Contact details


Customer Service Center: +32 (0) 70/22.00.00


Social Media:

Keeping up-to-date with Jetairfly is simple with the numerous social media outlets. For instance, the airline has a Facebook page where customers cam interact and view various information about the airline. There are also Google+ pages and Twitter accounts for additional interaction. To view pictures and video clips concerning aspects of Jetairfly, there are Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube accounts available as well.

Mobile Airline Apps:

One of the top apps that includes useful information regarding Jetairfly is Skypicker for iPhone. It is simple to use and helps travelers uncover and book the best and cheapest flights. Google has the HolidayPirates app, which offers deals from various international providers like Jetairfly.

Jetairfly Check-in

As previously discussed, check-in may be done online or in person. A passenger may check-in with a counter person at least 40 minutes prior to a flight. It is possible to check-in online 24 hours prior to departure.

Flight Status Information:

There are numerous ways to track incoming and outbound flights for Jetairfly. For example, FlightAware offers status updates with flight tracking and live maps for any Jetairfly flight.

It is not uncommon to be affected by ground delays due to severe weather, air traffic control rulings, or other operating restrictions. To avoid hassles, Jetairfly has a tarmac delay plan in place. The airline will not allow any aircraft to remain on the tarmac for over four hours without the chance to disembark. Throughout delays, the flight crew will provide information every 30 minutes concerning flight status as well.

Jetairfly baggage allowance

Each passenger is allowed one 6kg carry-on bag. Each passenger is allowed free checked baggage up to 20kg. Comfort class passengers may receive 30kg of free checked baggage. The rate for overweight baggage will vary according to the destination and applicable rates of the carrier. Jetairfly is not responsible for valuable or fragile goods transported in checked baggage.

Policies are in place for sports or oversized items. For example, bikes are allowed for a fee, but they may not exceed 32kg. Gold clubs may not exceed 25kg. Skis under 10kg are allowed at no charge.

Jetairfly legroom

Standard legroom is approximately 29 inches.

Pre-arranged seating

There are no guarantees for seating on Jetairfly flights unless reservations are arranged. There are different seat choices available. On Boeing 767 flights, there is an Economy Class and Comfort Class. Boeing 787 flights offer Economy and Premium Club seating. Most seats recline with the exception of the emergency exit areas.  The price of a seating reservation will cost between €5 and €25.

Passenger change details

A ticket purchased for Jetairfly may not be transferred without written consent of TUI Airlines. Changes to date and time may be made until three days before departure. No refunds are granted.

Child fares

During travel, children under age five must be accompanied by an adult. Children under the age of two may fly for free when sitting on an adult’s lap. Strollers and baby carriers are allowed for free in the baggage area.

Senior fares

Besides children, passengers with reduced mobility may apply for assistance during a flight. Blind people may be accompanied by a guide dog in the cabin without incurring a fee. When traveling with other pets, documentation is required.


Pets traveling within Europe must have a European passport. A limited number of small animals under 8kg may be transported in the passenger compartment. A fixed rate applies for stored pets in the baggage compartment. Hard cages are not allowed in the cabin at any time.

In-flight service

Jetairfly is part of a virtual alliance with TUI Airlines. It offers in-flight video programs in certain flights. There are also some channels available to watch news, cultural information, or other programs. Also, there are audio options available, which provide new songs or soundtracks. Worldwide satellite communication is available in-flight as well. Fees are imposed for each minute of service.

Airline food link

When traveling to Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, Zanzibar, USA, and Cape Verde, Jetairfly meals are free. Travel to other destinations will require a fee for snacks or drinks. It is also possible to pre-book a meal. The cost is €9 per person. Special meals are available but must be requested at least three days prior to the flight.

In-flight magazine

For added convenience, there is an in-flight magazine available.

Airline alliances

Jetairfly is part of a virtual alliance with TUI Airlines.

Airline overview

Jetairfly is a piece of a larger puzzle that is the largest leisure fleet in Europe. It is linked by the virtual alliance TUI Airlines, part of TUI Travel PLC. It is a Belgian airline that has 163 routes to over 105 airports. Jetairfly’s home base is Brussels Airport, but other flights operate from France and Morocco.

Jetairfly Q&A:

•Which other airlines are partners with Jetairfly?
Jetairfly is part of an alliance with five other airlines. These include Arkefly, Corsair International, TUIfly, Thomson Airways, and TUIfly Nordic. Together, over 150 aircraft exist.

•What is Jetairfly’s phone number?

•What is the main list of destinations that Jetairfly flies to?
Jetairfly flies to 74 destinations in summer and 32 destinations in winter from Belgium to regional areas in North Africa, the Mediterranean, the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

•What is the check-in policy for Jetairfly?
A passenger must check-in with a Jetairfly counter person between 40 minutes and two hours before departure. For added convenience, online check-in is available as well. When traveling to the USA or Cancun, check-in must be completed one to 24 hours before departure.

•What is Jetairfly’s policy for carry-on baggage?
Jetairfly allows one 6kg bag per passenger.

This information is subject to change. Please confirm all fees and details with your airline before booking.

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