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When you plan a flight to Honduras, you’ll be able to soak up all that the fresh tourist spirit and see the land with a newer, brighter focus. Book flights to Honduras for the white, sandy beaches of Parque Nacionale Jeannette, the wildlife viewing of Lago de Yojoa, or simply for the fun and busy lifestyle of a budget-minded back-packer in Utila. The always-expanding tourist economy is one of the more prevailing changes, starting with cruise ships and expanding into more luxury hotels. 

The political scene, however unstable, is also emerging. When you meet a native, they might seem surprisingly laid back, despite all of the cultural exfoliation that seems to be happening all at once. The country at large is sprawling with transformation, and the residents seem to be okay with it. 

Book a flight to Honduras to experience a truly unique location.

Honduras climate

Honduras’ climate doesn’t change much throughout the year. But the country’s varying altitude can greatly affect the weather. The mountains are warmer in the dry season and Tegucigalpa averages around 70 F. It cools down in the rainy season. Heat and humidity affect the coastal lowlands all year.

Best Time to Fly to Honduras

Although the country does nominally experience invierno (winter) and verano (summer), the two don’t have much of a different feel, save for an occasional rain shower in the winter. Because of the steady climate, there’s no bad time to plan flights to Honduras.

Peak Season: 

Dry season here is the best for clear skies and outdoor fun, so book flights to Honduras in the months of February and March, when weather is stable across the country, and conditions for scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming are absolutely perfect. Since the rainy season will have just ended, the roads will be dry, but the greenery will still be lush. 

Off-peak Season:

Here, there are two rainy seasons, even though you can hardly call them storms. From May to November, the interior experiences more showers, and from September to January, the north coast seems to rain a bit more. Before you book your flights to Honduras between August and November, beware that those are the months when the area experiences hurricane season. And although they rarely hit Honduras, it’s good to be mindful at all times.

Getting around Honduras

Although you might be itching to see as much as possible as soon as your flight to Honduras arrives at the airport, you should carefully consider all of your Honduras travel options before hopping on any moving vehicle. 

Because of petty theft among buses, car rental is a great option for tourists because it allows you to travel independently. Renting a car at the airport can be a little more expensive, but worth it. Make certain to insure any vehicle you drive, and always carry your driver’s license on your at all times. 

Buses are cheap and easy to navigate, but service can sometimes change without notice, and end early in the evening. Microbuses and rapiditos are smaller mini-vans that cover the same routes, but a bit more frequently. City buses in San Pedro and Tegucigalpa are not recommended for new travelers though, since pick pocketing, petty theft, and gangs are common. Taxis are best within city limits, especially because of the low fares.

Honduras Travel Information

Bay Islands: When you book flights to Honduras, there’s no better place to stretch out and soak up the sun than in the Bay Islands. This natural treasure is an archipelago beckoning many different kinds of travelers. If you’re headed to Roatan, then you can find a mix of both budget and luxury hotels, authentic diving shops, and beautiful mangroves. Those heading to Utila are in for more of a backpacker’s journey, where cheap flights to Honduras are complimented with budget-friendly hotels and affordable bars and restaurants littering the streets. In Guanaja, you’ll see the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, which is the second-largest coral reef in the world, and the least visited island of the Bay group. Here, coral, sponges, multicolored fish, and sea turtles inhabit the glorious turquoise waters and liven up the beach no matter what time of day. 

Marcala: This place gets two things very, very right: hiking and coffee. For coffee junkies or trekkers trying to find flights to Honduras, Marcala should be the first place you visit. The first place in Central America to get the Denomination of Origin snap (which safeguards the legitimacy of the beans), Marcala is known for its organic coffee and produce cooperative, as well as its in-depth tours of plantations and processing plants. After a jolt of this blissful caffeine, you might as well get a head start on an incredible hike up the mountain. 

La Moskitia: For nature lovers booking flights to Honduras, La Moskitia offers an incredible array of wildlife and natural landscape. Spanning most of eastern Honduras into Nicaragua, it is the largest rainforest in Central America, encompassing rivers and saltwater lagoons that breed beautiful and scarce species. Monkeys, crocodiles, birds, (toucans and macaws, especially) and even hard-to-find manatees and jaguars live here, hand in hand with indigenous ethnic groups that use the water to fish and cultivate small-time agriculture. 

Tegucigalpa: Within the first five minutes of stepping off your flight to Honduras, you’ll hear plenty of talk about Tegus. The nicknamed city lies in the bowl-shaped bottom of the valley, where its colonial center has grown into a historical and residential haven. The downtown area is full of great museums and tantalizing restaurants, and despite the traffic, smog, crime, and weary taxi drivers, the capital makes for an invigorating visit for any traveler.


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More useful information about Honduras

  • Take last minute flights to Honduras in the months of Feb. and March, when weather is stable across the country.
  • Toncontin International Airport (TGU) is the airport that handles most flights.
  • Renting a car at the airport can be a little more expensive, but worth it.
  • If you’re headed to Tegucigalpa, its temperate climate stays in the 70s during the dry season.
  • Soak up the sun in the Bay Islands. This natural treasure is an archipelago.
  • For nature lovers, La Moskitia offers an incredible array of wildlife and natural landscapes.
  • Book direct flights to Honduras for the white, sandy beaches of Parque Nacionale Jeannette.
  • Many coffee junkies on one way flights to Honduras visit Marcala first.

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