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Vueling Check-in

In many cases, you can check in online at least four hours prior to your flight. However, you will need to check in at a check-in desk if you will be traveling with an infant or pet, if you have special needs, or if the passenger is a minor. In these cases, you will need to check in at least two hours prior to take off.

Check-in desks typically open two to three hours before departure and close 40 to 60 minutes prior to take off depending on your destination. Keep in mind that even if you check in online, you will still need to stop at the check-in desk before your flight to check in your luggage.

Flight Status Information:

There are two ways you can check the status of a flight with Vueling Airlines: on the airline’s website or by using their handy mobile phone app. Although you can easily check a flight’s status using the widget found on Vueling Airline’s homepage, it is much easier and quicker if you make use of their mobile phone app.

The Vueling mobile phone app allows you to check any flight’s status quickly and easily. This app is specially designed for iPhones or Androids, and in addition to checking a flight’s status, the app also allows you to find a flight, check in, select a seat, change the date or time of your flight, manage your bookings, and receive special offers.

Vueling baggage allowance

You can carry one piece of luggage on board so long as it is no larger than 10 kgs or 14 kgs if you pay for an Excellence fare. Besides your carry-on, you can check in up to three cases providing each case weighs no more than 23 kgs. Anything over 23 and up to 32 kgs will be charged an additional fee.

Special luggage such as musical instruments, bikes or golf clubs can be checked in for an additional fee as well. While the airline will not be held liable for damage to any type of luggage you check in, you can purchase insurance that will cover loss or damage to your personal belongings during your flight.

Vueling legroom

An Excellence fare allows you to sit in the front row with nobody sitting beside you. XL seating/fares provide extra leg room whereas basic levels are located near the back of the plane where you will be seated next to several other passengers.

Pre-arranged seating

Vueling Airlines requires that you choose your seat at the time that you make your booking. The seats that will be available to you depends on the level of fare that you choose. For example, a priority fare will allow you to sit near the front of the plane and be among the first to exit.

There are also special seating arrangements for persons with special needs.

Passenger change details

There are several ways for you to purchase your tickets: online, telephone, a sales counter or a check-in desk. If you decide to buy your tickets online or by telephone, you will need a major credit card. When purchasing your tickets, keep in mind that the earlier you buy them, the better chance you have of locking in an affordable fare.

Child fares

If you will be traveling with a baby, Vueling Airlines will allow the infant to ride on your ticket. However, the baby must be between two weeks and two years old. Furthermore, accommodations will be made for such passengers as those with mobility issues, pregnant women, children traveling alone, large persons and people with eyesight issues.


Small pets may be carried on board, but they must be kept in an airline-approved container. While no pets are allowed on flights to the U.K., special allowances may be made for assistance animals. Nevertheless, the airline only allows two pets per flight. As such, you will want to reserve your pet’s spot in advance.

Air miles

If you fly frequently, you may wish to join Vueling Airline’s Frequent Flyer Punto Program. With this program, you can earn points to apply towards future flights. As a Punto club member, you will also be eligible for discounts at various car rental businesses and hotels.

Airline food link

When you fly with Vueling, you can enjoy a large variety of delicious snacks and meals on board. Furthermore, you can pre-pay for your selections at the time of your booking if you wish. Just a sample of the delightful food and snacks you can choose for your flight includes soft drinks, pastries, coffee, cold sandwiches, pizza and fruit.

In-flight magazine

Looking for some entertainment while on board? Check out Vueling Airline’s Ling magazine or Vuela! newsletter. Learn about area attractions and culture through Ling magazine, and you can even take a copy with you. Vuela! newsletter is an exclusive publication of the airline and keeps you up-to-date on any promotions or specials offered by Vuela.

Airline overview

Vueling Airlines is a cost-efficient Spanish airline that serves more than 100 destinations and is presently the second biggest airline in Spain. Its parent company is International Airline Group and its headquarters are located in Barcelona. The primary hubs for Vueling Airlines are El Prat Airport in Barcelona and Leonardo de Vinci Airport in Rome.

This information is subject to change. Please confirm all fees and details with your airline before booking.

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