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Hit the singles scene with these vacation destinations

The single life – for some a curse, for others a blessing. Sure, it might get lonely once in a while, but we’ve got just the thing to perk you up: a singles vacation. Wave goodbye to Ben and Jerry, put down the remote, and get traveling. Having the ability to pick up and plan a singles vacation is a benefit for the single crowd, and we’ve got some great destinations for you to explore. Whether you’re nursing a breakup, seeking “the one” or just looking for a little spark in your single life, here are the top destinations for singles to meet, greet and mingle around the world.

Domestic singles vacations

A quick weekend getaway might be all you need to shake the memory of your recent breakup, or put an end to long line of dud dates you’ve been on lately. Take a break from it all at some of these local destinations:

New York City, New York

Grab your friends and head to New York City – the city that never sleeps; where fashion trends set the mood of the moment; where a knish and a slice give you enough energy for a night on the town. The best thing about New York City is its range of prices – you can plan a cheap vacation to New York for a weekend, or spoil yourself rotten in a luxury New York hotel. Grab the guys and head to Yankee Stadium during baseball season, or round up your girlfriends for some good-old-fashioned retail therapy on Fifth Avenue. There’s no better remedy for a broken heart like a new pair of Gucci shoes.

Miami, Florida

Dance away the memories of your ex in Miami. It’s likely you’ll find an object of desire just walking down South Beach. Miami is known for its beautiful beaches and bodies, so a singles vacation to Miami will surely re-ignite your mood for love…or lust. Put on your best party dress and let the South Beach vibe carry you into one of the many nightclubs that make Miami one of the hottest beach destinations in the U.S. Not confident in your dancing skills? Take a dance lesson and maybe you’ll samba your way into a new love’s arms.

Las Vegas, Nevada

It isn’t called “Sin City” for nothing. From the casino floor to the dance floor, there’s plenty of opportunity to misbehave in Las Vegas. The famous adult playground welcomes single guys and gals all year long on a mission – to win big. Whether it’s for love or money, you can play your odds in Las Vegas. Who knows? You might even find the man or woman of your dreams and take a walk down the boardwalk of love to one of Las Vegas’ 24-hour chapels. However if you plan to play in Las Vegas, the famous motto still applies, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

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Tucson, AZ

Maybe debauchery and decadence isn’t what you need. Instead, take a singles vacation that refreshes and rejuvenates your mind, body and soul so you can get yourself back into the dating game. Consider booking a singles spa vacation or golf getaway in Tucson. Arizona is one of the top spa destinations in the country and features some of the world’s best golf courses. Grab your buddies and hit the green, or schedule a mud bath and meditation session with your girlfriends at one of the area’s top-rated spas. Nothing says “I’m over you” like a deep tissue massage and a champagne facial.

International singles vacation

If your travel needs are more intense than a weekend away, then grab your passport and your bank card and get out of the country. A whole world awaits you. Grab your single friends and book a vacation to one of these hot international destinations:

Cancun, Mexico

Have bikini, will travel. The unofficial motto of Cancun travelers still holds true today, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t join the fun. Whether you’re into golfing, surfing, lazy days on the beach, or tequila-filled nights, there’s something for everyone in Cancun. If you’re serious about exploring the singles travel opportunities in Cancun, consider an adults-only resort. These resorts appeal to singles and couples but there are no kids allowed, which means rest and relaxation is at its optimum level poolside.


For starters, Aruba has dubbed itself “one happy island,” so we’re pretty confident you’ll find something to put a smile on your face. Whether you’re coming off of a long-term commitment or you just need a little spark to end your dating dry-spell, head to Aruba for a singles vacation that is sure to please. Spend a night at one of Aruba’s casinos or head straight to the dance clubs on the beach for a night under the stars. After a long night out, rejuvenate on the beach the next day or take in a round of golf. Try something new while you’re here – Aruba has great water-sports activities so take advantage of a diving lesson or snorkeling adventure.


It was exactly what Stella needed, and it will be serve as the perfect destination for you and your friends, too. Get your groove back in Jamaica and surrender to the sounds of reggae. The passionate, and sometimes provocative, music can put just about anyone in the mood for love. Spend your days sunning on the white sand beaches before hitting the open-air restaurants and dancing all night to the sounds of steel drums. We can’t promise you a night with Taye Diggs, but we can promise that a singles vacation in Jamaica will lighten your broken-hearted mood.


One night at the clubs in Santorini, Greece, and you’ll forget you were ever single. A-list serial daters like Paris Hilton and Tara Reid have prowled the Santorini-scene looking for true love and catching the eyes of suitors. But rest up on the beach during the day – Santorini is known for its nightlife and we mean nightlife! The party doesn’t stop until the sun comes up. Make sure this singles vacation is filled with gals and guys who are prepared to party…who knows, maybe you’ll meet your own Greek God or Goddess while you’re here.


We’ll admit this destination is more for the ladies, but Rome is worth a mention. After all, what’s better for the self-esteem than being hit on by a handsome Italian man? Sip cappuccino at one of the city’s many outdoor cafes, tour an art gallery and strike up a conversation with other tourists, or just roam Rome and explore the Eternal City’s many fabulous destination spots. Let a Rome-native be your tour guide to the city. Rome is the birthplace of Casanova so the odds are already in your favor.


It’s quite possible Amsterdam is the world’s best party destination and for good reason – if it’s allowed in Amsterdam it’s probably prohibited in your home town. Few cities cater to the single life like Amsterdam so grab your friends and plan a singles vacation you’ll never forget. Take a tour of the Heineken Brewery or run through the fields of tulips that bloom in spring. From the Red Light district to the “smoking” coffee houses, and over 100 canals in between, you won’t be bored. Ponder the works of Van Gogh and pay homage to the fabulously-single life with a singles vacation in Amsterdam.

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