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Contact details


U.S.: 1-800-618-0104 / International: Find your contact number at http://www.klm.com/travel/us_en/customer_support/customer_support/contact/index.htm



Send an email:Contact Form

Mailing Address:
KLM Customer Relations
Department 980
P.O. Box 20980
Atlanta, GA 30320-2980

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KLM Airlines Check-in

Time to Check-in

Make sure you arrive at the airport no later than 90 minutes before your flight is ready to depart. Go through security no later than 60 minutes before departure. Boarding starts 45 minutes before your flight, and gates close 20 minutes before departure.

Online Check-in

Passengers can check-in online up to 24 hours before their flight and until 90 minutes before departure. Simply choose your seat, enter your frequent flyer number if you have one, and print your boarding pass or have one sent to your mobile phone.


eBoarding Passes

To save time, Emirates offers eBoarding Passes for some airports with Online Check-in.

eBoarding Passes function in the same way as a normal boarding pass and Business Class and First Class passengers may use theirs to gain access to Airport Lounges.

Simply print your eBoarding Pass and bring it with you to the Boarding Gate or to the Bag Drop counter if you are checking baggage.

KLM Airlines baggage allowance


Economy Class

One bag measuring 21.5 x 10 x 13.5 inches and one other small item (e.g. a handbag, briefcase, camera, small laptop etc) weighing no more than 26 lbs combined.

Business Class

One bag measuring 21.5 x 10 x 13.5 inches, another bag smaller than 18 x 8 x 13.5 inches and one other small item (e.g. a handbag, briefcase, camera, small laptop etc) weighing no more than 40 lbs.



Intercontinental flights, European flights for Flying Blue members, fully flexible tickets, flights to Georgia, Italy, Turkey, the Ukraine, Russia or Belarus or European flights that are part of an intercontinental journey: One item of check-in baggage, max weight 50.5 lbs

All European flights: Carry-on baggage only – one bag and one accessory (e.g. handbag or laptop) with a combined maximum weight of 26lb. You can also check-in bag for EUR 15.

Business Class

Two items of check-in baggage, each with a maximum weight of 70.5 lbs.

Additional Baggage

Save 20 per cent on your excess baggage fee when you arrange everything in advance online. This can be arranged in three ways: when booking your flight at KLM.com, via My Trip, or when you check-in online.


The excess baggage fees differ by flight and by region. You can find all the details about charges on the KLM website.

Bag Drop 

Once checked in, you can drop off your check-in baggage at a baggage drop-off point at the airport. At most airports, you can drop off your bags from two hours before your flight departs. Make sure you check the closing times for baggage drop-off points.


Make your reservation at least 48 hours in advance and mention you a traveling with a pet.

Pets in the cabin

Small cats and dogs can be taken onboard most KLM Economy and Business Class cabins. The pet must be transported in a kennel or pet travel bag no higher than 7.9 in that allows the animal to stand up and lay down comfortably.

The total weight of your pet and the travel kennel must not exceed 13lbs and must be placed under the seat in front of you.

Pets in the baggage compartment

Cats and dogs may also travel as check-in baggage in a ventilated part of the aircraft in a non-wooden kennel that complies with IATA rules (read more on www.iata.org).

The total weight of your pet and kennel combined must be less than 165 lbs.

Snub-nosed animals such as pugs, boxers, bulldogs, Pekinese and Persian cats can have trouble breathing during the flight due to high temperatures and stress. To ensure their well-being, snub-nosed animals can only be transported as cargo. KLM will not transport English and French bulldogs, Boston terriers and pugs in the hold or as cargo.

For more information visit the KLM website.

Musical Instruments:

You can bring musical instruments on a KLM flight in one of four ways:

As check-in

The instrument must be packed in a hard case and excess baggage fees apply if the total baggage including instrument and packaging exceed the maximum free allowance.

If your instrument and packaging is larger than 80 inches, or is heavier than 70 lbs, then you need to request permission.

As hand baggage

You may take a small instrument, such as a violin or flute, with you as hand luggage, but not in addition to the standard hand baggage allowance.

On an extra seat

Larger instruments can be transported on a seat booked in advance. The instrument must not be longer than 55 inches or weigh more than 100lbs. Contact KLM Telephone Reservations at least 48 hours before departure to book a seat for your instrument.

As freight

If your musical instrument weighs in more than 100 lbs or is larger than 160 inches you must transport your instrument as freight using AIR FRANCE-KLM Cargo.

Sports Equipment

You can quickly and easily arrange online to take sports equipment through My Trip or by calling KLM Telephone Reservations.

Many types of sports equipment are considered regular pieces of baggage and can be taken as part of your standard baggage allowance.

For more details on your specific sports equipment visit the KLM website

Reserve your sports equipment online at My Trip.

KLM Airlines legroom

Average seat pitch: Business Class: 60 in, Economy: 31 in, Economy Comfort: 35 in

Pre-arranged seating

You can choose and change your seat up to 48 hours before departure when booking on KLM.com and through My Trip.

From 30 hours before departure, you can choose or change your seat when checking in online (from 24 hours for flights to and from the USA) and at an airport self-service machine.

Can’t decide where you want to sit? Check out the seating plans for all KLM Aircraft on the airline’s website.

Passenger change details

You can change your travel dates and/or times if the fare conditions allow this and if your ticket was issued by KLM or AIR FRANCE.

Tickets for babies, children travelling alone, and those requesting a special service can only be changed by calling the KLM Service Centre on 1-800-618-0104

If you have a changeable ticket, you will only pay the administration fee if you make changes over the telephone. If you make changes yourself through My Trip you will not have to pay the administration fee. Making changes to a fully flexible ticket type is always free.

Child fares

Children’s fares are available on some ticketing options. Children’s tickets cost 75 per cent of the adult price on all ticket-types except for Promotional Fares, where there is no special child price. The price for an infant ticket is 10 per cent of the adult fare.

Senior fares


Carrying musical instruments

Standard baggage allowances apply. A separate seat can be purchased for a large or fragile instrument instead of checking it.

In-flight service

World Business Class Europe Business Class Economy Class – Intercontinental Economy Class – Within Europe World Business Class Passengers get a reclinable sleeper seat equipped with a massage unit and a privacy canopy. Along with a personal entertainment system and in-seat power, they also receive a comfort kit designed by Dutch design duo Viktor & Rolf. Europe Business Class Travelers have a seat with extra legroom and more recline and in-seat power is available on Boeing 737-700, -800 and -900 aircraft. Europe Business Class seats are located at the front of the cabin, so you are one of the first to get off on arrival. Economy Class – Intercontinental Sit back and relax in an ergonomically designed seat or spend a little extra and score yourself an extra comfortable seat! Make the most of your personal entertainment system and bag some bargains in KLM’s onboard shopping. Economy Class – Within Europe Enjoy an ergonomically designed seat or treat yourself with an extra bit of legroom.

Air miles

KLM’s frequent flyer programme, Flying Blue, awards miles based on the distance traveled, ticket type and class.

Air France, Air Europa, Kenya Airways and TAROM have adopted the Flying Blue frequent flyer programme and miles can be earned at all other SkyTeam partners.

Membership into the Flying Blue programme is free and Award Miles can be earned at over 130 Flying Blue partners including airlines, hotels, cars, credit cards and on Flying Blue partner airlines such as: Alaska Airlines, Air Corsica, Airlinair, Bangkok Airways, Chalair Aviation, Comair, Copa Airlines, Gol Transportes Aéreos, Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, TAAG Angola, Twin Jet and Ukraine International Airlines.

Sign up for the programme on the KLM website

Airline food link

World Business Class

Savour your choice of a delicious three-course menu prepared by top Dutch chefs served on Marcel Wanders crockery.

You can also take home one of KLM’s famous Delft Blue miniature houses filled with genuine Dutch gin.

Economy Business Class

From a luxurious breakfast to a delicious three-course meal: depending on the time of day and duration of your flight, KLM serves a hot meal, sandwich, salad or even a tapas plate.

Economy Class – Intercontinental

Enjoy a good meal and alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks made to meet your special dietary, religious or medical requirements.

Economy Class – Within Europe

You’ll receive a snack or freshly made sandwich, depending on the time and duration of your flight. Plus you can choose from a selection of hot and cold beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

In-flight magazine

Launched in 1966, the monthly Holland Herald is the oldest in-flight magazine in the world and the biggest English language magazine in the Netherlands.

Airline alliances

KLM is a member of the Skyteam alliance and has codeshare agreements with many other airlines.

Airline overview

KLM (Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V.) is the national carrier airline of the Netherlands.

5 Reasons to fly with KLM:

•Customers can contact KLM’s customer service team through the airline’s social media network 24 hours a day 7 days a week in English, Dutch, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Norwegian.
•Voted “Best Airline Staff Service in Europe” in the 2012 World Airline Awards
•In March 2013, KLM announced it would begin weekly flights from John F. Kennedy Airport to Schiphol using sustainable biofuel.
•Fly Blue frequent flyer programme.
•KLM’s Lowest Fare Calendar

Fun Facts:

•Founded in 1919, KLM is the world’s oldest airline still operating under its original name.
•The KLM Group employs 32,000 people and its fleet comprises of 204 aircraft.
•KLM’s homebase and global hub is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
•KLM employ about 2700 pilots, including 115 women.
•The airline transports 1500 pieces of artwork every year.
•KLM Catering Services prepares 24 million meals each year.
•KLM transports more than 16,000 cats and dogs around the world each year.


•“Best Airline Staff Service in Europe” – 2012 World Airline Awards

This information is subject to change. Please confirm all fees and details with your airline before booking.

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