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Iberia Airlines Check-in

At most airports, Iberia Airlines customers must check in no later than 45 minutes before their flight is scheduled to depart. Some airports in the U.S., Africa and Latin America require 60 or 90 minutes to conduct security screenings. This airline offers an online check-in system.

Iberia Airlines baggage allowance

Iberia Airlines lets customers bring a certain amount of luggage for free. Baggage limits and fees vary depending upon the destination and seating class. Customers can pay extra baggage fees online. Special rules apply to bicycles, wheelchairs and recreational equipment. Feel free to check out the Iberia Airlines Optional Chargespage for more information.

Iberia Airlines legroom

Iberia Airlines has received mixed reviews with regard to legroom. It typically offers a seat pitch of 70 inches for business class travelers and about 31 inches for economy passengers. The exact amount of legroom varies from one airplane to the next.

Pre-arranged seating

Iberia Airlines allows customers to reserve seats. Economy passengers must choose their seats less than 24 hours prior to the flight departure time. If they want a better selection of seats to choose from, customers can pay extra to reserve them at an earlier date.

Passenger change details

This airline does not allow customers to change the passenger names on their tickets. If a customer’s family member dies, he or she may cancel a ticket and request a refund. Some Iberia Airlines tickets are refundable under other circumstances.

Child fares

Iberia Airlines offers fare discounts for children, depending on age. If an infant under two years old sits on a passenger’s lap, the infant’s ticket only costs 10 percent of the adult price. Other children under 12 years old generally receive a 50 percent discount.

Senior fares

This airline does not provide discounts for seniors or disabled people.


This airline allows pets in the cabin or the cargo area on most flights. Extra fees apply. A passenger may not keep a pet in the cabin if the animal and its container weigh more than 17 pounds. Animal owners must obtain prior authorization and use well-ventilated pet carriers.

In-flight service

This airline supplies a range of valuable in-flight services. All passengers can watch movies and listen to music for free on long-distance flights. Iberia Airlines also provides headphones at no extra cost.

Air miles

Iberia Airlines created a frequent flyer program in 1991. The program is called Iberia Airlines Plus, and the points are known as Avios. Customers can exchange Avois for flights, car rentals and hotel rooms. The airline also lets people buy Avios or give them to other Iberia Airlines customers as gifts.

Airline food link

Iberia Airlines customers receive free meals and beverages when the length of a flight exceeds five hours. Otherwise, passengers must pay for each item. Business class customers can eat for free on any flight. Passengers may request special meals if they have food allergies.

In-flight magazine

The Ronda in-flight magazine remains available on all flights. The airline releases a new issue each month. It publishes the magazine in English and Spanish. Ronda features interesting articles on travel, fashion, movies and culture.

Airline alliances

Iberia Airlines is a member of the Oneworld alliance. This enables passengers to exchange Avios for flights on other airlines that have joined the alliance. Other members of the Oneworld alliance include airberlin, American Airlines, British Airways, and Quantas. Oneworld provides various other benefits to Iberia Airlines customers, such as greater access to airport lounges.

Airline overview

Iberia Airlines is the top Spanish air carrier. The company was established in 1927, and it is headquartered in Madrid, Spain. It serves five continents and flies more than 110 routes. Iberia Airlines’ flights from Europe to South America remain quite popular.

This information is subject to change. Please confirm all fees and details with your airline before booking.

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