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Contact details


Reservations: 1800 237 2747.


Air France Check-in

Check-in deadlines vary by destination and departure airport and can range from 15 to 90 minutes. Approximate times of desk closings are one hour before departure for flights departing to or from the United States and 30 minutes before departure for inter-Europe routes. There are exceptions to these times, for example flights from London City to Paris Orly have a desk closing time of just 20 minutes before the flight. Check for your individual route before flying.

Air France baggage allowance

Carry-on: One carry-on item is allowed, no larger than 22 x 14 x 10in and no heavier than 26lbs as well as a personal item such as a handbag, umbrella, blanket etc.

Checked: For flights to or from the United States or Canada, one piece of checked luggage is allowed, weighing no more than than 50lbs, with linear dimensions (height + length + depth) not exceeding 62 inches. For flights within Europe, one piece is allowed, weighing no more than 50lbs with linear dimensions not exceeding 62 inches.

Charges vary by destination for excess baggage.

Air France legroom

Seat pitch: 32 inches.

Pre-arranged seating

You can choose your own seat online, but Air France reserves the right to change your seat, even if that seat is listed on your ticket.

Passenger change details

Flight changes depend on ticket type and must be made by calling the reservations number. An administrative fee will apply.

Child fares

Infants under the age of two traveling on an adult’s lap fly for free. Child fares are also available for children traveling in their own seat.

Senior fares



Guide dogs as well as cats and dogs weighing less than 13lbs may be carried in the cabin. Dogs and cats weighing more than 13lbs but less than 165lbs can travel in the hold. All other animals must be transported as cargo. To book pets, call the reservations number above.

Carrying musical instruments

Small instruments are permitted in the cabin without prior booking, such as violins or banjos. Large or fragile instruments must be booked a separate seat.

In-flight service

Complimentary meals or snacks are provided on all flights, depending on flight length and time of day. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available and, on long-haul flights, an aperitif. For all flights lasting more than 10-and-a-half hours, a self-service buffet is open throughout the flight. Air France also serves complimentary champagne to passengers in all classes.

Air miles

Flying Blue is the frequent flyer program operated by Air France-KLM and it awards members points based on miles traveled and class of service. Membership into the program is free. The program is divided into standard (Ivory) and Elite (Silver, Gold and Platinum) statuses. Ivory is the basic level which is attained upon entry into the program. Elite status is gained by accumulating a certain number of miles within one calendar year.

Airline food link

Check out the airline’s menu before you fly so you can decide if you need to bring any extra snacks.

In-flight magazine

Air France Magazine is published monthly and is available on all flights, at all French boarding lounges and at Air France VIP lounges worldwide. The magazine is written in both English and French.

Airline alliances

Air France is a member of the SkyTeam alliance and it offers frequent flyer partnerships with nearly two dozen other carriers.

Airline overview

The national French carrier, Air France, joined with KLM, the national carrier of the Netherlands, in 2004 to create Air France-KLM, the third-largest airline in the world. Both airlines still continue to fly under their own brand names. Air France has its hub at Paris Charles de Gaulle, and headquarters at Paris Orly, Lyon and Nice. It flies to more than 185 destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe and North and South America. Most international flights depart from Paris CDG.

This information is subject to change. Please confirm all fees and details with your airline before booking.

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