Top 10 adrenaline escapes for Father’s Day

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Forget the beer, socks and novelty tie.

Forget the beer, socks and novelty tie. This Father’s Day (Sunday, June 17), let your Dad rediscover his boyish passions with one of these adrenaline-fueled experiences.

Harley your way down Route 66

Motorcycles are among boys’ most favored toys, and there’s no better rush than having the power and speed of a classic Harley within your grasp. Combine that with a ride down one of the US’ most famous stretches of road, Route 66, and call it adrenaline heaven. For a unique and exhilarating experience, gents can look into participating in organized group tours or simply rent a Harley and create their own race. One thing is guaranteed: it’s sure to be one of the best rides of his life. Search and compare cheap flights to Los Angeles.

Route 66 - Father's Day gift ideas

Ridin’ the Rodeo

While the Rodeo is not for the faint of heart, it’s certainly a unique rush like no other. Cowboys are the epitome of the manly man: galloping across prairies, defeating enemies, lassoing wild bulls and acting as protectors. The Rodeo puts courage and skill to the test like a real cowboy, but it’s also a lot of fun! So, for those who dreamed of being a cowboy when they were little and are feeling up to the challenge, head to the very heart of Rodeo in Dallas and check out the bull-riding schools of some former Rodeo professionals. Those who can stay on for eight seconds are granted professional status. But be warned: you’re in for a hard landing. Search and compare cheap flights to Dallas.

Rodeo - Father's Day gift ideas

Bend it like Beckham, for real

While soccer may seem tame in comparison to the Rodeo and riding a Harley down Route 66, the unique experience of a soccer training camp can be just as exhilarating, particularly for those who go mad for the sport. Camps are available in some of the most soccer-notorious cities around the world, such as Barcelona. The tours include real professional training with coaches from FC Barcelona in the original training sites such as Nou Camp, which offers a training match with a local team and tickets to a major league event! The excitement of being on professional turf, playing, and then watching a live game is not to be missed. Search and compare cheap flights to Barcelona.

FC Barcelona - Father's Day gift ideas

Sniper for a day

Give your Dad the gift of living out a scene from his favorite sniper film, and let him star as the hero or villain, depending on the film! Requiring absolute accuracy and nerves of steel, snipers have a very hard job. Anyone who has ever experienced the excitement of winning a toy for their sweetheart by playing at the shooting booth in an amusement park is sure to find sniper training in the UK sheer elation. Check out the “Be Sniper for a Day” opportunity at WMS Firearms Training in Wales. Established by SAS hero Andy McNab, this promises to offer a flavor of professional training and an authentic experience that is truly unique to the world of elite snipers and fighters. Search and compare cheap flights to Cardiff.

Firearms Training  - Father's Day gift ideas

Formula 1 driver for a day

Take a walk, or a drive, in the shoes of a Formula 1 professional for a day. The knowledge that you’re behind the wheel of the ultimate driving machine, which only 24 men in this world have qualified to drive, is exhilarating on its own. Couple that with actually taking a spin in it and you’re in speed-thrill heaven. Fans of watching high-performance cars whiz their way around a race track as the engine noise blows their eardrums out should check out AGS Formula. Set up by a former Formula 1 driver Paul Ricard and his racing team, and nestled upon one of Europe’s sunniest tracks in Luc en Provence, this hands-on racing destination will put Dad and his driving skills to the test. Search and compare cheap flights to Marseille.

Formula 1 racing   - Father's Day gift ideas

Captain Hook for a day – Aarrrrrrrr

With a reputation for being highly boisterous free spirits who are short on manners, pirates are also the epitome of freedom and strength for both young boys and grown men. So for those who dream of emulating Captain Hook for a day, hop on a flight to Hong Kong and take the seas by storm at the helm of the ship, The Bounty. But be warned: this is not the average funny costumed pirate adventure complete with scavenger hunt; it’s a chance to learn the art of sailing in your role as king of the sea. Search and compare cheap flights to Hong Kong.

Bounty - Father's Day gift ideas

Desert dunes

Hit the deserts of Baja in California, Mexico or Dubai for an off-roading adventure that will leave the competition eating your dust. Off-road rallies with SUVs are among the most popular annual events around the world. These three destinations are among the best to experience this unique, adrenaline-charged sport where drivers can get behind the wheel and rally through the sands. Several day trips and short excursions are available, depending how long those behind the wheel can withstand the gears, sands and extreme demands of this journey. Search and compare cheap flights to Dubai.

Offroading in Dubai - Father's Day gift ideas

Survival training in the bush

It’s raining, it’s cold and dangerous animals lurk everywhere in the jungle. Ye build a shelter of leaves and branches and dance with joy around the fire, but how shall ye survive the night? Help is at hand in the New Zealand bush where survival training is available and participants learn all the skills they need should they end up in the jungle alone. The intrepid experience features everything: how to make a fire, how to collect berries, and psychological training. While it sounds cool and it is, this is no picnic. So roll up your sleeves and prepare to survive! Search and compare cheap flights to New Zealand.

Wilderness training - Father's Day gift ideas

Ice climbing – brrrrr

Acrophobics beware: this is not for those with a fear of heights. Those who don’t, however, will just love the icy adrenaline high of climbing the mountains in the Rjukan area of southern Norway. One of the world’s best terrains for ice climbing, Rjukan attracts adventurers from all around the world. Kitted out in crampons and an ice axe, people fight their way up frozen waterfalls, snow and ice in a constant struggle against their own exhaustion and the dizzying heights. While this experience may not suit everyone’s tastes, those with an addiction for that which is unique are certain to find it unforgettable. Search and compare cheap flights to Norway.

Ice climbing - Father's Day gift ideas

Great White face-off

This may sound scary, but it’s a lot more “laidback” that it seems. Participants dive within relatively warm waters and, protected by a massive cage, are immune to any of the sea’s dangers. But when that dreaded beast of a fish approaches, mouth wide open displaying endless rows of sharp teeth, no matter how jaded, the diver in question is bound to react with a speedy pulse. Where can one experience such a rush? The best place to go is “shark-alley” near the fishing village of Gansbaai in South Africa where the whites abound like nowhere else in the world. He who dares to face the dreaded one is guaranteed a hauntingly memorable experience. Search and compare cheap flights to South Africa.

Shark diving - Father's Day gift ideas

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