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Cheap flights to Phuket, Thailand

Cheap flights to Phuket

Most popular in December High demand for flights, 16% potential price rise
Cheapest in April Best time to find cheap flights, 6% potential price drop
Average price $1227 Price for this month
Cheapest price $413 From New York to Phuket City

Cheapest Prices for Phuket flights by month

Currently, April is the cheapest month in which you can book a flight to Phuket. Flying to Phuket in December will prove the most costly. There are multiple factors that influence the price of a flight so comparing airlines, departure airports and times can help keep costs down.

When is the best time to fly to Phuket?

Choose a month below to see average flight price and weather conditions.
$647 - $1602
87.8 - 93.2 °F
0.75 - 11.73 inches

Peak Season:

The month with the most pleasant temperatures and least amount of rainfall is February. Peak Since February calls for the least amount of rainfall all year, it’s the most convenient and popular time to book flights to Phuket. The perfect way to end a cold and snowy winter is to break away from the harness of bitter temperatures and to thaw out under the scorching rays of the Thai beaches. November to April is typically the peak season although Phuket benefits from nice weather almost all-year round. You’ll find cheap flights to Phuket a lot harder to find during these months as well, and accommodation is not only crowded but a lot more expensive than other times of the year. January to February are generally the busiest months so beaches might be more crowded, however, the weather is almost guaranteed to be warm and dry. Make sure you secure your flight tickets well in advance if you are hoping to find cheap flights to Phuket during the peak season.

Off Season:

Hot just turns to hotter during a Thailand summer. While fewer travelers seem to venture here in the dead of the summer because of the rainfall and the unbearable temperatures in August, you’ll most likely be able to find deals on accommodations and cheap flights to Phuket during the off season. April is the last month of the peak season and Phuket tends to calm down a lot until early November so finding the cheapest flights to Phuket is a lot easier. The weather is still generally nice for most of the months and due to the lack of tourism you’ll be able to find luxury accommodations at very good prices. The off season is prone to rain and thunderstorms although the temperatures stay hot and some months see scattered showers as opposed to heavy downfalls.

When is the best time to book flights to Phuket?

This depends entirely on what kind of holiday you are looking for. If you can tolerate getting wet then definitely book your cheap flights to Phuket during the off season. Not only are hotels and accommodations heavily discounted, flight tickets are cheaper and the beaches are a lot less crowded, meaning you can enjoy them more. If the chance of rain is a problem then aim for the peak season and make sure to secure your flights to Phuket at least 2 or 3 months in advance, or more if you can as the price of flight tickets can get quite steep if left too late. If you are flexible with your dates then you’ll find the cheapest flights to Phuket relatively easily.

Days before departure

Which day is cheapest to fly to Phuket?

At the moment, Sunday is the most economical day to take a flight to Phuket. Friday is likely to be the most costly.

What time of day is cheapest to fly?

To get the best value, try booking a flight in the afternoon when visiting Phuket. Generally the prices will increase for flights at noon as these tend to have higher demand.

Phuket Travel Guide

People who book flights to Phuket will be able to explain the difference between taking a vacation, and getting away. Vacations are periods of time away from work, focused on pleasure. Getaways are escapes – ways to take a break from your present circumstances and immerse yourself in something else – and that is exactly what Phuket offers.

Plenty of honeymooners recognize the calling here, and book flights to Phnom Penh to spend their sacred time alone after the vows. Welcome to Thailand’s largest and most popular island, where travelers and vacationers come to actually get away. Whether you’re digging your toes in the sand of the Andaman Sea along the western shore, or exploring fascinating and colorful species in the lush rainforest on the inner part of the island, your adventures will not to be forgotten.

Although heavily developed, you won’t get lost in the Phuket fuss; some of the world’s most high-end resorts are found here, providing the luxurious extravagance of Nai Han’s beaches. Your reason for getting away doesn’t matter… Just book a flight to Phuket to make sure that you truly experience the meaning of an ‘escape.’

 What’s the weather like in Phuket?

There is truly no bad time to plan a flight to Phuket, especially since it’s hot all year round. Temperatures stay constantly between 70-90 degrees F, although it does tend to get a little hotter in August every year. Most of the rainfall occurs between July, August, September, and October, making winter an ideal time to flee from the cold and to bask in the warmth of the Thai sun. The driest month, by far, is February, so book your Phuket flight at the end of the season to enjoy the best weather possible.

How long is the flight to Phuket?

There are no direct flights available from the United States to Phuket, so you must make one or more connections along the way. If you’re traveling from New York, expect to spend a minimum of 18-19 hours in transit. From Atlanta, the journey takes approximately 24 hours. Flights from the West Coast usually depart over the Pacific ocean, often with a stop in China or South Korea. Traveling from LA to Phuket takes about 20 hours, while the trip from Seattle lasts at least 19 hours.

Which airlines fly to Phuket?

Flights to Phuket arrive at the Phuket International Airport, which lies about 20 miles northeast of Phuket Town. The airport is the second busiest in Thailand, so it’s easy to find a flight in with Cheapflights. Choose from 48 different airlines, including major international carriers Emirates, Qatar Airways, Finnair, and Aeroflot. No American carriers fly into Phuket, but it’s easy to catch a connecting flight in Europe, the Gulf, or Asia.

 What should you pack for a flight to Phuket?

 Phuket is hot and humid year round — to stay cool and comfortable, pack summer clothing in breathable fabrics. Most trips involve time in the water, so a swimsuit, cover-up, and towel are necessary. Sandals are appropriate for the beach and town, but if you plan to take advantage of trekking tours, bring a pair of supportive hiking boots. For kayaking and boating, water shoes or sport sandals can protect your feet. If you’re staying at one of the high-end resorts on the island, upscale-casual clothing is suitable for the evenings. Thunderstorms are common during the September and October monsoon season, so an umbrella is a necessity.

Getting to and around the city of Phuket

Phuket Airport (HKT) is 20 miles from Phuket City. It’s easy to get to the city thanks to a reliable bus service which literally goes from the airport directly to the Phuket bus terminal. Simply turn left when you leave the arrivals Terminal and you’ll find the bus stop where the buses operate on an hourly basis. You can opt for a taxi as well although these are more expensive than the bus. Make sure you agree on the price before you get in though to avoid being overcharged.

Quite frankly, there’s no reason to “get around” here. Once your flight to Phuket touches down, the only think you’ll want to do is collapse onto a beach chair with a cocktail in hand. Car rental isn’t permitted here, and there is no formal method of public transportation whatsoever. Pickup trucks cruise around looking for lost travelers, but it’s the equivalent of gypsy taxis, or hitch-hiking, so be careful. Songthaews are big colorful vehicles that run only from the beach into to town, and not from beach to beach. Tuk-tuks, however, take care of that. These three-wheeled vehicles unofficially tour the coast, and decidedly raise their prices at night, depending on how many people need rides, and whether or not you’re a local. So stay where you are, or brave the confusion when you travel to Phuket.

What are some things to do in Phuket?

Although it is a small island, Phuket is packed with activities for travelers of all ages. If you want to spend your vacation soaking up the sun, there are plenty of beaches to try. Stop by Patong Beach for the full tourist experience: beachside cocktails, loud music, and plenty of souvenir sellers. For a quieter, more private atmosphere, check out Kamala Beach. Other popular options are Kata Beach, Bang Tao, and Surin Beach.

If you’re after the iconic Phuket photo ops, take a day trip to Phi Phi Island — made famous by the movie “The Beach — or the island of Khao Phing Kan, which is more commonly known as James Bond Island. Or, get a glimpse of Thai religion and traditions at one of the island’s cultural sites. Climb up to the Big Buddha for excellent views and a visit to the museum, or visit Wat Chalong to see Buddhist monks in action.

If you’re traveling with children, stop by the Phuket Zoo, the aquarium at Cape Panwa, or spend an afternoon at the Splash Jungle Water Park. For older children, the cultural show at FantaSea is an entertaining and engaging option.

Phuket offers plenty of active options for adrenaline seekers. Visit Phuket Water Ski to try cable waterskiing, or explore the caves of Phang Nga Bay by sea canoe.

Tips for your stay in Phuket

  • It’s easy to get to one of Phuket’s islands although you’ll need to check in advance that your chosen destination is not privately owned. Longtail boats can be hired at one of the piers. Our pick is Koh Lone. To get there, catch an early-morning boat at Chalong Pier. The island is quiet, home to mostly fishermen, and there is some great diving.
  • Khao Phra Thaeo Wildlife Conservation Development and Extension Centeris a haven of virgin forest and wildlife about 12 miles from Phuket Town. The area was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1969 and is home to barking deer, mouse deer, monkeys, gibbons, macaques, reptiles, lizards and several types of birds.
  • The Turtle Release Fairtakes place around Songkran (Thai New Year, April). During the fair, baby turtles are released into the sea at various beaches around the island.
  • Phuket’s most famous monument is a statue of Thao Sisunthon and Thao Thepkasattri, the two women who fought against the Burmese army in the 1700s. The Two Heroines Festivaltakes place in March and includes a mass ordination of monks, a flower laying ceremony, a sports event and a light-and-sound show.
  • Phuket Boat Lagoon:To spend some time off the land and venture out into the water, take a ride on the Phuket Boat Lagoon, where the eastern shore offers a fun and thrilling experience on the waves of the deep blue. Just north of Phuket Town at Ao Sapam, you’ll see the enclosed marina with a tidal channel that will propel you into the sea for an unforgettable experience. If you’re looking to expand your Phuket travel by making a day of it, spend your evening after the boat ride hopping in and out of the resort hotels and coffee shops, lingering with the locals.
  • Thailand National Museum:In order to truly appreciate the history and wealth of wisdom of the Thai culture, be sure to read up on Thailand’s history on your long flight to Phuket. Once you’re there, make the Thailand National Museum a high priority, and learn about the many bold and indigenous cultures that have been rooted in Thai settlements. Handmade crafts from all over the country are on display, as well as other historical artifacts and representations of the Thai people. One of the most noticeable and grand of all the pieces is the 9th century statue of the Hindu deity, Vishnu.
  • Wat Phra Thong:If you’re a religious enthusiast booking flights to Phuket, then you will surely appreciate the beautiful and scared harmony of the Buddhist Temple Wat Phra Thong. Just south of the airport, the temple is an easy first stop from your Phuket flight. The temple itself has a very interesting story. Once, a post stuck up from the ground, and townspeople didn’t know what it was, so they tried to dig it up. As soon as they tried, a swarm of hornets chased them away. Determined to uncover the strange post, a boy ties his ox to it and ordered the animal to run in the opposite direction, but the boy mysteriously died on the spot, or so the legend goes. Spooked by the bad luck of those trying to uproot it, residents of Phuket built a temple around it to protect its powerful presence.
  • Had Nai Yang National Park:If you’re booking flights to Phuket with the desire to experience true beauty in nature, then head straight to Had Nai Yang National Park, where the land has been reserved to protect the vitality of this northwest corner of the island. This peaceful retreat welcomes visitors to take respite in the splendor and exquisiteness of Phuket’s largest coral reef. The sand, the water, the vegetation, and the life in nature is enough to make you turn a blind eye to civilization. If you book your Phuket flight between November and February, you may also be able to spot an endangered leatherback turtle, which are visible during this time of year.

Finding Flights from Phuket

 When your time in Phuket is over, it’s a breeze to connect to other parts of the world. Use Cheapflights to find flights to the U.S. on carriers such as Air China, Dragonair, and Singapore Airlines. If you’re traveling to other parts of Southeast Asia, you can choose from a wide variety of inexpensive flights on Air Asia, Tiger Air, and Nok Air. Airlines including Edelweiss Air, Air Berlin, and Tuifly Nordic provide easy connections to Europe.

No matter where you’re coming from on the island of Phuket, it’s important to leave plenty of time to get to the airport, as most buses and shuttles require a change or a stop in Phuket Town. Taxis are plentiful, and any tour company can arrange an inexpensive shuttle to the airport. From Patong Beach, minibuses and shuttles make the trip in about 90 minutes.


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