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Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 islands and one of the wealthiest countries in Asia. Considered by some to be an island paradise, travelers booking Bahrain flights stay for a spell on the country’s shoreline and enjoy the respite and reclusion from other more Islamic destinations. However less lenient than its Islamic neighbors, Bahrain still inhabits Islamic tradition and culture.

Oil kept the country afloat for many years, but it wasn’t until the late 1980s, when the King Fahd Causeway between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia opened, that Bahrain saw the biggest boost in business. The 1990s were a turbulent time for Bahrainis. After the Scud missile attack ordered by Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War international relations between countries were threatened and rioting took over the streets. Still operating on strained relationships with UN countries, Bahrain continues to move forward toward a more peaceful country.

New travelers will benefit from booking cheap flights to Bahrain – this liberal and modern country is a great introduction to the Middle East. Bahrain has modernized over the past decade and today has shopping malls, restaurants, and a nightlife scene not to be missed.  Travelers on their first flight to Bahrain will likely want to experience a part of the country’s history, and there’s one thing for certain that’s not to be missed. During the construction of the causeway, thousands of burial grounds were uncovered. Archeologists’ dated the graves back to the third millennium BC. This mysterious step back in Bahrain’s ancient history keeps travelers booking Bahrain flights and tours every year.

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Bahrain climate

Bahrain gets very hot in the summer, averaging a temperature of 97 F. The winter is much more comfortable with a low of 59 F with scattered rainstorms.

Best Time to Fly to Bahrain

Whether you’re diving for pearls or ringing in the Muslim New Year with celebrations in the Persian Gulf, there’s no wrong time to look for cheap flights to Bahrain.

Peak Season:  Summers in the Persian Gulf are unbearably hot, but surprisingly this is the most difficult time to find Bahrain cheap flights.  It’s also tricky to score a deal on a flight to Bahrain for New Year’s Eve and the Islamic New Year, which both take place in early January. 

Off-peak Season:  The onslaught of showers between the months of November and March discourage visitors from flocking to the famously sunny Persian Gulf. However, finding a cheap flight to Bahrain in the winter shouldn’t be a problem due to the inclement weather. Hotel and resort rates drop substantially to accommodate the lull in tourism.  Bahrain cheap flights may be plentiful during Ramadan, but the month-long holiday, which falls on the ninth month in the Muslim calendar each year, is a solemn fast and not the best time to check out all that Bahrain has to offer.

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Getting around Bahrain

After your flight to Bahrain lands, travel within Bahrain is easy by bus, car or taxi.  It’s recommended that for taxi travel in Bahrain, as well as in other Arab countries, that you agree on your fare with the driver before your trip to avoid costly detours. 

Should you choose to rent a car during your stay in Bahrain, you must be an internationally licensed driver: Bahrain is the only country in the Persian Gulf that does not permit drivers with foreign licenses to rent automobiles. 

The bus system in Bahrain is efficient and easy to manage: The islands in the Bahrain archipelago are small, and all routes link all villages and town to the major cities. 

Bahrain Travel Information

  • Bahrain is a community of 33 islands, and the Sumerians referred to the ancient archipelago as a paradise where the Gods resided without disease and suffering.  Today, expatriates from around the world are snapping up flights to Bahrain to be a part of this prosperous island paradise that banks on its oil trade and thriving ports.
  • For a glimpse at Bahrain’s Muslim heritage, a visit to the Al-Faith Mosque in Manama is an informative, unimposing way to admire the stunning Islamic architecture while learning about the religion.  The mosque, beautifully furnished by Bahraini artisans and located in the center of the capital city, should be one of the first attractions you visit after your flight to Bahrainlands.  Keep in mind that shorts are prohibited, and women will be given a black cloak and a headscarf to wear while visiting the prayer hall that can hold up to 7,000 worshippers.
  • It’s no surprise that Bahrain, one of the wealthiest countries in the Middle East and Asia at large, is an ideal destination for those who can’t get enough of the country’s collection of fine pearls and 21-carat gold.  Spend the extra cash you saved on your cheap flight to Bahrain at the Manama souk, the bazaar located in the center of the city where you’ll be able to haggle with vendors for that necklace you can’t live without.  If your interest in pearls peaked in Bahrain, check out the Museum of Pearl Diving on Government Avenue: The small museum houses pearl diving and seafaring antiquities, and the collection of photographs upstairs showcases Arab dignitaries in their finest throughout the 20th century.
  • You can’t board your return Bahrain flight without driving out into the desert for a visit to the Tree of Life.  Over 400 years old and miraculously surviving in the arid desert conditions, this mesquite tree is believed by the locals to be a former inhabitant of the Garden of Eden and visitors from around the world flock to Jebel Dukhan to see one of the most famous attractions in Bahrain.

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  • May to September is the monsoon season for several Asian countries.
  • Rail travel is the best way to see most Asian countries.
  • If you book one way flights to Asia, be sure to book your return or onward ticket before you leave.
  • Last minute flights to Asia can be rewarding if you have family or friends established in Asia.

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