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Lesbos is the third largest of the Greek islands and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. Despite its well-traveled terrains, Lesbos (also spelled Lesvos) remains a natural beauty among the Greek resorts. Its location in Greece, but close to the Turkish coast, is convenient for travelers booking flights to Lesbos from various parts of Europe.

Originally a small fishing village, Lesbos has maintained its quaint civility while boasting its gold beaches, olive trees and miles of breathtaking coastline. Lesbos is a top resort destination for lesbian tourists thanks to the poet Sappho, who was born in the Lesbos town of Eresos and whose poems are interpreted as powerful, emotional and directed toward women. Take a break from the beach and spend a day watching wildlife or exploring the island’s many archaeological findings. Lesbos’ history dates back to before the 6th century BC and the island still has many stories to tell. Listen carefully and you just might hear the words of legendary poets Sappho and Alcaeus recited in the waves of this magnificent Greek isle

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  • Try the ouzo (an aniseed drink) when the locals do – around sunset before the evening meal.  The best ouzo in Greece is thought to be produced in Lesbos and the road verges are often lined with yellow clusters of aniseed.
  • Discover the island’s best beach at Eresos.This is also the home of the poet Sappho. The word lesbian is derived from the poems of Sappho and because of this association, Lesbos is frequently visited by lesbian tourists.
  • Visit Molivos which has a castle with brightly colored woodwork up to the battlements that looks very dramatic when floodlit at night.


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  • In Athens, you can explore the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and the Epidaurus amphitheater.
  • A popular time to take one way flights to Greece is between June and August when the weather is best.
  • When your last minute flight to Greece arrives, you'll be in the country where the Olympic Games were born.
  • The beautiful and verdant island Zante or Zakynthos, on the Ionian islands, is another popular vacation destination.
  • Many travelers take direct flights to Greece for a tour of Athens or on a honeymoon to Santorini.
  • Crete is the largest and most popular of the Greek islands, with two international airports.
  • One place worth visiting is the Peloponissos, which has a spectacular landscape of mountains, caves, and volcanoes.
  • Greece enjoys long Mediterranean summers, with warm temperatures and about 11 hours of sunshine a day.

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