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If you’ve never been seduced by a place, get ready – the minute you step off your flight to French Polynesia, you may feel like you’ve just fallen in lust. Made up of the more famous Tahiti and its smaller sister islands, French Polynesia comes equipped with a relaxing, enticing attitude, and the gorgeous landscape to match. Its earthy tropical vibe has set the scene for many a honeymoon, and with so many options in this little archipelago, you certainly can’t go wrong when you book flights to French Polynesia. 

Whether you’re on Tahiti, Bora Bora, Fatu Hiva, or a lesser-known island, you’ll likely find yourself saturated in first-rate service, decadent resorts, and abundant opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, whether sunbathing, or something more challenging like sailing, scuba diving, or snorkeling. Plenty of pink coral reefs and aqua lagoons scatter the group of islands, waiting for your discovery. Book a flight to French Polynesia to understand the allure and attraction to the extravagant French hospitality and the tempting seaside locale.

Best Time to Fly to French Polynesia

The islands’ south-of-the-equator location makes for hot days year round, but weather does change in terms of precipitation. The best time to book your French Polynesia flight is between May and October, when temperatures cool a bit, and there is much less rainfall. Temperatures skyrocket between November and April, and the summer rainy season calls for humid, cloudy, and wet conditions. Short and sudden storms are the norm during this time of year, so do a little planning before you book your flight to French Polynesia.

French Polynesia Travel Information

Bora Bora: Every place has to have its top dog, and Bora Bora is just that. The group of islands’ most expensive and luxurious atoll, Bora Bora offers glamorous five-star hotels, exquisite restaurants, and a haven for honeymooners, movie stars, and escapists. The seductive backdrop lures you into its expensive amenities, but with the money you save on your cheap flight to French Polynesia, you can happily indulge in the bliss knowing that you’ve already done your smart shopping. Dripping in turquoise lagoons, lavish resorts and sumptuous guesthouses, Bora Bora is the ultimate stop for a luxury-loving voyager. 

Tahiti: There’s a reason that famed artist, Paul Gauguin spent his final years absorbing the life, colors, and sensations that Tahiti has to offer. The beautiful nature, the active nightlife, and the lively atmosphere can be seen as works of art themselves, so it’s only natural that he brought those images to life with a paintbrush and canvas. In Tahiti, the beaches stretch for miles, and mountains paint a backdrop of depth and intrigue. Locals live in little valleys and busy villages, and you can meet them in the abundance of outdoor cafes, bars, and markets in the center. If you’re most inclined to stay on the beach, relax with a cocktail while you sunbathe, or try scuba diving, snorkeling, or surfing. Whether you’re a veteran or a beginner, dive into Tahiti’s culture for an unforgettable experience. 

Fatu Hiva: As if the archipelago wasn’t remote enough, you can always expand your travel to French Polynesia by visiting its most remote spot – Fatu Hiva. The furthest south of all the islands, Fatu Hiva also is known for its precipitation, and therefore, the most green spaces and lush vegetation. It’s largely untouched, since there is no airport or real docking station, but for yachters booking flights to French Polynesia, you’ll surely need to make a stop to the quiet, natural paradise to see the bronze and purple hued sunsets here.


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