Airport Guide to Flesland (BGO)

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Airport Name
Bergen Airport

Airport Location
The airport is located 20km (12 miles) south-west of Bergen city centre.



Airport Overview

Bergen Airport is the perfect entry point into Norway, “the Land of the Midnight Sun,” with its fjords, snow, glaciers and awe-inspiring landscapes. The airport, also known as Flesland Air Station, is situated 20km (12 miles) south-west of Bergen city centre.

The airport only has one terminal for both domestic and international arrivals and departures. Passengers taking flights from the airport have a tempting walk through the duty-free shop to get to the aircraft gates. Other shops, restaurants and coffee/hot chocolate shops are scattered throughout the terminal.

Bergen Airport is the second-biggest airport in Norway, after Oslo International. SAS Norway, Bergen Air Transport and Wideroe all use Bergen Airport as a hub. A good number of other airlines offer flights to Bergen Airport from across Norway and Europe.

Bergen Airport is the best entry point for passengers seeking out the beauty and adventure of Norway’s fjords. The city of Bergen itself is picturesque with colourful wooden houses and a beautiful harbour – it’s the perfect city to visit for holiday snaps to make all your friends green with envy.

Terminal Transfer

Bergen is a one-terminal airport.

Getting into Town

Taxi: The taxi stand is easy to locate as it is just outside the main exit. The trip to central Bergen can take 30-40 minutes depending on traffic. Taxis that operate from the airport include Bergen Taxi, Norges Taxi and Taxi1. Fares per kilometre can be found on the Bergen Taxi website, it usually costs NOK 300-400 (£33-£44 or thereabouts) depending on traffic and time of day (extra fees are added at night and on weekends).

Bus: Buses are the cheapest way to get from the airport into town. There are a number of local buses and there is the Flybussen airport express bus. The airport bus departs the airport every 15 minutes from 6am and 11pm. Tickets are NOK 50 (about £5) for kids and NOK 95 (about £10) for adults. Adults are allowed to bring up to two children (under the age of 16) on the bus free of charge. Local buses No. 23, No. 56 and No. 57 run to the airport. Local bus fares start at NOK 23 (£2.50 or so) and increase the further you travel. They are only available from Monday to Friday and run less frequently than the airport express bus. A shuttle bus to the Bergen Quay is also available from the airport. The shuttle leaves from outside arrivals and takes less than ten minutes to reach the quay. Visit the Bergen Minibus Service’s website for more details. The shuttles leave frequently from Sunday to Friday but there are only a few shuttles a day on Saturdays.

Car Parking

With close to 3,500 parking spots, there’s ample space at Bergen Airport. Some of the parking bays are in the parking garage opposite the terminal. Others are outdoors either close to the terminal or up to 500 metres from the airport. In total there are nine separate parking lots at the airport, which are easy to locate. P0, P2 and P4 are all short-term parking lots. P0 is only available for drop-offs and pick-ups and costs NOK 40 for 30 minutes. P2 and P4 start at NOK 25 for 30 minutes and go up to NOK 50 for an hour, NOK 325 per day and NOK 2,275 for a week.

Long-stay parking lots include P5, P6, P8 and P9. Parking rates for P5 and P6 start at NOK 25 for 30 minutes, NOK 50 per hour, NOK 190 per day and NOK 600 for the first week, NOK 800 for two weeks and NOK 1,200 for three weeks. P8 is more reasonably priced and starts at NOK 50 per hour, NOK 120 per day, NOK 375 for one week, NOK 600 for two weeks and NOK 800 for three weeks.

The cheapest parking at Bergen Airport is available in P9, which costs NOK 50 for the first day NOK 300 for the first week, NOK 500 for the second week and NOK 700 for three weeks.

Information Desks

The information desk is located in the arrivals hall. Staff members are bilingual and ready to dispense advice about anything from tourist attractions to bus schedules and hotels.

Airport Facilities

Money and communications: Bergen Airport has all the amenities a traveller could ask for, including a bank, ATMs and a bureau de change. There are also a number of ATMs located in the arrivals hall (dispensing Euros only) and in the international departures hall (dispensing Euros, US dollars and British pounds). There are also tax refund desks in the departures area. Public phones and a post box can also be found in the terminal.

Luggage: Items lost at the airport can usually be reclaimed at the lost and found centre in the arrivals hall. If you’ve already left the airport then contact the airport via the website, staff members are usually willing to forward lost items through the mail. The luggage storage facility is located on the ground floor close to the exit. Prices range from NOK 50 per day for a small bag to NOK 80 for larger bags. The lockers are only available for several days. If passengers wish to store luggage for a longer period of time it’s a good idea to clear this with the airport’s Service Centre.

Conference and business: The airport has business facilities such as phone, fax, printing and Internet connections. Meeting rooms and medium-sized conference facilities are easy to locate on the second floor. The largest conference room can host 27 people. Catering facilities are also available for hire.

Other facilities: The Bergen Airport has a police office on site. There are also photo booths in the terminal for fun holiday snaps. The airport is used by lots of private aircraft and helicopter pilots offering flights over the fjords. The airport offers extra assistance and facilities for passengers with disabilities.

Wi-Fi: Sixty minutes of free wi-fi is available at the airport. Simply pick up a free voucher from the “voucher stations” and follow the directions on the back of the voucher. Staff members are usually quite relaxed about supplying passengers with extra vouchers once the initial 60 minutes has run out.

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