany flight, there are plenty of green spaces for your retreat. One park, called Bellosguardo (meaning “beautiful view”), was once the place where many 19th century painters flocked in order to gain inspiration. Southwest of the city center, along a narrow road leading passed Piazza Tasso, walkers’ anticipation mounts until finally they reach the Albergo Torre di Bellosguardo, where the real view lies. Once you see the 14th century castle, you know you’ve made it. Another park, Giardino Delle Rose, is known for its beauty in the spring, when roses, city views, and a Japanese garden create a triple force of natural splendor.


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