Unveiled: The Secret Perks of Flying First Class [AIRLINE AMENITY KITS] 1

Unveiled: The secret perks of flying first class [AIRLINE AMENITY KITS]

The prospect of a long international flight changes quite a bit for the rich, powerful and lucky who are seated in the front section of the plane. The land of lie-flat beds and warm cookies may seem almost mystical or a bit mysterious to most travelers. However, Cheapflights.com is shedding light on this VIP experience with its survey of airline amenity kits.

Our team of travel experts looked through, tested, photographed and rated 48 economy, Business and First-Class kits from 27 of the world’s leading airlines to reveal the “secrets of the VIP experience.”

It was no surprise to learn that the First-Class kits are stuffed with luxury brands (Loewe, Tumi, Chopard, Bulgari, Dior, Ferragamo, L’Occitane) – and contain everything from eye masks and shoe horns to “pulse point oil” and “pillow mist.”

In total, just five of the 27 airlines achieved a six-star review, with Middle Eastern and Far Eastern airlines dominating, as kits from Emirates, Etihad, Japan Airlines, Qatar and our own United came out on top.

Lufthansa and Royal Brunei took joint top honors for the “Best Male Accessory;” Lufthansa for its German soccer kit-themed bag and Royal Brunei for its super luxury slippers.

Polish airline LOT grabbed “Best Female Accessory” for its nail file; while Qatar was – literally – the comfortable winner for the “Best Kids’ Accessory” with a Spongebob Squarepants backpack (in a Qatar captain uniform) that also doubles as a pillow or booster seat.

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6 stars

Emirates: 6 Stars

Etihad: 6 Stars

Japan Airlines: 6 Stars

Qatar: 6 Stars

United Airlines: 6 Stars


5 stars

Air New Zealand: 5 Stars

British Airways: 5 Stars

Delta: 5 Stars

Garuda Indonesia: 5 Stars

Icelandair: 5 Stars

Malaysia Airlines: 5 Stars

Qantas: 5 Stars

Royal Brunei: 5 Stars

SWISS: 5 Stars

Turkish Airlines: 5 Stars

Virgin Atlantic: 5 Stars


4 stars

American Airlines: 4 Stars

Air Berlin: 4 Stars

Austrian Airlines: 4 Stars

JetBlue: 4 Stars

LOT Polish Airlines: 4 Stars

Lufthansa: 4 Stars

TAM: 4 Stars

Vietnam Airlines: 4 Stars


3 stars

Air Canada: 3 Stars

Condor Airlines: 3 Stars

Iberia: 3 Stars


Our star rating system:

  • One star = Taxiing
  • Two stars = Approaching cruising altitude
  • Three stars = 35,000 feet
  • Four stars = High life
  • Five stars = Edge of space
  • Six stars = Fly me to the moon

The top 10 most popular amenity kit items (“=” denotes tie):

  • 1 Brush/ comb
  • 2= Eye mask
  • 2= Toothbrush
  • 3 Socks
  • 4= Earplugs
  • 4= Moisturizer
  • 4= Toothpaste
  • 5 Lip balm
  • 6 Tissues
  • 7 Shoe horn


Behind the curtain: Airline amenity kits unpacked  2


And then we created our dream kit:

  • Etihad’s kit bag
  • Japan Airlines‘ toothbrush
  • Garuda’s hair brush and shoe horn
  • Turkish Airlines’ two-tone ear plugs
  • SWISS’ La Prairie moisturizer
  • Air New Zealand’s “Beware I Sleepwalk” eye mask
  • Vietnam Airlines’ Chopard lip balm
  • Turkish Airlines’ non-slip socks
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