When you’re ready to truly get away, you don’t want the hassle of figuring out every tiny mark on your budget. You simply want to take off, and leave the penny pinching behind. With cheap all-inclusive vacations, you’ll get flights, hotels, food and drink all in one swipe. Here are the most important things to consider when booking your trip:

Food and Drink

One of the best things about cheap all-inclusive vacations is the unlimited food and beverages, but watch out for sneaky limits and exceptions. Make sure your resort has more than one or two restaurants, so you’re not stuck eating the same meal all week, and also be sure to confirm that poolside food and room service is included as well. For drinks, check if alcoholic beverages are taken care of, or if premium drinks are excluded.


Cheap all-inclusive vacations are a great way to have fun and relax without the stress of counting every penny, so do a little research on exactly what kind of fun is included, and go from there. Usually activities like fitness centers and water sports are available, but extra, so if these are important to you, find a package that includes them.


Figure out the goal of your cheap all-inclusive vacation. If it’s fun and nightlife, then your accommodations may matter less, but if you’re looking for utter relaxation or romance, you might want to splurge for a more elegant hotel. Most times, you pay for what you get, so make sure the value meets your standards.


A cheap all-inclusive vacation allows the freedom to use your resort however you like, but if you easily get cabin fever and will want to explore outside the premises, be sure to choose a hotel that’s centrally located in a safe area for wandering.


Is weather more important to you than the place itself? If so, book a cheap all-inclusive vacation based on the flight cost, rather than the destination. You might find a much cheaper and quicker flight to a sunny destination nearby, rather than spending more on a further island. This allows you to also consider cheap all-inclusive vacations that let you pick your own flight times.

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