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We help you search and compare the best flight, hotel and car rental prices from hundreds of airlines, agents and travel providers.

Cheapflights is a global flight search and travel deals website. We use innovative technology to make finding the best value flight, hotel and car rental prices quick and easy. Our extensive range of partners, great deals and travel content should make us the natural starting point for your travel research.

Cheapflights is managed by KAYAK, an independent subsidiary of The Priceline Group. Founded in the U.K., and launched in the U.S. in May 2003, we now see more than 120 million people visit our sites and apps globally each year, using our proprietary and independent technology to search, compare and explore the inventory of thousands of travel partners – from the smallest travel agents to the biggest airlines.

Whether you already know where and when you want to travel, or can be a bit flexible and are seeking some inspiration, Cheapflights is the perfect place to search for and plan the best trip. The Cheapflights Newsletter is also a great way to keep up with handpicked deals and vacation packages, delivered right to your inbox.