Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific

Contact details


65-315-80808 (Singapore), 632-7020-888 (Manila), 852-397-33800 (Hong Kong) and 6332-230-8888 (Cebu)


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Cebu Pacific Check-in

Online web check-ins are available for most passengers except those who are pregnant, minors traveling alone, adults traveling with an infant, handicapped or have special needs, or groups of 10 or more. Passengers such as these must check-in directly at the airline’s check-in counter.

For domestic flights, Cebu Pacific’s check-in counters open two hours prior to take off and close 45 minutes before departure. However, for international flights, counters open three hours before take off and close 45 minutes to one hour prior to departure. Bookings will be canceled for those persons who fail to check-in on time.

Flight Status Information:

You can easily check any flight’s status by clicking on the site’s “flight status” tab. With the flight status widget, you can learn the scheduled departure and arrival times for a flight as well as the estimated and actual departure and arrival times. Take note that all times may be 15 minutes more or less than what is posted.

Cebu Pacific baggage allowance

You may carry only one bag onto the plane, and it should weigh no more than five to seven kgs depending on your flight. It will also need to meet dimensional requirements as set by the airline. You are allowed up to 20 to 40 kgs free luggage at check-in depending on your flight; however, each piece should weigh less than 32 kgs.

You can add additional baggage up to 40 kgs for a small fee when you check in. If you want to bring sporting equipment on the plane, you will need to check it in at least four hours before your flight. Additionally, the total weight of your equipment cannot exceed 40 kgs.

Cebu Pacific legroom

Premium seats cost more, but they offer extra leg room and easy access to aisles and exit doors. Some premium seats also come with access to a baby bassinet, which you will need to reserve at the time you select your seat. Passengers who do not select seats before their flights will receive assigned standard seats.

Pre-arranged seating

If you wish to choose your seat, you must do so at least four hours before your scheduled departure time. There are three seating options, and they are standard, standard plus and premium. For you to obtain a premium seat, you must meet certain criteria that you can find on the airline’s website.

Passenger change details

There are three ways that you can book your flight and pay for it: online, over the phone or at a Cebu Pacific sales counter. If you choose to pay for your flight online or over the phone, you will need to have a credit or debit card. You cannot cancel your flight if it was part of a promotion, special or if you already checked in.

Child fares

If you are a Cebu club member, you can add one infant to your existing booking at no charge. However, the infant must be between four and 24 months old on the date of your departure.

Senior fares

If you are a senior citizen and wish to take advantage of Cebu Pacific’s senior citizen discount, you must book your flight directly from a Cebu Pacific sales counter. You cannot book your flight online and receive your discount.


Cebu Pacific does not allow pets in cargo areas or on board unless they are service animals.

Air miles

Join Cebu Pacific’s Cebu Club and enjoy such benefits as special promotions just for members, seat sales and discounts, easy booking and more. With your Cebu club membership, you can also manage your bookings and travel funds with just a few clicks. If you wish, you can pre-order meals and snacks from Cebu Pacific’s Fun Shop.

Airline food link

If you want to pre-order meals, you must do so at least 24 hours before your scheduled departure. You can order your meals and snacks online, at a ticket office, from a call center or at a sales counter. If you choose not to pre-order your meals and snacks, you can purchase them during your flight.

Airline overview

Cebu Pacific is an airline in the Philippines that is a subsidiary of JG Summit Holdings. While its main base is located in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, it offers several other hubs including the Francisco Bangoy International Airport in Davao, and the International Airports of Mactan-Cebu, Kalibo, Clark and Iloilo.

This information is subject to change. Please confirm all fees and details with your airline before booking.

Footloose flight attendants on Cebu Pacific

Footloose flight attendants on Cebu Pacific

Aside from checking our cell phones until the very last second and putting all our necessary magazines and snacks in the pouches in front of us, another routine part of taking off on a flight is hearing (but not always listening to) the safety instructions demonstrated by flight attendants. In order to liven up the process, and possibly to call more attention to safety, Philippines-based airline Cebu Pacific has added a little spice to safety show via Lady Gaga.
Pleasance Coddington
Cebu Pacific male flight attendants join the dance

Cebu Pacific male flight attendants join the dance

Cebu Pacific, the Philippines-based airline with the dancing female cabin crew, gave a musical safety demonstration on a second flight last Friday (October 8).
Pleasance Coddington
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