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Contact details


U.S.: +1 800 777 3999 / International: Find your contact number at http://www.emirates.com/us/english/help/contact_us/phone-us.aspx



Email:Contact form

Mailing Address:
Emirates US Office
55 East 59th Street
New York City 10022

You can find Emirates on several of the most popular social media websites:


Emirates Check-in

Make sure you arrive at the airport no later than 90 minutes before your flight is ready to depart. Go through security no later than 60 minutes before departure. Boarding starts 45 minutes before your flight, and gates close 20 minutes before departure.

Online Check-In

Passengers can check-in online up to 24 hours before their flight and until 90 minutes before departure. Simply choose your seat, enter your frequent flyer number if you have one, and print your boarding pass or have one sent to your mobile phone.

eBoarding Passes

To save time, Emirates offers eBoarding Passes for some airports with Online Check-in.

eBoarding Passes function in the same way as a normal boarding pass and Business Class and First Class passengers may use theirs to gain access to Airport Lounges.

Simply print your eBoarding Pass and bring it with you to the Boarding Gate or to the Bag Drop counter if you are checking baggage.


Emirates baggage allowance


First Class and Business Class 

Passengers are permitted two pieces of carry-on baggage – one briefcase plus either one handbag or one garment bag subject to the following size and weight limitations: Briefcase: 18” x 14” x 8” Handbag: 22” x 15” x 8” Garment bag: 8” thick when folded. Total combined weight must not exceed 26lb.

Economy Class 

Passengers are permitted one piece of carry-on sized no more than 22” x 15” x 8” and must not exceed 15lb. Duty free purchases of liquor, cigarettes and perfume in reasonable quantities are also permitted in addition to the above

Checked Baggage:

Emirates Economy Class passengers can check in 66lb, Business Class travelers 88lb and if you are flying First Class you can travel with 110lb of checked baggage.

If your journey includes other airlines and begins or ends in the U.S.A slightly different rules apply.

If your first flight is with Emirates, the Emirates baggage allowance policy will apply for the whole itinerary, including flights on other airlines. However, if your first flight is not with Emirates, the baggage policy of the first carrier may apply to the whole itinerary. This is due to US Department of Transportation regulations, which require airlines to apply the baggage policy of the first carrier of the journey to the whole itinerary.

Bag Drop:

If you’ve checked in online and have a boarding pass, bring your boarding pass and government-issued identification to the bag drop counter to pay any necessary baggage fees, have your bag tags printed and check your bags through to your destination.

Sports Equipment:

Emirates has specific allowances and rules for different types of sporting equipment.

Bicycles and SCUBA equipment will be treated as part of your baggage, and will incur excess baggage charges if necessary.

Firearms for sporting purposes may be carried as checked baggage on Emirates flights, but must be approved by Emirates no less than three days before your flight. Please contact your nearest Emirates office to start the approval process.

Ski equipment can be carried as part of your normal baggage allowance. However, in some situations additional charges may apply when checking in ski equipment.

Emirates will accept wind surf boards, surf boards, kite surfing equipment, kayaks, body boards, pole vault or other sporting equipment as checked baggage and part of your standard baggage allowance, provided they are less than 10 feet in length, an sails are detachable and collapsible, and it is appropriately packed.

Items up to 13 feet in length may be accepted in exceptional cases.

Emirates legroom

Emirates Economy seat pitch: 33 inches Emirates Business Class seat pitch: 48 inches

Passenger change details

You can use the Manage a Booking tool on emirates.com to make most of the changes you need to through the ‘change my booking’ link. If you cannot see the link, please contact your local Emirates Office.

There may be fees associated with making changes to your booking depending on the fare conditions of your ticket.

Child fares

Infants 0-2 years: Infants traveling on their parent’s lap or in a bassinet are ticketed at a discounted fare. When booking online, requests for a bassinet can be made in the Passenger Details section. Infants less than seven days old will only be allowed on board in the case of travel for emergency medical reasons (in incubators) or if the mother is traveling on compassionate grounds. Children between 6-36 months may travel on board in car seats as long as a separate seat is purchased for the child. During take-off and landing, however, the child must be held and restrained by the parent until the aircraft has reached cruising altitude. Children 2-11 years: Tickets for children traveling in a separate seat are also discounted from the full adult fare.

Senior fares

Senior fares may be available. Call the reservations line at +1 800 777 3999 for more information.


Animals are not permitted in the cabin of Emirates flights, with the exception of falcons between Dubai and certain destinations in Pakistan, and Guide Dogs for the Blind. For itineraries terminating in Dubai, animals must be transported as cargo. For all other itineraries, falcons, cats, dogs and pet birds can be transported as checked baggage in the hold, provided the total journey time (including any transit time) is less than 17 hours, and all appropriate conditions are met. Please contact your local Emirates office well in advance of travel for more information.

Carrying musical instruments

There is no special free baggage allowance for the carriage of musical instruments. Musical instruments can be carried on Emirates flights as normal checked baggage, as normal cabin baggage, subject to the usual limitations, as cabin baggage on an unoccupied seat in the passenger cabin if the instrument is within the usual size and weight limits for carry-on items, or on a paid-for seat in the passenger cabin if the instrument exceeds those limits.

In-flight service

First Class Business Class Economy Class There are up to 1400 channels available in every Emirates seat. You can also watch live television on select Boeing 777 flights flying over the Middle East, Europe, North Africa and North America with ice TV Live. Snacks and beverages are available for purchase in the main cabin on all North American and Caribbean flights. Your destination and the length of your flight will determine the food and drinks available. Magazines are available on all domestic flights. Movies, TV shows and music are offered on long-haul flights. First and Business Class passengers have individual power outlets at each seat. There are also outlets within reach of every main cabin seat. Surf the web, chat, tweet and check your email by connecting to OnAir Wi-Fi on the majority of Emirates A380 flights and select Boeing B777 flights. You can also connect to the internet using GPRS or EDGE on select flights.

Air miles

Emirates uses Skywards, a four-tier frequent-flyer program, used by over 5.72 million customers.

Airline food link

First Class Passengers truly enjoy luxury in the sky. Along with extras such as High Tea and hors d’oeuvres, travelers get a full food and drinks service in the air.

Business Class and Economy passengers don’t miss out, with a full drink and food service on all flights.

You can see photographs taken by fellow flyers of the meals they’ve been served and read reviews at AirlineMeals.net.

In-flight magazine

Open Skies, Emirates inflight magazine, is available in every seat. Open Skies is published monthly and you can also view it online.

Airline alliances

Emirates is currently not a member of any of alliance, but has codeshare agreements with Air China, Air Malta, Air Mauritius, Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, JetBlue Airways, Korean Air, Oman Air, Philippine Airlines, Qantas, South African Airways, TAP Portugal, and Thai Airways International.

Airline overview

Emirates is based at Dubai International Airport in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the largest airline in the Middle East and operates over 2,500 flights per week, from its hub at Terminal 3, to 122 cities in 74 countries across six continents.

5 Reasons to fly with Emirates:

•With a fleet of more than 190 aircraft, Emirates flies to over 120 destinations in more than 60 countries.
•Emirates’ fleet is one of the youngest in the world – meaning ultra-modern cabin design.
•Emirates Lounges at more than 50 international airports across six continents.
•Complimentary Chauffeur-Drive service for First Class and Business Class travelers in more than 55 cities.
•Special attention for Young Flyers, including a frequent flyers, Skysurfer, program.

Fun Facts:

•Emirates is the world’s largest operator of Boeing 777s.
•Emirates operates three of the world’s longest non-stop commercial flights from Dubai to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Houston.
•Falcons are permitted on flights between Dubai and certain destinations in Pakistan


•Best Airline Inflight Entertainment – 2012 Skytrax World Airline Awards ”
•Gold Airline of the Year – 2012 Air Transport News Awards

This information is subject to change. Please confirm all fees and details with your airline before booking.

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