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Mobile Airline Apps:

The enterprise provides several apps that can be used with Google’s operating system, Blackberry’s platform and Apple’s system. By utilizing the app, clients can purchase tickets and change an itinerary.

Condor Check-in

Flight Status Information:

In order to view a flight’s information, a traveler can use the system that is provided on Condor’s site. The patron will need to know the flight number, or the customer can provide the name of the airport from which the flight departed and the time at which the plane is supposed to arrive at its destination.

Condor baggage allowance

The airline provides a flat fee for passengers who bring certain equipment that is used while playing a sport. Customers who are traveling within zone one will have to pay $78 for each type of sports equipment that they bring, and Condor will charge patrons who are in zone two a price of $91 to transport the items. Passengers who are traveling in zone three will be required to pay $111 to bring one piece of equipment and its accessories.

Pre-arranged seating

A patron can reserve a seat 48 hours before the plane is scheduled to depart. In order to select a specific seat, the customer will have to pay a fee of $13 to $39.

Passenger change details

Customers can alter their itineraries as late as two days before a flight is scheduled to depart without any extra fees. If a flight is delayed or cancelled, Condor will refund the entire cost of the ticket to the passenger.

Child fares

A patron who is traveling with an infant who is under the age of two will not have to purchase an additional ticket for the child, and the person will be able to board the plane before the other travelers. If a customer wants to bring more than one infant, the individual will have to buy tickets for the other children.

In-flight service

The business provides a wide variety of drinks and food, and the company also offers alcoholic beverages and coffee. Each plane’s entertainment system allows travelers to choose from a wide range of movies and music videos. Furthermore, a passenger can link electronics to the large monitor that is located near each seat by using the USB port.

Airline overview

Condor was founded in 1955, and currently, the airline is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. The company is owned by Thomas Cook Group, which is located in the United Kingdom.

The business has a fleet of 42 planes and provides flights to 77 destinations. The airline’s hubs are located in the Munich Airport and the Frankfurt Airport. According to the company’s website, Condor’s planes also frequent the Berlin Schonefeld Airport, the Dusseldorf Airport, the Hamburg Airport and the Stuttgart Airport.

The enterprise’s website is The logo of the business consists of the airline’s name and a yellow drawing of a jet.

Condor Q&A:

•What is Condor’s policy for patrons who have carry-on baggage?
A passenger can bring a carry-on item that does not weigh more than 13 pounds for free. The bag can have a maximum length of 55 centimeters and a width of 40 centimeters. The traveler may also hold several bottles that contain liquid during the flight, but each item must not have more than 90 milliliters of liquid. Individuals who are traveling from a location in Germany to a destination in the United States may bring a container that has 100 milliliters of liquid.

•What are the fees for hold luggage?
Customers who are in the economy class are able to bring luggage that weighs as much as 20 kilograms for free, and travelers in the business class can transport baggage with a weight of 30 kilograms.

The price that Condor will charge passengers who bring heavy luggage depends on the zone of the airport from which the individual is departing. The fees of patrons who purchase their tickets more than 30 days before their trips will be slightly reduced.

•What is the airline’s policy for customers who are checking in?
A traveler can check in online between 24 hours and two hours before the flight departs. Passengers will also be able to print boarding passes by using the automated machines that are located in each airport.

•What are the seating options that Condor provides?
When a patron checks in, the traveler will automatically be shown a diagram of the cabin that indicates which seats are available. The passenger can view the legroom that each position in the cabin provides and select any available seat.

•What is Condor’s phone number?
The company provides designated hotlines for travelers who reside in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, Poland, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, the United Kingdom and the United States. In order to view the list of phone numbers and any associated tolls, a customer can view the informational page on Condor’s site.

This information is subject to change. Please confirm all fees and details with your airline before booking.

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