Chinese New Year: Vacation destinations for each Zodiac sign

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We’ve consulted the Shēngxiào (Chinese Zodiac) and are suggesting some holiday destinations based on the characteristics of your sign. Read our top 12 to find out where you should vacation this Chinese New Year.

With the Year of the Rooster starting Jan. 28, we’ve consulted the Shēngxiào (Chinese Zodiac) for the best vacation destinations based on the characteristics of your sign. Maybe it’s a sign it’s time to book your next trip? can help with your flight search, but first find your next destination below.

The Rat

Abriga Media, Shanghai (CC BY 2.0)
Abriga Media, Shanghai (CC BY 2.0)

Rats are known for their savvy intuition and ability to easily adapt to any situation or environment that they find themselves in. Due to these qualities, Rats thrive in high-paced jobs, high-octane activities and can be counted on to be the life of the party. Born with a rich imagination and a desire to explore with all their senses, Rats are in their travel wheelhouse when they are surrounded by sites, sounds and an abundance of other people.

Best destinations for the Rat: Shanghai or New York for the big city and bright lights appeal. Not only will your senses become stimulated, but you will come across other starry-eyed vacationers who also want to let themselves get swept up in the hustle and bustle that surrounds them. If you want to take your love of the unknown and turn it into a vacation, Burma is a hot spot that will truly make you feel like you are discovering a “new” part of the world.

Best travel companions for the Rat:
Ox, Dragon, Rabbit

The Ox

pierpeter, Loving Dublin (CC BY 2.0)
pierpeter, Loving Dublin (CC BY 2.0)

For people who possess the sign of the Ox, you also possess the three D’s – diligence, dependability and determination. Strong-willed and loyal, the Ox often spends time putting the needs of others before their own, and because of this the Ox revels in moments of solitude and tranquility. The Ox generally gravitates towards jobs in the arts and activities that are aesthetically pleasing.

Best destinations for the Ox: Placed such as Dublin or Copenhagen are great for solo travel (which can be beneficial when you need to recharge). These locations offer beautiful landscapes, warm and friendly hospitality and a rich culture that will make you forget you are removed from the comforts of home. If you do feel yourself craving companionship, there are plenty of pubs to help you indulge in great food, drink and conversation.

Best travel companions for the Ox:
Rat, Monkey, Rooster

The Tiger

Moyan Brenn, Amsterdam (CC BY 2.0)
Moyan Brenn, Amsterdam (CC BY 2.0)

Tigers are the risk-takers of the zodiac. They are brave, confident and have a naturally competitive nature. With a keen ability to make friends our of strangers, there is really no place that the Tiger won’t vacation.

Best destinations for the Tiger: 
Check out Amsterdam to quench your need for adventure and your people-loving attitude. To appease your competitive side, what better city to take a bet on than Las Vegas.

Best travel companions for the Tiger:
Dragon, Horse, Pig

The Rabbit

Trish Hartmann, Rio Aguajitas, Costa Rica (CC BY 2.0)
Trish Hartmann, Rio Aguajitas, Costa Rica (CC BY 2.0)

As a Rabbit, you are gentle, quiet and always alert to the people and places around you. Your good nature means you easily get along well with different types of people, even though you tend to possess a shy and sensitive demeanour. For you, the ideal trip would include quaint markets and understated hotels and restaurants.

Best destinations for the Rabbit:
Cities with lots of history and culture such as Boston, Chicago, and Paris are fit your personality. To connect to the side of you that adores nature and the seclusion that it can provide, travel to Costa Rica to fulfill all those needs.

Best travel companions for the Rabbit:
Rat, Goat, Monkey, Dog

The Dragon

Heribert Bechen, DSC09533 via Flickr CC BY 2.0
Heribert Bechen, DSC09533 via Flickr CC BY 2.0

If you are born under the sign of The Dragon, you are represented by the sole imaginary animal (which means you are VERY one-of-a-kind). Additionally, you exude intelligence, enthusiasm and courage. You live for taking risks and are always up for a challenge.

Best destinations for the Dragon:
Indulge in your risk taking tendencies by hiking in the Himalayas, going on a safari in Kenya or mountain climbing in Nepal. For a slightly less adventurous vacation (but equally as intoxicating for the senses), check out a destination like Hong Kong.

Best travel companions for the Dragon:
Rat, Tiger, Snake

The Snake

Vinnie C, Hollywood (CC BY 2.0)
Vinnie C, Hollywood (CC BY 2.0)

As a Snake, you are the most intuitive out of the Zodiac signs. Snakes enjoy the high life and prefer to have the best of everything. Given this, you have a side of you the yearns to always be “keeping up with the Jonses”.

Best destinations for the Snake:
Ideal travel destinations include Hollywood (to rub shoulders with the rich and famous) or Palm Springs (to experience where the rich and famous like to travel). If you want to sun and fun in the prettiest of places, head to Saint Tropez (even the name sounds luxurious).

Best travel companions for the Snake:
Dragon, Rooster

The Horse

Hawaii Savvy, El Pulpo Mechanico - Burning Man 2012 (CC BY 2.0)
Hawaii Savvy, El Pulpo Mechanico – Burning Man 2012 (CC BY 2.0)

Horses are fiercely independent, active and animated. As a horse, you love to be in a crowd and you are constantly on the hunt for concerts, sporting events and any other forms of live entertainment. As a person who loves travel, you never do so without an event to attend while you are in a specific city

Best destinations for the Horse:
Miami and Sweden are prime with music festivals and concerts. Interested in the ultimate sporting event? Why not travel to the city of current Stanley Cup champs – Pittsburgh.

Best travel companions for the Horse:
Goat, Tiger

The Goat

M M, Thailand (CC BY 2.0)
M M, Thailand (CC BY 2.0)

Easy going and kind, the Goat makes for a great travel companion that loves to go with the flow. As a Goat, you appreciate the tranquility and beauty that the world has to offer. While you are happy to tag along on a many number of vacation destinations, when you are at the helm of deciding, you tend to pick places that excite you aesthetically while calming your entire state of being.

Best destinations for the Goat:
Asian countries such as Vietnam or Thailand will pique your interest in cities that are both as beautiful in appearance as they are in peacefulness.

Best travel companions for the Goat:
Rabbit, Horse, Pig

The Monkey

Monkeys love the limelight and are quick-witted and fun-loving individuals. As a Monkey, you are constantly chasing a good time. You tend to love exotic locations that can be beautifully displayed across social media. You would never turn down a great drink or a spin on the dance floor.

Best destinations for the Monkey:
To truly revel in your energetic and thrill-seeking nature try locations such as Las Vegas, Ibiza or Cancun (for the beach and the clubs, of course). If you are looking for an all-night party scene, look no further than Istanbul.

Best travel companions for the Monkey:
Rabbit, Ox

The Rooster

This is, quite literally, your year, Rooster! As a Rooster you are confident and outgoing. You love to discover every inch of the particular city you are visiting and would feel cheated if you missed anything. Roosters are used to doing all the planning and making all the decisions (so that all-inclusive life is definitely not your cup of tea).

Best destinations for the Rooster:
Travel to Nashville for an abundance of things to see and do, like museums, bars, live music and Elvis? If you are itching for a more tropical spot, head to Barbados where you can plan beach hangs, paragliding, and research the best restaurants to experience regional specialties in food and drink.

Best travel companions for the Rooster:
Snake, Ox

The Dog

Dan Belanescu, Disney Land DSC_0802_21 (CC BY 2.0)
Dan Belanescu, Disney Land DSC_0802_21 (CC BY 2.0)

It is well-known that the dog is loyal to the people, places and things that they love. Under the Zodiac sign of the Dog, you are likely to be a hard worker, but one that is eager to reward yourself with extended vacations. Once you find a destination that you love, you are likely to return on a yearly basis. If you don’t already have a timeshare, it’s sure to be in your future.

Best destinations for the Dog: 
Florida and Italy are great for family-friendly vibes. Visit California for its wineries or amusement parks (think destinations that have something for everyone).

Best travel companions for the Dog:

The Pig

Chinese New Year: Vacation destinations for each Zodiac sign 1
Save some room for dessert in Italy.

The Pig is down to earth, compassionate and generous. Many Pigs look to others to help them make decisions, so an all-inclusive destination is often times perfectly in your wheelhouse.

Best destinations for the Pig:
Noted “all-in” destinations such as Mexico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.

Best travel companions for the Pig:
Goat, Tiger, Rabbit

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