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Airports in Maldives

Tourists booking flights to Maldives can expect tropical island resorts and blue lagoons that stretch for miles. Those travelers booking flights to Maldives for a stay in paradise won’t be disappointed. The Maldives is made up of 1190 coral islands and is a haven for scuba divers and snorkelers wanting to explore marine life. That means no self-guided tours or independent travel once you leave your Maldives flight.

The Maldives is predominately Muslim and holds Islam values sacred. Tourists heading to the region should familiarize themselves with proper etiquette on the flight to Maldives. For example, alcohol is prohibited on many islands and proper dress (usually long pants and shirts) are required on island tours. Television broadcasts stop five times a day so Muslims can pray and under no circumstances are travelers allowed to bring symbols of other religions into the country. Fish and rice are the staple foods, but Maldivians eat meat and chicken on special occasions. If you’re staying on a resort island, you’re likely to find plenty of cross-cultural food and drink. Travelers booking flights to Maldives should know that alcohol is only available in tourist resorts, and most of the food served at these Maldives resorts is imported.

Still, a trip to the Maldives is worth the experience. Book Maldives flights and resort accommodations and spend a little time in a far away paradise.

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Maldives climate

The Maldives is very sunny all year round, but also very humid. From November to March the northeast monsoon brings dry weather, while the southwest monsoon brings rain from June to August. Temperatures average 86 F throughout the year.

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Best Time to Fly to Maldives

Peak season:

Book your flight to Maldives during the period of December to April, and you’ll be welcomed with a few more hours of sunshine a day, as well as access to peak resorts, making holiday getaways a necessity.

Off season:

If you plan on spending most of your stay under water, you might want to plan your flight to Maldives during the damp months of June and July for a cheaper rate. High humidity, rain, and cloudy skies offset the sunshine, but cheap flights to the Maldives are commonly available. Although monsoons affect the weather, you can’t go wrong with the influx of underwater activities.

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Getting around Maldives

Although independent travel in Maldives is sometimes discouraged because tourism is strictly regulated, you can acquire an Inter Atoll Travel Permit in order to visit the surrounding islands. But keep in mind, it’s easiest to attain a permit if you are sponsored by a resident. For more inter-island Maldives flights, use Trans Maldivian Airways and Maldivian Air Taxi (PTE) Ltd. Helicopters and sea planes help get tourists to and from popular resorts, but the most common form of transportation is called a dhoni, a diesel engine vehicle used for longer trips. On land, taxis, motorcycles, and bicycles are available to just about every determined adventurer.

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Maldives Travel Information

  • Diving: Your cheap flight to Maldives will bring you to one of the top diving destinations in the world. With so much sea life and clear water, there’s nothing to leave to the imagination. Girifushi Thila, Nassimo Thila, Middle Point and Okobe Thila are known diving and snorkeling hot spots.
  • Nightlife: After your long flight to Maldives, relaxation awaits. All of the bars are situated in resorts, and no alcohol is served in Male. Most residents of Maldives observe Muslim tradition, so most locals do not drink at all, During the month of Ramadan all drinking in public is forbidden outside of resorts. Tipping is discouraged, so hang on to your bills!
  • Male: Your Maldives flight will land in one of the smallest capitals in the world. Male captures a myriad of attractions like the Huskuru Miskiiy, (a 17th- century mosque), Mulee- Aage (a palace built in 1906), and the National Museum, built in what is now the Sultan’s Park.
  • Shopping: Whether you’re looking for watches, electronics, jewelry, cosmetics, or any other luxurious items of desire, you’re sure to find what you need in Maldives shopping hubs. The northern point of Chaandhanee Magu is a mecca for consumers, and is known for its imports from Singapore, as well as hosting the Singapore Bazaar. Also visit the nearby fish market for a new culinary experience. Regardless of where you shop, be sure to splurge on what you saved from booking your cheap flight to Maldives. Don’t forget to save your receipts – you’ll be required to fill out U.S. customs forms on your return flight from Maldives in order to re-enter the U.S.

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Maldives airports

Hulule International (MLE) (Male) on Hulule Island is 1.2 miles from Male (travel time by boat – 15 minutes).

Your flight to Maldives lands at Hulule International (MLE) (Male) on Hulule Island, which was built in 1960 and is only minutes to Male. If you’re looking for discounted airfare to and from Maldives, you can’t go wrong with the selection of other domestic airports, including Kadhdhoo Domestic Airport, Kaadedhdhoo Domestic Airport, Hanimaadhoo Domestic Airport, and the Gan International Airport.

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Passport and Visa Information

Your passport must be valid for the entire time you intend to stay in the Maldives. You will also need to provide proof of a return ticket.

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