Best Time to Fly to Egypt

Some like it really hot, and if you do, a cheap flight to Egypt is your gateway to the sun any time of the year.

Peak Season: Any time between October and May is considered a great time to travel to Egypt, and since there’s such a broad timeline, booking a cheap flight to Egypt should be easily accessible. When winds pick up a bit during March and April, tourists typically lay low, creating more room for the adventurers who love a good wrestle with the gust.

Off-peak Season: During Ramadan holidays, most of the country’s tourist-friendly areas like restaurants and museums close down in reverence, beckoning a different kind of traveler. If you’re one scintillated by local flavor and religious observance, book a trip to Egypt during Ramadan to experience the sacred feeling of humanity.

Why you should take a flight to Egypt

Egypt remains one of the world’s greatest wonders. Travelers booking flights to Egypt journey to a land full of history and mystery. Located in northeast Africa, Egypt is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, Israel and the Red Sea, Sudan, and Libya. The larger of its surrounding countries, today Egypt is the common hub that binds these countries together. But more than 6,000 years ago, Egypt was a land ruled by kings and castles and fought over by religious sects and colonies. 

Pharaohs and Romans once ruled, Turkish khedives and Muslim caliphs fought over ownership, and settlers from all over the world flocked Egypt. Today, travelers booking flights to Egypt will find a fusion of cultures and religions, each bringing its own traditions and influences to the diversity of this country. 

Lots of tourists book flights to Egypt’s largest city and capital, Cairo, is a growing metropolis home to more than 17 million people. Situated along the banks of the Nile River, visitors booking trips to Egypt for a tour of Cairo are welcomed with intense activity and bustling city scenes. But beyond Cairo is an unexplored Egypt waiting to be found. 

Whether your Egypt trip takes you to the top of the pyramids or in search of the jewel of The Nile, an Egypt adventure awaits for all travelers.

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Egypt climate

Egypt’s Mediterranean coast can be cool, but the rest of the country is sizzling hot, especially in the summer. Be prepared to sweat – the desert is hot and arid.

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Getting around Egypt

Just when you think your flight to Egypt would be the last mode of transportation you needed, an entirely other world of public transportation awaits you in Egypt. A state-run train system established in 1857 runs through the Nile Valley and the Red Sea cities, making the entire country accessible at your fingertips.

Air-conditioned buses run frequently, and allow seat reservations up to two days in advance. Routes like the 66 and the 72 run from the Nile Hilton to other hotels, and the 800 remains your ticket to the pyramids. To add more local convenience to your Egypt travel, look for taxis with orange license plates that line up at hotels and street corners. On a busy road, simply wave your hand to flag down a ride.

Safety is most important when traveling through the desert. Driving deep into the desert can be dangerous, so remember to bring a spare tire, and to drive on sand as you would drive on snow. Bring a compass and use common sense. If you get stuck, place a rag behind your wheel and slowly drive in reverse – spinning will only drive you deeper into the sand. Locals will drive along and help you if necessary, so don’t abandon your vehicle. At night, it’s courteous to blink your high beams at passing cars, to signal that you are awake and alert on long highway stretches.

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Egypt Travel Information

Pyramids: Visiting Giza and the Sphinx might seem like no-brainers- these are must-see attractions for all visitors to Egypt. Complete your travel to Egypt with the grand and ancient tombs of kings, like the Great Pyramid of Kufu, the Pyramid of Kafhke, and the Pyramid of Menkaura. Tempt your fate by venturing inside the ultimate Father of Terror – the Sphinx.

Marsa Alam: What was once a small fishing village on the coast of the Red Sea is now an established holiday destination for those looking to book cheap flights to Egypt during the winter months. The tropical atmosphere allows for intense scuba diving experiences and prime viewing access to some of the Mediterranean’s most exotic wildlife. Swim among huge coral reefs and see hammerhead sharks, spinner dolphins, and huge dugongs. The best places to stay in this area are the newest resorts – Hurghada and Sharm el Sheika.

Abu Simbel: For a historical adventure, head to Abu Simbel - an archaeological site that holds twin temples constructed by Ramessess II. Constructed in the 13th century BC, the temples were situated on a mountainside, and relocated to a smaller hill in the 1960’s. Take special notice to the entrance doorway, where the king’s name is livened in the form of the falcon-headed sun god.

Lake Nasser: Although this may be the world’s largest artificial lake, there’s nothing fake about its beauty. More than 2,027 square miles in size, this human-made addition to the environment was built in Aswan. Be sure to stop in to the multitude of tombs, temples, and churches surrounding its shores.

Egypt Hotels: There's much to do and see in Egypt - finding the right hotel is essential for successful travel. Book Cairo hotels for city stays with few side trips. Hurghada hotels and Sharm el Sheika hotels are perfect for travelers seeking a more 'resort' stay

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Egypt airports

Your cheap flight to Egypt may land in any of the following airports:

Cairo International (CAI)

Borg El Arab (HBE)

Luxor Airport (LXR)

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Passport and Visa Information

Visitors need a passport valid for at least two months after their planned return date. Visa requirements can change so check with your local embassy for requirements.

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Entry requirements

American citizens need a passport valid for at least two months after their planned return date. They also need a visa, but requirements can change so check with your local embassy for requirements.

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Melisse Hinkle
A New England native but explorer at heart, Melisse has lived in four U.S. cities, spent a summer in Hawaii, made her way through wine-producing regions in Australia and New Zealand, and traveled around Europe while studying abroad in London. She is the Content Manager for the U.S. and Canada at Cheapflights.
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